Truth About Tabata Training


I hate saying this and it’s probably a little controversial, but when I see signs around my town here in GA about “Tabata Bootcamps” because the word “tabata” is cool, I shake my head.

I’ll cut to the chase…

There is NO ONE alive that can do a true Tabata for 30 minutes unless you’re a Tabata Jedi like these freaks:

“Revealed the truth about Tabatas is” – Yoda

First, a tabata is NOT just 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Don’t underestimate the power of this 20-10 approach, it’s just not TRUE tabata.

An example of using the 20-10 method is this:

Bodyweight Squats (20 secs), rest 10 secs – 6 rounds

Bodyweight Squats work a lot of muscle and will get your heart pumping, but sorry… it’s not enough to be called “Tabata”.

But it’s enough to burn calories in a short amount of time, so don’t dismiss it. And by the way, it’s a very simple finisher, too. (If it’s your first time, just do 4 rounds).

Now about Tabatas…

TRUE Tabatas are 170% of your VO2 Max).

Most people cannot sustain this for a full 20 seconds, let alone a full 30 minutes.

If you truly want to use the powerful Tabata method, then you will need to choose an activity that forces you to 170% of your VO2 Max like sprinting.

That’s why if you do want to use Tabata training, it needs to be your VERY LAST part of your session. If you do it at the beginning, your entire session will suffer and you’ll lose explosiveness and strength.

That’s the problem with programming today… so many folks want to just go in and drain themselves without a purpose of getting stronger.

What slowly happens is you actually get weaker, lose muscle and burn out your nervous system.

Like me, Travis feels there’s a bit of “HIIT Addiction” going on (HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training) and it’s robbing your true potential to get leaner (not just skinny fat).

While these “HIIT Workouts” will help you lose a little bit of fat, Travis has taken the “best of the best” with what these “HIIT” style of workouts offer and has combined them with strategically planned strength and power work to help you build more muscle and strength instead of losing it.

It gives you the power to pack on muscle and lose fat at the same time.

To show you how Travis’ spin on “HIIT Training” is different (and more effective) at getting you fast results, he’s got a FULL 24 minute workout demo for you to try out…

… including a TRUE Tabata finisher (this guy gets it).

Video –> Full Workout Using a TRUE Tabata Finisher

And instead of just being some randomized workout (like most HIIT workouts are), Travis will show you exactly how you can progress this workout so you can reap the rewards and benefits it has to offer you over time.

–> The best of Tabata and Strength work

Just be warned, Travis is pretty intense so be ready to WORK HARD 😉

I truly respect him because he walks the walk.

Enjoy the workout,

Mikey, CTT

PS – Here’s the FULL workout details, too (the video will explain it all)

Day 11 – Insane Interval Day – From The Garage Built Body

1A) Intervals x 3 Rounds
   a) KB OR DB Ground To Overhead –> Double DB Ground To Overhead 
   b) Push Ups –> Spiderman Push Ups  –> KB Push Ups
   c) Split Lunge –> Bulg. Squats –> Bulg Squats Weighted R / L
   d) Split Lunge –> Bulg. Squats –> Bulg Squats Weighted R / L
   e) Plank –> Suspended Plank –> Susp. Alternating Knee Tucks 

***Interval Progressions: 30/30, 40/20, 50/10

2A) Tabata Finisher – 20/10 x TOTAL 12 Rounds (6 Rnds / Movement)
   a) Squat Thrust –> Burpee –> Bottom ½ Burpee
   b) Sit Outs 

***SCORE = Total REPS on Sit Outs

Check out the Garage Built Body here

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