Win a copy of Ab Finishers 2.0

In February of 2012, I released the classic “Ab Finishers”. There were so many NEW moves I’ve discovered and I couldn’t wait to share them with the world. It became an instant classic and was the perfect “sequel” to the original Workout Finishers released in 2011. This brings me to my next point…

Have you ever been so in love with a movie that when the sequel came out, you wanted to be the first to see it? You couldn’t wait to see how the story unfolds…. or what “new gems” will be discovered…

… but then you’re in the theater and less than 30 minutes later, you’re wondering… “Really? Is this it?” Then you leave with massive disappointment…

Unfortunately, most sequels end up like this. But NOT this one…

As I prepped for Ab Finishers 2.0, I worked closely with private clients and even reached out to other trainers. I buried my nose in ab training, stayed up late reading programs and more. For one thing, I’m a nerd. But more importantly, I wanted only the BEST for this sequel… Ab Finishers 2.0.

Ab training and even my finishers have evolved. I consider it a MUST as I evolve as a trainer. And I hope you’re evolving your training as well. We must ALL strive to simply be better.

Thousands of people have used my finishers to bust their plateaus, find their workouts exciting again… and of course, discover a solution to their weekly pancakes 😉

(Hey, what a great spot for pancakes here!):

And now, finishers are everywhere. There are even some imitators flooding the interwebz…

but they can’t get inside my head. You’ve seen my finishers. I can’t be stopped. NO ONE obsesses with finishers like I do to bring you ONLY the very best… the most freaky… and the most addictive finishers you can’t find anywhere else.

But to be the VERY best… we MUST change... together… as we evolve and discover new methods, new approaches and new moves as celebrate our workout grand finales with pancakes.

The classic Ab Finishers will always have a special place in my heart, but it’s time we dismiss it. We must move on. We must get better… together.

This sequel is exactly what we need to finish our workouts with an insane adrenaline rush like no other.

Ab Finishers 2.0 is coming

This new and improved version is coming next week…

  • 51 short, but more powerful finishers focused on the abs that take 10 minutes or less… all with follow-along videos
  • Sprint Conditioning for Abs
  • 8 weeks of NEW and FULL follow-along workouts
  • Meal plans for men and women

Every single rep was tested in the lab, including tweak after tweak when Daniel Woodrum and I filmed these in Lapeer, Michigan earlier this year.

It’s been some late nights and eaaaaarly mornings, but I’ve never been so excited to share this fat-torching grand finale system with you.

And I want you to be the first to have it…. FREE

You read that right… I’m giving away 3 copies of my brand new Ab Finishers 2.0 system and bonuses FREE this weekend.

All you have to do is tell me why you need the new and improved Ab Finishers 2.0 system.

Just post your comment below

We will select the 3 most inspiring stories. By the way – it can’t be because you’re tight on cash. I want you to tell me how Ab Finishers 2.0 will change your life. Tell me what my finishers and workouts have done for you in the past. Tell me why you need to cut the chord of all excuses and discover what you’re made of as you make a permanent change and regain your health.

Here’s the politically incorrect truth… I don’t want these copies going to lazy people. I want you to prove to me that it will go to GREAT use.

But HURRY… this contest ends at 5pm Sunday (NO EXCEPTIONS).

I look forward to this… because honestly, you inspire me as much as I hopefully inspire you.

Good luck,
Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield, CTT

PS – And don’t skip the contest because you’re afraid of not having equipment… In the brand new Ab Finishers 2.0 system, there will be ZERO EQUIPMENT options for all finishers and workouts!

PPS – Remember, the contest ends 5pm EST on Sunday and we’ll announce the winners on Monday.

It’s easy… just tell me why you need the NEW and IMPROVED Ab Finishers 2.0 System

Just post your comment below

More cool info about Ab Finishers 2.0 coming, too 😉

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  1. Chanel Moore-Bass
    10 years ago

    I would like to lose weight, tone, and redefine my entire body

  2. Roger
    10 years ago

    I need it simply because I have never seen my ABS and would really love to finally see them

  3. kallista ryantori
    10 years ago

    I think your ab finisher gonna help me to improve my fat burning.. I considered my self as strong girl, I’m a group class instructor, teaching lesmills programs body pump and body balance, I workout a lot, but still cannot see the sixpacks lines.. I believe that using your abs finishers will help me to get shreded.. Get through the plateau that I believe I hit due to too much working out and teaching all together.. My body just adapt on it already, and I need something new to fire the metabolism back on..I hope that’s enough to win the free copy 🙂
    Thank you

  4. jo
    10 years ago

    My girlfriend loves my abs. Keep em coming!

  5. Traycee
    10 years ago

    WOW… Ab finishers 2.0 I need you!!! I’m needing some seriously good quality, fast and effective burn + inspiration. Being a full time carer who’s just hit the enjoyable changes and challenges of menopause (choke & pretend smile), my body seriously needs some heavy duty butt kicking. My workouts need to be short, snappy and pack a punch as I seriously am lucky to have 20-30mins quality me time a day. I need to not only look after my health but also need to have the strongest body possible for the amount of heavy handling I do … someone besides me relies on my body & health.

  6. Fred Zoller
    10 years ago

    I need the finishers to add cardio and real core to my strength workouts!!

  7. mary
    10 years ago

    I have 4 children a hubby & a bird, 4 yrs ago i was a huge 95 kgs at 5 foot 1, I never cared for my diet so as the family grew I just kept growing with it.
    Until one day my dad gives me some fatherly he says advice “as you get older you will need a walking frame to get around” well that hit me like a tone of bricks.
    I knew i had a job ahead of me but I was determied to correct my wrongs. I have lost 45 kgs Im now a personal trainer and manage a all womens gym, 7 days a week I now help others help themselves in beleiving in their inner beauty.. my dream would b to remove that last layer of fat from my mid section to reveil what lays undercovers!!!

  8. Detlev Quigley
    10 years ago

    Hi Mike,

    I recently retired after 35 years of working for both the military and the police finishing up as a police trainer for my last 5 years. During that time I injured my back which took quite sometime to recover from and my daughter was born and for the first two years had a distinct aversion to sleeping at night. Due to these two factors I got out of the way of training which I had previously done 5 days a week and gained about 30 pounds. A couple if months ago I moved with my family to my wife’s country of Kosovo as she was homesick after 10 years away and we are now renting a 7th floor apartment with no gym anywhere nearby. I now have quite a bit of time on my hands between dropping off and picking up the kids from school and am determined to get back into some kind of training regime that requires little or no equipment and can be done in the relative comfort of my own home. Given that I still have to take care of my back I believe that your training package will fulfill my requirements completely coupled with a vastly improved diet. My wife who is 12 years younger than me would be very happy to get back the lean, mean racing machine that she married. I relish the opportunity of trying out your package to get me where I want to be!! Good luck with the release of your new package!!

  9. Tea
    10 years ago

    Show me, i will get it done!!

  10. Anthony
    10 years ago

    Well it might not be a really motivational story but its mine nonetheless.

    It was 2007, I was 105kg and none of it was muscle.
    I had just been dumped by my girlfriend at the time and was down. A month later I lost my job and it made it even worse.
    At this point I decided to change.
    I decided to buy a bench and some weights. Decided to eat better. And started improving.
    I then got a job in IT (which I had been chasing for a year).
    I got the best shape I ever was and was starting to see my top 2 abs show through.
    I then, like a sheep, followed the advice of a bodybuilder at my gym and changed my diet.
    “Bye bye abs!”
    It’s now 2013 and I still haven’t seen my abs.
    I am currently in my best form ever and now seeing a little definition in my midsection.
    However, still no abs.
    I have been busting my ass trying to get shredded for stage competitions but it seems to be getting further away from me.
    I have until April and then who knows…
    Hopefully I can grab a copy and bust this gut.
    Help me Out Mikey!

  11. Josh
    10 years ago

    I need this book so that I can continue to use the best science with my clients and less educated members of my facility. Your products are geared towards everyone’s major needs AND links strong, evidence based research in integrated body use, energy systems training, periodization, and exercise variety to those needs.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  12. Souhaib
    10 years ago

    i really got amazing results with the Finisher program i can say this is one of the best fitness programs so far : ) keep going and we are looking for more

    10 years ago

    I want to get ripped

  14. Jane Tymon
    10 years ago

    Hi there Mike !
    My name’s Jane and I’m a 45 year old single mum from the UK. I work really hard at my training and am as passsionate about it as you are about pancakes ( well nearly as passionate anyway !!) However I have FOUR kids ranging from 14 down to 7 so you can imagine how much impact that has on my time and what it’s done to my abs carrying 4 little ones !! However thanks to your other finishers and lots of strength and HIIT work they’re not too bad for an old lady like myself. As time passes though that belly fat gets harder to shift and I’m constantly seeking time efficient, innovative and effective ways to target those abs. Cos if I save up enough to get away in the sun next summer( we don’t get a lot here in the UK), I want my kids to be proud of their mum, and I know you’re the go to man for the job !! That’s why I’d be thrilled to win a copy of of your new ab finishers Mike. Who knows, I might then allow myself one extra roast potato come Christmas time thanks to you !! I’ll keep my fingers crossed here in England and hope to hear from you. Many thanks for your passion and motivation, and have a pancake on me !! Best wishes, Jane Tymon x

  15. Barry
    10 years ago

    Need is a powerful word – as I get older (58) and have grandchildren now I realize I NEED to step it up a notch to be healthy to enjoy my grandchilren (and their Nana!!) I have been “working out” for 30+ years and really haven’t found a sequence for my core and mid-section (abs) I liked well enough to stick with. I believe your updated program is what I need and am looking for.


  16. Beth
    10 years ago

    My daughter & I are dressage equestrians on a limited budget, who drive 10 year old cars & put every extra penny into our horses. A strong core is a MUST in dressage, and free time is limited, so we always look for the most effective exercises out there. I love all of your other workouts, so pick me so I can spread the word amongst my equestrian friends!!

  17. Juli
    10 years ago

    I need this finisher because I like pancakes too.

  18. Karen Ann
    10 years ago

    Hi Mikey,

    Just a month or so ago I got on board with Craig Ballentyne’s Home Revolution Workout and Turbulence Training. He introduced me to your Workout Finishers which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Especially your Metabolic Chaos program. I switch them up constantly so I never get bored and I feel I get muscle confusion (because my muscles never know how I’m going to torture them) by doing so. So now, here’s why I would LOVE to get a free copy of your Ab Finishers 2.0, I’m a 47 yr old woman who has always had a tummy (except when I was in my teens). even though I use all of the programs that I mentioned above 5-6 times a week, I still have my tummy. I do not eat wheat or gluten and thought that would help reduce my tummy. NOPE!!! still there. I’ve cut back on my sweets and alcohol intake and Yep, you guessed it….Still there. So, I’m hoping you’ll consider me as a testimonial when your AB Finishers 2.0 works for me.

    Thanks for your considerations and EAT MORE PANCAKES since I don’t eat them.

    Happy Thoughts!

    Karen Ann Talbott (KA)

  19. Ernie
    10 years ago

    Hi there

    In addition to the pancakes, I want to get at the most difficult final stage in conditioning for us older guys! While I have gotten ride of mist of my weight, and I am in general in much better shape, it seems like my abs are still not in the shape I want.

    I am especially interested in the zero equipment options, because I travel a lot.

    I am looking forward to trying out this program. Hopefully it will live up to its title of “finishers” and provide me with the last Abs conditioners I ever need.

    Thanks for the opportunity,


  20. Michael Ford
    10 years ago

    I believe in varying an triangle from different angles and exercises.
    It is easy to get bored with singular routines. I also like to find things that really work for me. Some exercises are ok and seem to work adjacent muscles as much as the abs.
    When you find that one exercise or combination of exercises that really target and burn the abs in a different exercise pattern or speed it is exciting.

  21. Karen Ann
    10 years ago

    Hi Mikey,

    Just a month or so ago I got on board with Craig Ballentyne’s Home Revolution Workout and Turbulence Training. He introduced me to your Workout Finishers which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Especially your Metabolic Chaos program. I switch them up constantly so I never get bored and I feel I get muscle confusion (because my muscles never know how I’m going to torture them) by doing so. So now, here’s why I would LOVE to get a free copy of your Ab Finishers 2.0, I’m a 47 yr old woman who has always had a tummy (except when I was in my teens). even though I use all of the programs that I mentioned above 5-6 times a week, I still have my tummy. I do not eat wheat or gluten and thought that would help reduce my tummy. NOPE!!! still there. I’ve cut back on my sweets and alcohol intake and Yep, you guessed it….Still there. So, I’m hoping you’ll consider me as a testimonial when your AB Finishers 2.0 works for me.

    Thanks for your considerations and EAT MORE PANCAKES since I don’t eat them.

    Happy Thoughts!

  22. Gina L. Dickson
    10 years ago

    I need the NEW and IMPROVED Ab Finishers 2.0 System because I am a new Personal Trainer and I want my clients to have the exercises that are the newest and most informative. No more doing useless stuff that they have been doing for years.. I want to stay current and deliver like Mike Whitfield does… Pick me !!!!!!

  23. Jennifer Cassidy
    10 years ago

    I own a small bootcamp business. I run all the classes all week long, solo. Since purchasing your last round of finishers, and implementing them at the end of every class, my clientele has really had some great results. They whine about doing them, but feel so accomplished when they are done. It becomes a love-hate relationships with the “F” rounds we call them at Fitness Fury!! Everyone whom applies themselves has noticed how much their metabolisms have sped up since adding them to their workouts. I am not a traditional gym, because of the size of my building and it being so small, most of our workouts are “old school” body weight stuff! You will not find a dumbbell or a machine in there! Just matted floors, and lots of suspension straps :)….This group of people would do your new Ab finishers proud, and kill them day in and day out!! We are always looking for new and exciting workouts to confuse the muscles!! If Fitness Fury wins this set of finishers, we will send you a video of them being put to use in our gym!! These are people that will appreciate a sweat and grind finisher!~! As a woman in this industry it is often hard to be taken serious, but I love kicking a man’s ass just as much as a lady’s…..:) Give us a reason to eat pancakes too!!

  24. Neecie
    10 years ago

    Sir Mike, I do not deserve your new workouts for free. My health has prevented me from ‘getting down on the floor’ YET. I do want to tell you…you are a very kind man to make the offer at all!
    Best of success with your new ‘follow along’ ( YEAH just my kind of program) Ab Finishers 2.0!
    Blessings be yours,

  25. Judy
    10 years ago

    I have been exercising for many, many years and have not found a program that works well for me. I have Type 1 diabetes and NEED to exercise to keep my glucose levels at bay. I have been eating a non-processed food diet for more than 2 years and lost weight when I began this lifestyle change. In the exercise realm, I have moved on to some of the finishers I have found online, plus other exercises that use only body weight, but are quick and intense. I have even purchased a few of the online exercise & nutrition programs. I would just like to have something that actually will give me results that I can see and will guide me through the process. I have not found that particular program yet!

  26. Greg
    10 years ago

    Hi Mike. Have already purchased your workout finishers and enjoy them (although I find some of them very challenging). I am a 55 year old male, who underwent shoulder surgery about 5 years ago and haven’t done any exercise since, until earlier this year. My weight has ballooned to over 220 lbs from 180 lbs post surgery. My wife is 11 years younger than I, and we welcomed our first child together, a girl, just 3 short years ago. I noticed that I was getting lazy, feeling sluggish and couldn’t keep up with my family. Since using your workout finishers 2.0 system, I’m glad to report that I am now down to 195 lbs. and now have a bounce to my step. I would appreciate receiving your Ab Finishers 2.0 to compliment my training regime to lose the last 15 lbs. If I don’t receive a free copy, I’ll no doubt purchase one as your system is working for me and I really need something new to lose those last 15 lbs and be in better shape. No doubt your launch will be successful as your workout finishers are very popular and they work. Again, good luck and keep your programs coming.

  27. Bob Dahl
    10 years ago

    Mikey – While pancakes are not my vice, I do like food! Finishers have changed the way I train, the way I look, and the way I feel. More finishers to choose from will help change things up. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  28. Carsten Moeller
    10 years ago

    I am physical trainer in the Danish Special Forces (head coach), I have earlier bought your Workout Finishers 2,0. And for almost a year I have been introducing your system in Denmark – in the military and in civilian, so you need to keep me updated in order to get known and have some great PR here in Denmark…

    Best regards Carsten Moeller

  29. Shrikant Rao
    10 years ago

    I need the finishers 2.0 to make a new beginning. Period.

  30. Courtney
    10 years ago

    I run. I lift. I teach yoga classes (and take them too!) At 32 I’m in the best shape of my life, stronger than ever and have systematically dropped my body fat over the last 18 months. But abs continue to elude me! My midsection, while flat, still has no definition. Ab Finishers 2.0 would help me get that last bit of oomph into my physique 🙂

  31. Lana A.
    10 years ago

    I’m Mom to a 15 yr old girl and a 13 yr old girl. All three of us are not fat, but we do have the extra muffin in the middle. I can’t tell you how hard the 15 yr old works out and has built her arms and legs, but the muffin remains. The 13 yr old needs stuff that is fun and fast in order to carry through with exercise. No matter what any of us do, the muffin top remains. It truly is a focus in both of their minds — ‘Mom, help me get rid of this ‘stuff’ in the middle.’ ‘Mom, am I fat?’ ‘Mom, WHY can’t I get rid of this? I AM exercising!’ I know without a doubt that Ab Finishers 2.0 WILL address this problem and help to significantly improve the way these girls (and I) look at their bodies. Thank you!

  32. Vic Valentine
    10 years ago

    Dear Mike, i have only just started using finishers but have found them an enjoyable form of exercise and improvement. The zero equipment exercises are an absolute godsend for someone like myself who wants to train, but is on the move and short for time. I have started modifying your program, adding and removing different exercises to suit my own needs. I would dearly love a copy of your new improved Abs Finishers to complement my other Finishers programmes. Many thanks for making exercise fun, Vic

  33. Russell
    10 years ago

    ive been working out for 7 years, six days a week. have gone from 240lbs to 185 and 11%bf and still have not been able to lose the lovehandles.

  34. Pauline
    10 years ago

    I need the ab finishers because I am signing a lease for my first fitness studio which I am opening January 1st 2014. I need all the help I can get!

  35. ia
    10 years ago

    hi like most people money is tight and to have a body weight system that i can use at home and still get the body i crave would be awesome

  36. Kevin Blakeley
    10 years ago

    I’m fat…. my wife likes abs…..and its perfect timing, I am starting TT 2.0 on Monday! I have been following you for a while now and I am intrigued by your programs. I plan on purchasing some of them to go along with TT 2.0 as they seem like a perfect compliment to each other. Its amazing to see what you have done with the program and now I want to put it to the test. I want to be your next amazing transformation. I want to feel good about myself without a shirt on. Finally, I want to be a good healthy role model for my family. This day and age, its so easy for kids to pick up bad eating habits early and I want to be an example of how to overcome that.

  37. AmberJ
    10 years ago

    I consider my self a skinny fat girl. I’m in the military, and although we do exercise on a daily, I still tend to have much more tummy fat than I want. I have done some of your finishers, have have seen results, but I’m sure with these new ab finishers I will get where I want to be!

  38. Kare Ann
    10 years ago

    Hi Mikey
    I started my health and fitness journey 15 yrs ago. About a couple of months ago
    I got on board with Home workout revolution and Turbulence Training
    That’s where I learned about you and your Workout Finishers program.
    which I just Love. I use the Metabolic Chaos program a lot. I switch all the
    programs up constantly so I never get bored and feel I get muscle confusion
    (So my muscles never know how I’m going to torture them) by doing so. So no
    here’s why I would Love to get a Free copy of the Ab Finishers. 2.0 program. I am a 47
    Year old woman who has always had a tummy except when I was a teen. I workout
    5-6 days a week using the above programs and I still have a tummy
    I no longer eat wheat or gluten and have cut eat back on my sugar & alcohol intake
    & I still have a tummy. So I’m hoping you’ll consider me as a testimonial when your
    Ab Finisher 2.0 works for me.

  39. Karen
    10 years ago

    After years of the weight-loss rollercoaster, I’ve finally been able to level off with sensible eating a regular exercise. As it has been years since I’ve seen even “an ab,” never mind the six-pack (never seen one except on someone else), I’d really like something to add to my workouts to help me achieve this goal!

  40. John Pyron
    10 years ago

    I have had two hyrenia surgeries in the last 16 months. The last repairing the first which was not correctly done. The last resulted in an additional hospital stay for a blocked intestines. I am working hard to strengthen my core which was severly weakened thru the two surgeries. Plus I had 5 by passes and a anurism surgery the year before that so you can see I need help with my core development and overall health and stamina.

  41. Rob
    10 years ago

    I’ve got to get rid of my paunch and this looks just the recipe to make huge improvements.

  42. Rambo Big Papi Bujan
    10 years ago

    This can Drastically be the Icing on the PANCAKES & I LOVE BLUEBERRY PANCAKES ; ) I would like to start by saying that You (Mike), Craig, & Brian have been the most Influential Characters in My Wife & Myself Life. Our Journey started about 30 weeks ago an Estimate. Why, My Wife & I looked like we were on a journey to where no one would want to be. Knowing that our family have a History of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & so on. We had to do something about it & fast. My Wife Blood Pressure wasn’t getting better & I looked like a Blimp even though I seriously thought that I was still Healthy, Yeah in Denial. I was 297lbs & my wife was 197lbs. We started the 4wk Beginner Workout from The Home Workout Revolution then following, the 12wk Workout then another 4wk from the end implementing your Workout Finishers with the Home Workout Revolution. Then we started to add a little weight to see if we can get some strength & boy you guys were AWSOME. We were on Cue to tell our story. I spoke with one of Craig’s representative & had us on hold for the webinar & we were not reached when Craig held the Webinar about the 4min Metabolic Miracles. My Wife is now 165lbs from 197 & I’m 197lbs from 297. We’ve never felt so good in our Life it has brought us even closer together & no more medication for High Blood Pressure for my wife & I don’t look like I’ll be heading to any road to diabetes. How sweet it is we’ve been thru so much in our Life & to get where we are right now is a major accomplishment you guys have changed our Life & so many people we know are asking what’s the Secret. Now I’m striving for something that i’ve never had not even when I was 20yrs old in the Marine Corps, and at age 48yrs old i would like to get a six-pack before reaching my 50th. As for my Wife she would also like to trim that fat we both have around the belly but you guys know that for women it’s hard because Men & Women the gains are different & she struggles on how I’ve lost so much & her so little. From what you guys say is our hormones are different & women tend to take a little longer. But I know that we can do it together. I see Personal Trainers out there having there clients doing all the wrong things & you guys taught us the right things God Bless You Mike,Craig,& Brian keep it coming & hope that we can continue yours & ours Journey to Love, Peace, & Health Bring on the Pancakes & Ab Finishers 2.0

  43. Kris Simpson
    10 years ago

    I am a personal trainer at a great facility in Indy and I would like your ABS 2.0 to increase my library of great moves to get people more stable, able, and motivated to get fit. I am tired of seeing people on the crunch machine(yes we have these because if we did not members would quit and complain, NOT ask our professionals who to actually do good core work). Just yesterday I saw a girl with a dumbbell on her abs doing core work. PLEASE HELP ME HELP OTHERS! I teach a circuit class that I involve core moves in them. Your program will be perfect for me to advance my class and hopefully get more people doing the RIGHT thing in terms of core moves. I appreciate and share your passion more challenging people to improve. I like to say “you moving you is VERY impowering”.


  44. Kris Simpson
    10 years ago

    I am a personal trainer at a great facility in Indy and I would like your ABS 2.0 to increase my library of great moves to get people more stable, able, and motivated to get fit. I am tired of seeing people on the crunch machine(yes we have these because if we did not members would quit and complain, NOT ask our professionals who to actually do good core work). Just yesterday I saw a girl with a dumbbell on her abs doing core work. PLEASE HELP ME HELP OTHERS! I teach a circuit class that I involve core moves in them. Your program will be perfect for me to advance my class and hopefully get more people doing the RIGHT thing in terms of core moves. I appreciate and share your passion more challenging people to improve. I like to say “you moving you is VERY empowering”.


  45. Liza
    10 years ago

    Hey Mike….this opportunity to win a free copy of your new ‘Ab Finishers 2.0’ is you holding to what I feel is your true nature and spirit………..helping people obtain and retain better health. Give me just a brief moment to explain.

    When I first heard of you via the internet, I really liked the fact that you showed the public you understood that health/fitness wasn’t a sprint, it’s a lifelong marathon. You showed us that you took hold of your own health and lost half of yourself with a whopping 105 pound weight loss. You have continued to show us your commitment to your health because a) you have kept the weight off; b) showed us you’re human too with your love of pancakes and c) show us that are evolving, learning more and using more innovative techniques [like in Workout Finishers, Crank Conditioning or your Ultimate Exercise Substitution List] to help yourself and others find ways to reach their health goals.

    The above mentioned things are awesome in and of itself but the best thing you offer is the one reason why I keep paying attention to you…… aren’t ALWAYS trying to sell me something. Obviously, you have compassion AND empathy…. and it shows. You offer health information and fitness ideas in so many of your emails that ISN’T predicated on me buying something first. This is the reason why yes, I have purchased many programs from you but it’s because you have consistently shown that you genuinely want people to succeed first.

    With that being said comes my reasoning for relying on your ideas so much and why I would like for you to consider me as one of the 3 people to win your brand new program ‘Ab Finishers 2.0.’

    I didn’t expect or plan on rehabilitating myself from full ACL construction but guess what? I am! Life has a funny way of helping people to pay attention. This injury doesn’t define who I am, diminish my drive on having better health or ultimately stop me from wearing my 6” heels! As a result of being hurt, there are LOTS of things that I can not currently do. However, what I have consistently found is that with your creative programs [since they rely heavily of bodyweight progressions], I can combine different exercises together, modify them if necessary and still work towards improving my health. Since the core is where your body initially derives its power from before transferring it to the arms/legs, ‘Ab Finishers 2.0’ will definitely help to improve all my different fitness aspects[like balance/coordination, etc] because I will be stronger.

    As you know, there is a feeling of empowerment and pride when you accomplish something fitness directed… especially being hurt. I would like to feel empowered by becoming stronger using your new program. I would like to be one of the first to win your new cutting edge, core strengthening techniques in your new ‘Ab Finishers 2.0’ program. I respectfully request that you consider me. Thanks for your time in reading my email. As always, have a great day!


  46. Frank
    10 years ago

    Hi Mikey! I turned 65 in September and am going to Maui for 7 days starting the 17th of this month. I enjoy doing your finishers and have fun exchanging possible substitutions for some of the exercises. We’ll be doing more traveling and often can’t rely on the places we stay to have an exercise room. I use your finishers in place of weight training if the finisher can be done without equipment. Your mention of having no equipment alternatives is right on! This way I can even sneak one in during the day at work – that would make them more mobile!

    You share a lot of workouts and finishers in Facebook, emails, and in your blob so that would be my consolation if I don’t get this gift. I have two binders of your material and as I back off a little from weight training I will be going more to body weight programs.

    I also share those finishers that my wife can do and have fun with. We are both working to stretch the front and strengthen the back to improve our posture. The stick ups and prisoner style exercises are a challenge in that regard – so keep those type of exercises for the back coming – especially the no equipment type (even inverted rows do require a bar! lol)

    I know you’ll have a lot of GREAT stories to look through – and I know you will select the most deserving.

    Thanks for all you do.

  47. Jennifer Glenn
    10 years ago

    I love the new ab finishers. I have done crossfit in my garage for years and other stuff. Now I am totally into your finishers and turbulence training. I am a mom of 3 and can’t seem to get my last 5 lbs off. I know that is silly but I want to reach my goal. I have a bad shoulder and have to be careful what I do. The finishers are great!

  48. Don Witt
    10 years ago

    Why more Ab Finishers?

    Simple: More Finishers = More Pancakes !!

  49. Jenny
    10 years ago

    I love your finishers. I love your ab routines. I work full time in a communications/marketing role, part time as a personal trainer and train for bikini competitions. So yes, I’m a little busy with life but learning new exercises and new things about fitness brings a sense of joy to my life, like how pancakes bring you joy.

    I use your routines for myself and for my clients (with modifications sometimes depending on the experience of my client) and I just love them. I love the progressions you have for your workouts and the different routines you provide in your e-books.

    So, I need this because I love learning about new exercises, I need a kick ass stomach when I compete in provincials, I need to help teach and show my clients about your awesome exercises. I just need this, like you need pancakes.

  50. Marc
    10 years ago

    oh…go ahead and pick someone else. You know I’m going to buy it anyway. 🙂

  51. Carrie
    10 years ago

    I started my journey to get healthy in 2007 after I had my first son. I had struggled with my weight for most of my life and I decided it was time for me to make some changes so I could be a better mom. It took almost a year but I lost 50 pounds. In 2008 I suffered a miscarriage. I had my second son in 2009. In February of 2011 I had my second miscarriage when I was 13 weeks along. Six months later I had my third miscarriage at 12 weeks along. There were complications and I found out I would not be able to have any more children although I desperately wanted another. The grief drove me back into my unhealthy ways and I gained 20 pounds. I have told myself for the last 2 years that I need to lose that weight and finally put that the sadness and excuses behind me. Since July I have tragically lost 5 special people in my life due to a semi accident, cancer, heart attack, or aneurysm. I also have a friend who is 22 and fighting for his life while he battles stage 3 colon cancer. This was the wake-up call I needed to really think about what I had to change so that I could do whatever it took to make sure my kids wouldn’t have to one day grow up without their mom. Six weeks ago I started Turbulence Training and the Finisher 2.0 program and have made the decision to drop the pounds once and for all. I will no longer let the grief from my losses give me an excuse to be unhealthy. I am determined to lose the weight that is a constant reminder of what might have been so I can close that chapter of my life and get back to the being the fit, healthy and active mom that my boys deserve.

  52. Laura
    10 years ago

    LOVE the Finishers programs – Workout Finishers 2.0, Finishers Express & Metabolic Chaos! The workouts kick my a## which is the only way to get results. (Someone once told me “if you don’t hate the workout while you’re doing it you’re not working hard enough!”.) True. The love comes afterwards. I also like to do workout challenges with groups of friends – such as 100 Day Burpee Challenge (1 burpee on Day 1, 2 burpees on Day 2, etc,…up to 100 burpees on Day 100. By the end of the challenge you have completed 5,050 burpees). Having an ab routine to throw in on those days would make it feel more like a complete workout versus “just burpees”. Receiving Ab Finishers 2.0 would be the icing on the cake. Not to mention allowing me to have that occasional cheat meal with frosting while STILL having abs to show!!

  53. Esther
    10 years ago

    Hi Mike,
    I have to say that I love your finishers. I feel that you have given me inspiration to keep working out. I am a mother of 7, which means that my abs always need some help! I have always put on a healthy amount of weight and lost it all with in 3-4 months of having my babies. I love to work out. i don’t have a lot of time and when I am bored with the work out routine I find it hard to be motivated, which is why I love your program. It’s new, interesting, short and hard! I love it when it’s hard! I am working towards becoming a personal trainer to work specifically with mothers who are wanting to get back in shape and that is why I would a copy of your Ab Finishers. It would make me a better person, but more importantly, it will teach how to help others as well.

  54. Noura Bashshur
    10 years ago

    I’m 48, part-time fitness instructor for 28 years now (I also work full time at my “day job”). One of my driving forces in life is to help other people reach their potential, break down mental barriers, and do what they don’t think they can do. I’ve got a lot of energy and motivation that I channel on a daily basis to do this, yet I also need support to keep giving at this intense of a level. My students watch me overcome injuries, side step excuses, and do what it takes to keep myself and them going. But like I said, the motivator needs to be fed motivation at times in order to keep giving. Being gifted with a copy of Ab Finishers would provide me with that motivation, support, and energy to keep doing what I do for others. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

  55. Justin
    10 years ago

    I love the workout finishers already. I can’t wait to get into the AB specific ones!

  56. Guy Sadkin
    10 years ago

    Mike, isn’t it obvious why I want the free Ab Finishers 2.0? It’s so I can eat pancakes like you do! Duuuuuhhhh! Besides, if you saw my abs, you’d give me all three free copies, let alone just one!

  57. Darelyne
    10 years ago

    Mikey I really really want this because I still have flab I cant get rid of and it drives me nuts. I have been working Craigs Program and I have been usuing your finishers as well. My off days are devoted to this. I believe if I had this one last blast my belly will be so flat we can both go out for pancakes soooooooooooo since your the man I hoep to be able to achieve my goal of losing this last bit of belly fat. thank so much for all your inspiration.
    Peace Darelyne

  58. Spencer
    10 years ago

    I need your finishers so I can keep getting the best results for my clients as they are really enjoying the exciting and challenges workouts.

    They love the results, in turn I love you for giving the fresh ideas…testosterone man love, I’m happily married! Oh yeah my wife loves them as well as she loves holding my abs when we are snuggled in bed, so that is another reason why.


  59. dennis
    10 years ago

    I get bored and sometimes dont have the time to do the usual abs workouts, with the ab finishers I’ll be able to get a great ab workout in a short amount of time with no excuses, so that I can finally get that tight defined stomach that I been striving for.

  60. John
    10 years ago

    I’d like to be able to enjoy my pancakes like my man, Mikey!

  61. sara
    10 years ago

    I have never got anything free in my life.

  62. Mauricio
    10 years ago

    Well i was working out pretty hard and then I got injured, back injury, after 3 months out of the fields I’m back !! and I want my abs to look amazing! and what better than a finisher? 🙂

  63. Michele Tortorella
    10 years ago

    Mike your workouts are awesome! I am 43 years young and the proud mom of 4 kids. I am also a kick-ass personal trainer and pride myself on delivering inspiring, intense and super-charged metabolic workouts to my clients. Jayne is 53 and she has dropped more then 50lbs in the past year (she is a grandma and now an athlete!). Tracy is a school teacher who has struggled with weight issues and has lost over 20 lbs. I take what I do very seriously because when I can teach and Inspire such changes it affects an individuals entire life! From helping with depression, fatigue, low self-esteem and poor body image – a motivating and healthy yet life-changing workout and nutrition program has the capability to enlighten and seriously change a person’s life.
    As a complete fitness freak myself I am ALWAYS on the search for awesome total body exercises and workouts to blow my clients (women and men…I have left a few men cowering in the corner when they scoffed at how hard my workout could be!) away and get them in tip top shape . A brand new program such as yours provides me with new exercises to teach a lot of clients and ultimately change many many lives! And I know your program will blow them away (making me look like a genious!) Free would be great as 2 of my 4 kids are teens and constantly need money! I bet with awesome new workouts I can attract even more clients which with 4 kids always helps!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!

  64. cathy
    10 years ago

    I am a 45 year old wife and mother. My husband is disabled in a wheelchair. I have lost 120 pounds, but my abs are still flabby. However, this is more than about appearance, I need a rock hard core just to help my husband in daily transfers into his wheelchair. I periodically strain my back from helping him, and know what I really need is some superstrong abs/core.

  65. Ryan Jorgensen
    10 years ago

    Hey Mike…..just wanna say thanks for your enthusiasm….nothing great is achieved in life without enthusiasm….I have been addicted to health and fitness for as long as I can remember….apparently, whilst spending time in India, I sort out an astrologer, a few in fact, and all that I have seeked clarity “, had had this to say…..”it is written in the stars…it is in your nature to lead by example”.Now one could interpret that in so many ways. But you see more was revealed, I understood that The planet Venus has a very strong influence over me. You see Mike, Venus is a Symbolism of health and beauty…Thus explaining my pure passion for fitness….the grand scheme of it all…raw strength…sheer power…lightning speed…and all round bad ass so to speak….Over time I have learnt through trial and error….Mike your methods keep me stoked…and with this infection of stokedness..haha…I cannot help but wanna share it with others…. Open up the eyes to shit actually works…people are misslead by so much bullshit out there…So Mike help me help you…

  66. Jerry
    10 years ago

    I am 57y/o can back squat 200+ lbs & almost bench my weight 145 lbs (bench 135 for 8 reps) but I still have a roll around my waist. really would like to get rid of it.

  67. Eloy Ruiz
    10 years ago

    I’m in a circle of people that have the interest in losing weight and toning the abs but we lack time. The method will help us for sure, as it will give us something that will be a big motivation to stay on track.

  68. Paul
    10 years ago

    I want the program, but my wife said if I buy one more workout plan, that is it! So, the only way I can get Ab Finishers 2.0 and still stay happily married is if you give it to me. So, my fate is in your hands.

  69. Craig Hexham
    10 years ago

    Almost two years ago, at age sixty, I took a moment (a few actually) to examine my life–past, present, and future. I’d accomplished a lot. More than forty years of marriage to a beautiful woman, two intelligent and graceful daughters, four amazing grandchildren. A college degree followed by masters and doctoral degrees. Satisfying occupational accomplishments as a Pastoral Therapist, some professional recognition, and almost enough saved for eventual retirement.

    But I’d gained in other ways, as well. From my days as a high school and college competitive swimmer, I’d gotten soft with my busy and sedentary life. Besides gaining over a pound a year in the more than forty years since high school graduation, I’d had a number of “nuisance” injuries and annually increasing blood pressure problems. Medication management became a daily concern; stomach and digestive problems further complicated my hypertension and increasing levels of medication.

    I had a choice. I could continue as I was or take better care of myself and enjoy my future years, my time with my wife, and enjoy watching my children and grandchildren grow and prosper. I chose the latter. Hit the gym and haven’t looked back. I’m thirty pounds lighter than my max weight, much stronger and more flexible, old injuries are no longer debilitating, and my blood pressure is coming down–slowly but surely.

    Here I am, however, with two inches of belly fat that refuses to go away gracefully. That and soft obliques remain my nemesis. Further, I’m still slow and “mushy” when playing football or soccer with my grandkids. “Ab Finishers” will provide me with the specific and focused tools to complete the job started some time ago. I look forward to your help and the new program.

  70. Jennifer
    10 years ago

    43 year old female. Pre-menapausal. Nothing has worked to get rid of the pudge in my mid section. Need help.

  71. Serge Tranquille
    10 years ago

    Hi, I am 50 , a former T&F athlete, lean and still fit. I am a fan of all your programs and others short but high intensity workouts. He thing is I love eating good food, red wine and cigars from time to time. I really want to get rid of this round thing I have as belly. A slim person with a belly idles not look smart at all. I really think your ab finisher will be the key to help getting rid of that. Please send me fast your copy, ian warmed up already

  72. Marius Mare
    10 years ago

    Hey Mike

    I was a very active child when I was a bit younger, but I started some bad habits early on in my life. This caused me to gain a lot of weight in middle school and I was always known as the chubby kid amongst my peers. Right before High School, we moved to a new town and I figured that I could start over. However, this was not the case. Even the people in High School were cruel and mocking me because of my excess bodyfat.

    I then decided on a plan: I’m going to start exercising! This did not work as well as I had hoped, as I was spinning and jogging and I lost fat but I looked worse and worse. If I think back it is because I probably lost a lot of muscle as well as fat. I realised it wasnt working and decided on some research and it led me to awesome fitness enthusiasts like Parth Shah and Coach Eddie Lomax and I followed some of their unique programs. Needless to say, I saw exponential results and people were asking me about how I was doing it. I obviously didnt say anything.

    Even with the programs, I was still doing cardio and I could just feel that it wasnt helping me all that much. Then it happened… I stumbled upon your workout finishers. It promised to replace cardio and I can remember being so stoked about it and being an avid bodyweight trainer, I was so happy to see that there were bodyweight finishers. I was hooked from the moment I did my first ever bodyweight density finisher. I think it was called upper-body/lower-body 4 x 4. And it was brutal. I remember that I didnt even have energy to go do cardio but that is probably the point of a finisher.

    To make a long story short, with the help of your finishers I reached what I believe to be my physical peak. The only difference is that there is still room for improvement in my finess life and I hope that your Ab finishers 2.0 will help me to improve and just become a better, healthier ( and sexier :p ) person every day.

    Thanks for everything mike

  73. Yesenia
    10 years ago

    Workout Finishers has given my body the motivation to work out! In the past I have had great results with other programs such as P90X. However, it would become a routine and eventually it got boring and I’d stop altogether. Since discovering workout finishers my body wakes up every morning on its own to workout. My sister and I even did a workout on the side of the road on our way to Houston, TX! The implementation of Finishers Aggression helped me lose an inch from my waist! I’ve kept that inch from coming back and have lost an additional 1/2 inch by doing a workout finisher after everyone of my workouts. A workout without a finisher is an incomplete workout! A free copy of Ab Finishers 2.0 will help keep me from losing motivation as it so happens every time I see the flab over my abs. I know they’re in there it’s just a matter of that extra push to let the world see the abs are indeed there!

  74. Ronny Banks
    10 years ago

    I’ve just purchased Workout Finishers 2 and so the package just isn’t complete without the new and
    improved Ab Finishers 2.0 system. Love your work and need this to add to the mix!

  75. Alun Turner
    10 years ago

    I would love to be one of the first to try the new Ab Finishers 2 program as I normally work 12 -14 shifts at work and need something short but effective to keep me in great shape. This would be ideal as I’m also training for for my first personal training cert and want to be able to be practice what I preach and be an inspiration to other time-crunched 40+ people looking for the most effective ways to train while avoiding the whole globo gym routine. I find so many people tend to be put off by the very idea of travelling, putting on their fancy workout gear (becoming more and more about how they will look at the gym – even before they actually think about working out), let alone knowing what to do when they get there, that most folk won’t even make the effort. Simple, time-efficient wirkouts they can do at home in 10 minutes or so is the future to get people moving and keep motivated.

    I’m also looking to visit the states in the new year so any ideas on the best places to carb load with pancakes would be welcome. That is still one thing that the UK hasn’t quite adopted from the US yet 🙂

  76. Lin
    10 years ago

    Ouch. Although this is ‘only’ 30mins, I am hurting at the thought!

  77. Carol
    10 years ago

    I let a health issue which caused severe pain at times affect me, so I tended to let my exercise slide a little. Now, about six years down the track, I see the extra weight and I want to lose this extra weight. I intend attending my little cousin’s wedding late next year looking, and being, fit and strong, and I want to still be fit and strong when I’m 80 or 90 or 100! (I am in my mid 50s now.) I have made a start but I am more than happy to receive any extra help towards getting back to being fit and active.

  78. Dan Brejc
    10 years ago

    Been working out now for over 5 yrs lost 100lbs still have middle body fat (gut, man boobs,back fat) I NEED THE FINISHERS

  79. Wendy Weber
    10 years ago

    Hi, Mikey. I retired from my job of 14 years and 5 months just Thursday. I had put so much energy into that, even my last day, that I realized yesterday I was exhausted from that intensity. I now have the time to make the commitment to be consistent with my exercise once again, as I used to be a few years ago. It’s time to build up my stamina and get my body in shape, which will give me more energy to help my lovely daughter who happens to have Down syndrome, to give more to my synagogue, and to look great for a new career and possibly for a new gentleman in my life. It’s a new dawn, and I’m very excited about the future. Thank you.


  80. Tammy
    10 years ago

    I have loved the finishers that I have but as a busy mom of 5 (who had all of them by C-section) my abs are not what they used to be. Since having the kids, I have not been able to do more than a crunch straight towards my knees because of the 5 cuts through my lower rectus abdominus muscle. I am able to do some work with my obliques but nothing moving straight toward my knees. This is a problem because I am a high school P.E. teacher and I am active with my students and at times a get the most unbelievable muscle cramps/spasms in my ab muscle when doing certain things. They are really painful and instantly cause me to stop whatever it is I am doing. Plastic surgery may need to be considered to correct the issues but with my busy life, taking the time necessary to recover from surgery is not something I am looking forward to. I am hoping then that your ab finishers might be just the thing I need to correct my issues and allow me to do all the things that I used to be able to do and with no pain. Would love to see – what an endorsement you could have – “My ab finishers can eliminate the need for plastic surgery!” Thanks.

  81. Val
    10 years ago

    Love your workouts!

  82. Mark
    10 years ago

    I need it because I NEED pancakes!!

  83. Joe
    10 years ago

    That is a great 30 minute workout! And that’s not joke.

  84. Joe
    10 years ago

    I would like to win a copy. I really like the 30 minute workout and I plan to incorporate it into my workout regime. Thanks.

  85. brad
    10 years ago

    Hi Mike,

    Have got the bodyfat down to 14%. Ab finishers 2.0 might just be the trick to get me down to 10% BF so I can start seeing some definition.



  86. Missy
    10 years ago

    I love how hard the finishers push me! Can’t wait to get my abs looking good

  87. ajit
    10 years ago

    just wonder, if this can further unravel the complex way we loose fat, gain muscles and eat and live normally.

  88. Rod
    10 years ago

    Your workouts are really efficient. Great stuff!

  89. Liz Sherlock
    10 years ago

    Love the finishers package I purchased , need to get the consistency sorted and just need more workouts especially on my abs !

  90. David McGriff
    10 years ago

    Hey Pancakes! 🙂 At 64 and almost 4 years cigarette free and finally able to handle an osteo-arthritic back, I’m ready to get back in the game. Show mw how to do it! Thanks in advance.


  91. Tee
    10 years ago

    Simple but powerful…gets the heart & body conditioned!

  92. Marie Halpin
    10 years ago

    I’m a 60 year old woman with titanium knees. I snowboard 40-60 days a year, so keeping in shape is very important if I want to keep doing this till I’m 80. That’s my plan.
    Mikes workouts rock because I don’t have to workout like I did in the “old” days. I’ve always lifted heavy, even when I was told not to. I always worked out with intensity, but to only have to do it for 90 minutes a week? Heaven…

  93. louis
    10 years ago

    I have been working with your finishers for the last year. I love them. With that said, I can’t seem to get rid of a layer of fat by my abs. I’m stuck at a plateau. Ab finishers 2.0 sounds exactly like what I need right now. Besides, with school, work, taking the kids to wrestling and gymnastics, I often don’t have time for long lengthy workouts. I need something to be able to do for me in the time I have left from supporting the family.

  94. Beth Ashkin
    10 years ago

    I miss Forest Vance! And need to get my new trainer more aligned with your methods!

  95. Dwayne's
    10 years ago

    Want to go to special forces selections so I wanna be in shape

  96. Alan
    10 years ago

    I’m 57 years of age and at the end of July 2013 I weighed 14 stone bulky but strong and I needed a change I bought your finishers series and implemented the 10 minute finishers after any of my workouts, everyone is impressed in my transformation I have Abs back not shown since I won Mr Arena 1988 (25 yrs ago) and now weigh 13st 5lbs (85kg) my armwrestling middleweight level that I was at in 1990. I am preaching your story to many people who cannot disagree as I am now living proof, so to ensure the Abs remain as is, and to lose the final ounces of fat from my core I believe by winning your AB Finisher 2.0 I will defeat that final hurdle and I know all will be watching me to view the result. Your methods I know will keep me looking good so that in 2.5 years from now when I’m 60 years of age I will still have Abs that 20 year olds will continue to envy. It will all be thanks to you and all your finishers BUT Ab Finshers 2.0 will ensure I reach and retain my target.

  97. Neal D
    10 years ago

    I am a recent convert to your finishers and workout programs. I am an endurance sport junkie and have spent the last few years in a perpetually injured state and I came to the conclusion that a lack of core and functional strength was contributing to that. Since picking up your programs two months I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, and overall feel like a stronger athlete. The ab finishers 2.0 program will allow me to continue building an injury proof core and body so I can again compete as I have in years past

  98. Allison
    10 years ago

    Hi. I am 52 and just under a year ago was weighing in at over 15 stone, suffering from depression and dealing with a back injury. Fortunately, a wonderful friend starting to help me with your finishers at a level he knew I could handle. We had a little drop in March when I had to deal with the sudden death of my sister but he gently worked at getting me back on track.I know I am still overweight and unfit but have now lost over 2 stone in total, suffering less with my back due to increasing fitness and looking forward to keeping the momentum going. I would love to be able to give the copy of Ab Finishers 2.0 to my guardian angel. 1: to say thank you for your help and 2: because I will be able to reap the benefit. Fingers crossed and thank you

  99. Em
    10 years ago

    Desperation is my middle name. The thought of having 30 minute workouts with proper meal plans to help me finally get back on track is like a dream come true. I would love to prove that age is just a number and anyone can get back in shape with the right program and help.

  100. Ana Mir
    10 years ago

    this training is simply the best thing I’ve ever done in the last 20 years!

  101. julie shaw
    10 years ago

    I am hitting the BIG 50 on Wednesday the 6th, I have lost 5 stone (70 lb) and hit a plateau. For the last year or so i seem to be dropping a couple of lbs then gaining them again, I am struggling with the fact im turning 50 and know i need some short sharp workouts to show me i can still do it and to scare those demons out my head that are telling me im getting to old to do it.
    I hope i get a nice bithday pressie in my inbox from you
    Good luck to all that are entering x

  102. Michaela
    10 years ago

    After my 3rd baby boy I have just been really struggling to get to my pre-pregnancy weight; however,
    I have come to realize that it is going to take more than those last 10-15 lbs to get my body to where it needs to be: pumped and ready to fight! My hubby is deployed at least 1x a year and it gets very stressful for me to where I worry about who will protect our family should something(one) try to harm our home or family. That person is me! After having lost 5 pounds in the last month using Mikey’s finishers and aggression, combined with Craig’s HWR, I am excited to see the results keep on coming! I truly believe that with the abs finishers, this will help tremendously on building my core (which is my biggest trouble spot). Thank you all for helping with this transformation.

  103. Chris Keck
    10 years ago

    I’m 46 years old. Been working out off and on since I was wrestler in high school. Back then it was lifting 3 sets of 10, 3 x a week. Also endless cardio.

    Anyway my wife and I had our first child a year ago and are expecting a second next summer. I’m in pretty good shape compared to my friends but I want to be in great shape so when my kids are old enough ill be a healthy example for them to follow. My hope is to get them interested in working out and making good choices with nutrition. Way more effective if my wife and are are living it instead of just preaching it. I don’t want to just be able to “keep up” with my kids I want to be right in it with them. If they choose to be in sports I want to help them practice or coach. I don’t want to be the “old” dad. Not too secretly I really enjoy it when I meet guys 10-15 years younger than me that have some catching up to do. It’s great when they ask for my advice on working out. This new program would be great to have and I’ll probably get it even if I don’t win it. Thanks for the opportunity. I really like the workouts.

  104. Serg
    10 years ago

    I would like to implement this to add some variety to my workouts.

  105. Michael
    10 years ago

    Mikey lovin the format keep it coming. I’ve got my wife onto your programs now do this would put the finishing sauce to it

  106. Em
    10 years ago

    Thank you! I will be doing that 30 min workout tomorrow!! It sounds great – I have been doing 20-30 minute workouts with my training, and I feel so good – strong, lean, and awesome. This will be a great addition!

  107. Ken W
    10 years ago

    Bring it ON

  108. Jaye
    10 years ago

    I’m interested in the ab finisher program for a couple of reasons. I’m 58 & as much as I would love a 6-pack 😉 my bigger goal is just to have stronger abs/core! I am on a Ladies Senior-B Dragonboat team, and we have qualified for the ‘World’s Club-Crew Championships’ in Italy in 2014. So these next 10 months will see us ramping up our training program. As much as it would appear that one would only need strong arms for paddling, it’s actually a full body sport, and primarily requires strong legs and core. I would love to share this program with my team so we ALL would be that much stronger & go to Italy & kick some a**!! 😀

  109. Jason V.
    10 years ago

    I would love a copy of Ab Finishers 2.0. I’ve been using finishers from WF 2.0 for a while with great results, and I love to break out a finisher or two on those days that I feel like I am glued to my desk and just can’t get away. I would love to try the Ab Finishers, particularly the bodyweight options, in my free time so that I can stay active. And most importantly, I LOVE pancakes!!!

  110. Louise
    10 years ago

    I would love to lose my love handles once and for all!

  111. Clarence F
    10 years ago

    About a year ago I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic. My doctor told me there was NOTHING I could do except take medication..and he KNOWS I hate taking meds. He told me just learn as much as I could about the disease and LIVE WITH IT!! Since then I have lost 30 pounds and my goal is to lose 35 more. I just turned 65 and would love to show him there is another way! Using your workout finishers has helped me in a big way to get a bit smaller. I know adding your Ab Finishers 2.0 will take me to the next level and help me finally see my abs (something I have never seen my entire life). I have always been, chubby, husky, fat, overweight and obese. These are just some of the words I have heard and even used to describe myself. Thanks for the great programs!

  112. Dan O'Sullivan
    10 years ago

    Firstly I’d like to say a HUGE thanks for the “finishers” sets before. Can’t get enough. Not only do I hand them to some of my clients (I’m a part time PT) but I’ve also been making some up of my own. A little bit if urs & a little bit if mine. Adding them at the end & middle if workouts. My own experience so far has been AMAZING!!! I used to be sitting around the 110-115kg. But since I’ve been into the “finishers” I’ve gone back to my weight I was back in 2000!!!
    I now sit comfy at …… 97kg!!!!
    When I was a full time PT, yes I was at the bigger scale, but it never was about me!!! I focused on my clients & neglected my own results. But know I’m only training a couple of client I find I’ve got more time to train myself. I’ve even completed a Tuff Mudda (20km!!) I would have never of even thought if completing let alone finishing this event before!!!
    Cheers guys for the little “extras” you’ve given me!!!
    I’m loven them!!!!!

  113. Heidi
    10 years ago

    Thanks, as a trainer (and constantly trying to improve myself), and a “fitness manager”
    (chain or/higher of personal trainers) I am always trying to keep it fresh. We always have so much to learn. Were always learning–I know this and I tell my trainers this as well. Thank you.

  114. Angela Gordon
    10 years ago

    Hey Hey. I would absolutely love to win this. As a fan of ALL your publishings i’m always pluggin in your knowledge to my current workouts as well as my clients. I have decided to take the plunge of competing in a fitness show in 2014. This would be awesome knowledge to take my workouts up a step, god knows i’m nervous, excited and scared to step on stage!!! A show, AB finishers 2.0 = new goals and a rockin new year, CHEERS!!!

  115. Larry
    10 years ago

    I’m a DOER not a DON’TER!

  116. Patty
    10 years ago

    Hey, Mikey.
    As one of your Finisher Freaks, I have been following your work since the beginning, discovering you through Craig Ballantyne. I think I own just about every program you have put out and I find them to be some of the most effective workouts and finishers out there, challenging me to be better and stronger. I am now 47 years old and continue to struggle with my weight and body mobility (my knees are not so great). I am trying to fight off the family legacy of high blood pressure and diabetes and treat my body the way it should be treated. The Ab Finishers 2.0 with all the fabulous bonuses would help me continue the fight for a better, healthier body for years to come. Love your programs, keep ’em coming!

  117. Brody
    10 years ago

    Great information and programs I use your finishers five times a week and enjoy the efficiency and challenge – keep up the good work.

  118. Kim dewey
    10 years ago

    I have lupus and POTS and have finally been cleared by Dr to exercise to lose my 20#s of squish! Yay!

  119. Karen
    10 years ago

    I need your new system because i believe in what you are sharing with the fitness community. I’ve used your programs on myself and clients. They are tough, but doable with modifications to all exercises. I follow your ideas and you have allowed me to become a better trainer, ultimatly allowing me to change peoples lives for the better. Keep it coming , keep us inspired amd excited. and yes, Canadian Maple Syrup is the best!

  120. Jen
    10 years ago

    I love all of the finishers I have purchased so far. These also sound great!

  121. Kathleen Hayes
    10 years ago

    I hope I win! I’ve got to be bikini ready by December when my company has a retreat in Hawaii. I am 50 years old and have a stubborn 10 lbs left to come off before I can prance around in front of the youngsters of my company with confidence. Ready to rock the beach! Bring it on Mikey!

  122. Don
    10 years ago

    Hi Mikey,

    In the beginning of August 2011 my weight was 256 pounds (height 5,6 feet). During the next year I lost 72 pounds and my weight now is 184.
    My training was short and intensive, because I have not much free time to spend in the gym. Then I thought that it was interval training, but later it appeared to be metabolic finishers. It was most a combination: mountainclimbers 30s or burpees 30s + jumpingjacks 30s + rest 30s (4-6 times). In the middle of 2012 I introduced Craigs TT BW 4 week program to my training. Then I reached the named above weight.
    In November 2012 I discovered a gym in my workplace, which was (almost – no KBs) perfect equipped and began to do weightlifting and intervals, most often on the elliptical. Then instead of losing weight, I regained 6-7 pounds. Approximately the same time I was educated by you, Craig and other pros about the “dark side” of cardio and reintroduced finishers to my training, because they really work, while I cannot say the same for HIIT and cardio. Now I do BWW + finishers on the off days, but I reached a plateau and cannot get rid of the last 22 pounds.
    I am 48 yrs old and I haven’t seen my abs yet. I hope that Ab Finishers 2.0 will help me to burst the plateau and fulfill one of my dreams – get cut muscle definition with visible abs.

  123. Samuel graham
    10 years ago

    Iam sickly and your finishers inspire me not to give up!

  124. christie
    10 years ago

    i love this stuff…no more marathons for me! yeah!

  125. John crosby
    10 years ago

    I need Ab Finishers 2.0 because I love Mikey and his finishers, but I need some help figuring out the “Burpees on the Treadmill for Abs” finisher. I’m sure that Ab Finishers 2.0 would help me out. 😀

  126. R Shah
    10 years ago

    Im re committing to fitness again after a long year of depression due to some very difficult times in my life. In the past Mike’s workouts (4 week workouts as well as finishers) helped me lose a lot of weight. Unfortunately I gained 30 lbs this year. I am trying to get motivated again and start to live my life again and I think this is the start. I believe these finishers will help me with trying to regain my life back. Mike’s finishers are just the one does finishers like him. I would love to have a copy of this so I can start my transformation and I hope I can win a free copy of this set. Thanks!

  127. Desiree H
    10 years ago

    I’m a 31 year old fitness trainer. I’ve always loved fitness and helping others. So much so that while I was busy focusing on helping others, I lost sight of what was going on with my own health. Last year I started gaining “mystery weight”. Nothing I did helped. I felt terrible, my performance and athletic ability started to decline and I had no idea what was going on with me. I finally got diagnosed as being perimenopausal and am now on hormone replacement therapy. Soooooo much effects hormones like working out too much or for too long, rest and recovery, diet…. the list goes on. Needless to say, I had to make a lot of lifestyle changes including my training. Finding your programs has been sooooo beneficial to me! I now own all of your programs- and I LOVE them! They allowed me to still get the intensity that I love in my workouts without over stressing my body and having a negative effect on my hormones. These type workouts actually HELP with my hormone imbalance. I can crank out a short intense workout followed by one or two of your finishers and I feel awesome! I’ve now started incorporating them into my workouts with my boot camp and personal clients as well as referring those who “don’t have time to workout” to your website. It has already made such a difference in all of our fitness levels! After experiencing your other programs and having such great results, I am absolutely stoked to see what your new Ab Finishers program can do to take my training to the next level. I have ALWAYS struggled with my core and I feel like this new program could be just what my body needs to get me where I’ve always wanted to be. You’re changing peoples worlds one finisher at a time 🙂 Thank you for all that you do!

  128. Sheryl
    10 years ago

    I purchased Craig Ballentynes turbulence training and your finishers. I have not only been using them myself but have also been training three 30ish year olds using these workouts. We are all seeing great results in inches. I truly believe that these short intense workouts are extremely effective and will now be using them to get people to their goals. These workouts along with proper nutrition are the greatest combination for fat loss and conditioning. Thank you for the eye opener. I am spreading the word to help our community become a healthier one.

  129. Rich KIng
    10 years ago

    I have been doing Personal Training on my own with my Fitness for Life business at a Private Gym. I bought your Workout Finishers 2.0 and after trying it myself, I added it to my programs for my clients. They Love It! They are excited about it, love the change of pace, and are getting great results. But, I have been doing 1 on 1, and I’m starting Small Group Training this month and I think having Ab Finishers in my arsenal would be awesome! I like the ZERO EQUIPMENT option, as I’m working with about 6 clients at a time. My clients would be very grateful for me to have this, and you will be helping transform many clients. After the referrals I’ll get, hundreds of clients. Thanks,
    Rich King

  130. Rob
    10 years ago

    I use your first set of finishers religiously and they do make a difference. As one of your older gym rats, I find inspiration in your approach to strategic finishers for every lifting experience. I would be honored to win the copy.
    Thanks for reading my reasons.

  131. Marie
    10 years ago

    Dear Mike,

    I believe that I should receive a free copy of your Abs Finishers Program for the following reasons:

    1. I have been a personal fitness professional since 1983 and have always tried to “lead by example.”
    2. I endured some severe psychological setbacks and was hospitalized for three 3-month periods, while being given high dosages of anti-psychotic meds.
    3. I endured a heart-breaking divorce in 2004 that almost derailed me completely,
    4. I endured a horribly abusive relationship with a “monster” and thought I had lost me, forever.
    5. I have been a Christian since March 2010 and believe that that was the best move I could have made.
    5. I met my current husband on and after going through a rough period wherein we had to understand one another and work toward the same goals, we have found true joy and happiness in one another.
    7. With my pastor’s support and after much prayer, I launched my church’s Holistic Health Program, which has 35 members who made a 3-month commitment to focus on and improve their lifestyle — following health and physical fitness screenings.
    8. I believe that my life has gone ‘full-circle’ from teaching aerobics from 1983 – 1999 and providing personal fitness sessions from 1983 – current, that God was preparing me to direct my church’s first Holistic Health Ministry.
    9. I am currently on chemotherapy and have been since 2009.
    10. I have not always been able to work out as I used to, but have started to walk and also tried some of your Metabolic Finishers.
    11. I would really like to get fit again! I really need your help, because I do not feel many trainers pay attention to form or really attempt to increase their clients’ fitness levels. These trainers merely try every new exercise fad that comes along. I need more than that, because I already know scores of exercises.
    12. I want my trainer to be someone who knows lots more than I do — including the good form / biomechanics of exercises and the rationale behind doing this exercise over that.
    13. A strong and shapely core would help me to feel confident again!

    I hope you choose me!


  132. darryl
    10 years ago

    To have the ab finisher 2.0 would be Great.At age 52 i found i need that extra detail to get the job done.AB FINISHER 2.0= GREAT BODY……….LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR GREAT WORKOUTS….IN THE FUTURE.

  133. Mark Karukas
    10 years ago

    I’m 47 years old and played college Tennis. Got married and had 3 kids. They all play sports and I have no time to exercise. I made it a goal to start working out again and have been reading all your information. I have purchased one copy of your finishers already and have started the process. I would love to get back to my college form or at least close. The new Abb finisher would be a great addition to what I have started and help keep me going.

    Pick me!! Pick me!!



  134. Robyn Curry
    10 years ago

    I need to have a sets of exercises I can do at home or outside which uses minimal equipment. Easy to follow guide to perform them correctly to improve my cardio health and loose weight.

  135. Joseph
    10 years ago

    I have always struggled to exercise with regularity. I have found your ab finishers and metabolic finishers something I can use with regularity.
    Training with finishers has been what I have been doing for a while now and I like the results.
    After hurricane Sandy. I had been stuck in an office doing paperwork for 1 hours a day and then of course driving back and forth to work.
    I gained over 20 pounds and didn’t and couldn’t exercise like before.
    I found your finishers and have been using them.
    I look forward to your emails and look forward to your new work
    Keep it up.
    I’m almost 49 and still going strong with finishers.

  136. Craig Most
    10 years ago

    It’s the one part I need help with. I’m 54 and workout 4 times a week but am having some issues with the stubborn belly fat. Need help.

  137. Sarah
    10 years ago

    I love your finishers and use them all the time in my interval classes and myself for quicker workouts. I have fond my self in a rut with weight gain that I can’t seem to shake. I am looking forward to this program getting me back on track and on to a better me.
    Sarah Jane Bell

  138. Dave
    10 years ago

    I think I should win as I have purchased most of your great programs 😉

  139. Rudy lucero
    10 years ago

    I have been following you for over a year now and have been utilizing your workouts in conjunction with my workouts and alone, just finishers. I utilize your finishers in my conditioning training for my kids and their diving team. The kids love them and I would like to continue to change it up.

  140. Susan Worthman
    10 years ago

    In the past 30 days, I’ve used Finishers to strip inches from my waist, hips and thighs. For whatever reason, the Whitfield Way has been MY way to stay committed to exercising in the face of my beloved husband of 25 years leaving me, a very demanding job, and the slow, but certain markers of middle-age.

    In exactly 82 days, I will turn 60. I’m committed to being the sexiest, fittest 60 year old I know–and to give myself the gift of a “6-Pack @ 60”. The Abs Finisher I KNOW will deliver. Please let me prove to myself and others that it CAN be done, and that 60 is merely a number, not a destiny.

  141. Nancy Caceres
    10 years ago

    To use with my clients

  142. Rick
    10 years ago

    Unfortunately, I fell off of a roof while in the process of catching burglars and now have chronic low back problems. I’ve always been active and have fought fiercely the passed 9 years to workout and lose the weight I’ve gained as a result of this injury. However, I could not find any other workouts that challenged me and didn’t aggravate my back until I stumbled upon Finishers. Since Finishers are so adaptive to my needs, and there are so many substitutions, I’m in my final week of doing metabolic chaos and I am absolutely addicted. My lungs feel awesome, I’m burning fat/ maintaining muscle, my whole body feels tighter, my stylish clothes are starting to fit, and my attitude hasn’t been this positive in years. My back pain has lightened up and I overall feel so much less stress. It is honestly the only thing that has worked for me and if I don’t keep this going, the next step is surgery per the doctor, which I am trying my best to avoid. All other avenues have been exhausted and failed because the pain returns or I become re-injured.

  143. Fred Zoller
    10 years ago

    This is an amazing system that could add loads of results to my personal training!!

  144. Sheila
    10 years ago

    I am a 46 year old female who is trying to turning my life around. I have gained a lot of weight in the last 18 years of being a emergency communications dispatcher. Between stress and sitting for a whole shift for so many years the pounds have piled on. I am diabetic and starting to experience other health problems that are associated with stress and being overweight. I now have an 11 year old daughter who is very active in gymnastics and wants me to work out with her. She is always looking for ways to challenge herself and her core. I cannot hang with her now but my goal is to give her a run for her goal of a 6 pack. She is my inspiration and my need to better my body so I will be around a lot longer to keep challenging her in her goals and meeting my dreams of being healthy again.

  145. Laura medeiros
    9 years ago

    Hey Mike-I have been doing Home Workout Revolution and love working out with you guys 🙂 I am on my way to breaking my serious weight loss plateau. I have lost 35 pounds and am now focusing on gaining strength. But my stomach is worked after having 4 kids! It is definitely my worst trouble spot. I would love to add ab finishers snd really strengthen my abs and entire core!