Weekly Plan for the Most Flexible Diet Ever

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I laughed at this very idea years ago, perhaps much like you. I honestly thought intermittent fasting was a fad.

This is the part where I stick my foot in my mouth because intermittent fasting has become a part of my lifestyle, along with my most successful coaching clients.

Thanks to Brad Pilon, I’ve finally discovered a way to keep off the 105 pounds of fat I have lost and yes… allows me to eat pancakes.

Yes, pancakes <== This line is on its own on purpose.

I read his book about 4 years ago (since then, he’s updated it several times with NEW science). It’s by far, one of my favorite nutriton books I’ve ever read.

As you go chapter to chapter, you’ll see that with intermittent fasting:

  • It’s the most flexible way to cut calories week to week
  • You’ll reduce inflammation so that you don’t “break down” as you age
  • Helps you understand WHY you eat what you eat… and when you eat it
  • Increases insulin sensitivity so that you don’t gain fat when you just look at a bagel

Here is the #1 nutrition plan for my most successful clients

Philip, who won the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest and got $1,000, used Eat Stop Eat. He dropped an amazing 34 pounds in 12 weeks.

His workout schedule wasn’t crazy, either. He worked out with me twice a week and on his own once a week. I’ll detail his intermittent fasting approach below so you can print it out.

His wife even got on board and won second place herself!  She dropped 2-3 dress sizes in 12 weeks and won $500.

Then there is Chris, who not only got second place in the TT contest, but he continued to work hard and use Eat Stop Eat and dropped 70 pounds in 6 months.

But just like any other diet, intermittent fasting might be a little intimidating even with its flexibility. So, here is a simple week-to-week plan to introduce intermittent fasting into your lifestyle so you can enjoy your favorite foods…

Side note – be sure to choose your BUSIEST day for your fasting day. It’s crazy how much you get done on those days.

Week 1

One 20-hour fast per week – so if your last meal is at 7pm on Thursday, you would take a break from eating until Friday at 3pm.

Week 2

One 24-hour fast per week – same as above, except stretch that window for a full 24 hours

Week 3

One 24-hour fast per week

Week 4 (optional)

One 24-hour fast and one 20-hour fast per week

Week 5 (optional)

Two 24-hour fasts per week (this is your MAX)

Some things to consider:

Two fasts per week are optional – you can get results with one fast per week, but two will speed up  your results

Break your fast the SAME way each time. I typically break mine with a shake. Find something that works for you.

Keep everything you’re doing the same. Remember – you’re simply taking a break from food to reduce your overall caloric intake.

Burn fat with the most flexible “diet” EVER here

There’s even some cool cats in the Workout Finishers Inner Circle that are using this simple strategy to keep their muscle and burn fat.

But to me (and you), it’s MORE than that. It’s about eliminating emotional eating.

Get Brad’s new edition with NEW science of Eat Stop Eat here

When you get Brad’s book from the links in this email, forward your receipt to us at cranktraininghelp@gmail.com and we’ll send you the “Crank Conditioning” program.

These are fun “off day” metabolic conditioning workouts that speed up fat loss. In fact, you could do these workouts on your fasting days. Boom.

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Then print out the chart above. That’s how you’ll introduce this most flexible nutrition approach into your lifestyle.

To being flexible enough to have pancakes NO LESS than bi-weekly,

Mikey, CTT

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