Truth About Sprint Training

These are unique “Stair Sprints” using two children.

Last  weekend, I posted a new hill sprint conditioning workout on my Facebook page. I have it below, but first, you need to understand the truth about hill sprints.

The reason I chose the weekend was because hill sprints are a great way to soak in some Vitamin D and improve your aerobic capacity (ability to utilize oxygen) and become more athletic. You’ll have more time on the weekend (I assume).

Yes, it does burn insane amounts of fat, but it’s way more than that. Hill sprints make you feel young again. C’mon, you get to run just like a little kid.

However, before you even consider plugging in hill sprint conditioning workouts into your program, you have to look at sprints COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than your normal finisher.

You see, sprinting is like going “all out” leaving nothing in the tank. It taxes your nervous and muscular system… but they are AWESOME.

So are hill sprints good or bad? They are GREAT when done RIGHT.

The thing is… most people don’t have the patience to do them right.

You don’t rest enough.

For example, when you run an all-out sprint for 15 seconds, it takes more than just 20-30 seconds to recover from such intense exercise.

If you truly want to give a sprint your all and not hold anything back, you have to give yourself more than that…as in 1-2 minutes. Sure, you can repeat them with shorter rests, but you won’t be able to go as fast as you would like.

It takes patience to complete just 10 rounds of sprints, but taking 20-25 minutes to do so. But once you nail down your patience, you’ll end up LOVING them.

For me, I like to head down to my old high school and get on the football field. I’ll run 30-yard sprints and maybe add some lunges and pushups for an incredible outdoor workout.

Now that you know why you must rest between sprints so you can produce QUALITY work, let’s rock one.

First, find a big field, football field or even your backyard.  Even better – use a hill for sprints. They will test your will, but also help in preventing a hamstring injury.

Sprint (40 yards), rest 1 minute – Do this 8 times, then…

Do the following circuit ONE time 

Triple Stop Pushup (12)
Alternating Lateral Lunge (aka side lunge) (12/side)
Spiderman Climb (12/side)
1-Leg Romanian Deadlift (12/side)

Rest 1 minute


Sprint (40 yards), rest 1 minute – Do this 4 times

That’s the ultimate blend of metabolic conditioning and sprinting for a monster caloric-burn (and more importantly, having “fun”).

Ha, I said “fun” with quotes. HA… I did it again. 

Now go sprint your fat off,
Mikey, CTT

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