TRX Ab Circuit and Finisher

Suspension Revolution Workout

If you want to improve your core strength and get stronger abs, then you need better exercises than just planks or crunches.

I’ve been asking the most advanced trainers I know for the best Core Training ideas to add into my finisher programs as well as my full workouts.

One coach that I asked, Suspension Training expert, Dan Long, of Tampa, Florida, gave me the following 3 core exercises that are guaranteed to make you stronger and get you ripped abs.

Dan is a world-renowned TRX trainer, having worked with many pro athletes and actors down at the legendary Powerhouse gym in Tampa. I’ve hung out with him several times and after you see his video, you’ll want to superset deadlifting a semi-truck and banging your head against anything that makes a really loud noise.

Dude… I’m serious.

Here’s what Dan put together in a killer core circuit. And for kicks and giggles, I’ll plug in another TRX Finisher, too. Because, hey, that’s how I roll, and hey, that’s a lot of commas in one sentence.

Killer Core Circuit with the 3 Best Exercises

1. Suspended Front Plank w Body saw
2. Suspended Side Plank L/R w Scissor and Reach Under
3. Suspended Reverse Plank w Hip Drop and Raise

*All exercises performed 30 sec to 2 min

**Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times

Dang, my abs will be smoked from this and if you dare, yours can be, too. What’s crazy is that I’m used to doing Stability Ball Jackknives, Rollouts, etc. and my abs still get sore from doing suspension training.

Dan is the most HIGH-energy trainer you’ll ever meet, which is why you want to learn his Suspension Revolution methods through his videos that show you dozens of UNIQUE exercises.

You’ll NEVER meet another trainer like this. Ever. Seriously. Get ready to be so pumped up to train that you’ll be ready to run through a wall. Check out this cool cat:

I also asked Dan for exercise descriptions. Here you go, but again, it’s so much better with Dan’s photos and videos in his full program here:

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Killer Core Circuit Exercise Descriptions (PRINT these out)

Suspended Front Plank w/Body Saw:

1. On your knees, face down, place feet in foot cradles of

suspension trainer, and support your body on your elbows.

2. Lift your knees off ground and straighten legs into front plank position.

3. Rock your body on elbows back and forth like a body saw for desired amount of time.

Suspended Side Plank L/R w/Scissor and Reach Under:

1. Put feet in foot cradles, and then lie on your Right side. Lock your feet in an offset foot position (top leg/foot behind bottom leg/foot).  Get onto Right elbow, and lift body straight up on sideelbow, raising left arm straight up.

2. Scissor feet apart, and then reach under with your left hand, and return to start position, with feet locked in offset position, and left arm straight up in air, and repeat for desired amount of time, then get on Left side.

3. Repeat on Left Side/Left elbow for desired amount of time.

Suspended Reverse Plank w/Hip Drop and Raise:

1. Lying on back, with heels in foot cradles, put hands flat on floor, and raise body straight into Reverse Plank position, then lower hips just above the ground and lift back to start position.

2. Repeat for desired amount of time.


That’s siiiick bro <== Dan said this, not me. But it is sick bro.

But wait there’s more…. Let’s do a NEW Strap Finisher, too.

Why not?, that’s why. This is directly from the Strap Finishers Manual that comes with Dan’s program. (I was so stoked about his program, I wanted to add to the madness).

Finisher # 9
“Strapped to Invert, Split and Push”

Do the following circuit, resting only when needed. In the first circuit, you will perform 6 reps of each exercise. In the next circuit, you will perform 5 reps of each. Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of each exercise.


1A) Strap Inverted Row w/Feet Elevated (6…1)
1B) Strap Bulgarian Split Squat (6/side…1/side)
1C) Strap Pushups (6…1)

You MUST meet Dan. Watch his introduction video – the dude is passionate.

Suspension Revolution Workout

Let me know how the circuit goes,
Mikey, CTT

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  1. gryer
    11 years ago

    The finisher was not that great of a challenge b/c I had to adjust theTRX for each exercise: high for the rows so I could extend my arms on the lower (yes I had my feet raised), then lower for the split squat & then about a foot off the ground for the push-ups. It would have been better if it was just 6 rounds of 6 reps. No I didn’t rest.

    I guess if I did the split squats and the push-ups w/ the bench, I would not have had to make the changes. Any suggestions?

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Definitely – you won’t have to adjust the straps every time if you attach the Suspension Anchor to the anchor point by wrapping it as many times as necessary to ensure the bottom of the Suspension Anchor hangs at about six feet from the ground. This is the ideal height to perform all TRX exercises.

      That should help and will make the finisher more challenging!