Weird Trick for Cheat Meals

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fat loss dietThe number #1 question I get about my infatuation with pancakes is, “Mikey, how many pancakes do you eat when you cheat?”

The truth is that it varies, but my record… shamefully, is 13. I ate 13 pancakes drenched in syrup after the Peachtree Road Race in 2011.

But that is not my norm – however, I did eat 5 pancakes on International Pancake Day earlier this week. And the next morning, I was about a pound lighter.

Can I get what-what??

Here is how – I use the trick on page 11 of this free report

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By the way, I have a quick confession – I did NOT plan to eat the pancakes because I didn’t realize it was International Pancakes Day.  At the last second, we went to IHop, but the crowd was too big.

We headed back home and made our own and I even put in some chopped cashews. That, along with the sausage and the pool of syrup was probably in the 2500-3000 calorie range.

Yet, not a single pound heavier the VERY next morning…

…thanks to page 11 of this report.

Get the secrets here in this report

Boom goes the pancake dynamite,

Mikey, CTT

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