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Maybe you goofed up this weekend… and you goofed up BIG time…

… or you just need some simple reminders on how to get back on track.

I’m doing this because we are too close to summer. In fact, we’re only 6 weeks away from Memorial Day.

6 weeks <= Yep, that’s really it.

The harsh truth is that you already know what to do, you’re just not doing it. Yeah, I said it.

And after a big “oops” this weekend, I’m going to join you and get back on track this week.

It’s a long story, but I had an unplanned cheat of Rice Krispy treats that were frosted. One led to two… two led to three and yes… it continued from there.

I slipped up… BIG time.

But you know what? We can get back on track today. And it starts with these 7 tips.

1) Drink more water… yeah, you’re tired of hearing this, but yet you haven’t done anything about it. Your 12 oz a day is a joke and you know it.

Why? You’ll feel full. It’s the world’s best and least inexpensive appetite suppressant. Not only that, but you’ll have resilient skin and improve your digestion. When you digest food easier, that means you break down fat easier.

Drink up.

2) Use Total Body Training 3 days a week – You burn tons of calories and the more muscle you hit, the more calories you burn. Use a variety of rep ranges…

For strength – use a rep scheme between 8 – 12
For conditioning – use a rep scheme between 12 – 20
For finishers – lolzzz… ohhh baby, just keep it interesting, which reminds me…

3) Use Finishers with your program – If you run/walk for mental clarity or to stay active, that’s a good thing. But if you’re using cardio to lose fat…oh c’mon. You know it’s like using scissors to mow the lawn.  Use finishers 3 days a week or you can do them on your off day as long as your recovering.

4) Read the menu BEFORE you go out – Yes, you can lose fat and eat out. Sure, your chances are much better cooking at home, but sometimes you just gotta’ get out. I get that.

Here’s what I do… I hop online and read their menu beforehand. I nail down exactly what I’m going to eat as well as check to see if they serve bread, etc. If they do, I know I must say “no bread” as soon as I’m seated.

5) Don’t try to revamp your diet overnight – I see this all the time.  You shouldn’t go from honey buns and soda to broccoli and chicken overnight.

Your best bet? The “One Habit at a Time” approach.

Write down 12 habits you know you need to either…

a) Change
b) Implement
c) Remove
  • Week 1 – Work on ONE habit (and choose the easiest one to work on)
  • Week 2 – Work on a NEW habit, while “rolling” over the habit from the week before
  • Weeks 3 – 12 Repeat and succeed

Imagine 12 weeks from now… you could do something like this:


 6) Change your workout program every 4 weeks – I see people doing their same routine for months, if not years and it pains me. Not only will you run into overuse injuries, but your body will adapt and won’t be stimulated.

No stimulation = no fat loss

How do you progress within a 4-week program? I wrote an article on that here:

=>  How to progress each week <=

7) Hold yourself accountable – I have accountability partners in every area of my life including:

  1. Spiritual (church and an online community)
  2. Business (Craig Ballantyne, Bedros Keuilian and an online community)
  3. Health – The Finisher Freak Inner Circle

Why? It works. I shamefully just posted inside the Finisher Freak Inner Circle about missing my workout this weekend. It was a pitiful excuse and I’m not going to let them down this week.

Time to get back on track this week… NO excuses,

Mikey, Master CTT

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