Truth About Off Day Workouts

I just don’t get it. Sometimes, people are so stubborn.

They demand to work out a minimum of 5-7 days a week for 60 minutes or more. They feel it’s in their blood.

Yet, they complain about hitting a plateau or feeling sluggish and worn out.

It’s almost like a smoker complaining about his coughing.

I’ve said this dozens of times… you only need to train 3 days a week (4 at most). 

“But I have to do something Mikey or else I’ll feel fatty watty”.

If you feel “fatty watty” just because you’re not working out, than you have a diet problem, not a workout problem.

Trying to “out-train” a horrible diet is like walking into an IHOP and not ordering pancakes. It’s just rude.

However, you know what? I get the whole “want to stay active” mindset. Now that makes sense because I’m the same way.

So what can you do on your “Off” day to stay active, yet not slowing down your recovery between your main workouts?

Go for walk
Play with your kids
Do some mobility work or Yoga
Go for a bike ride
Go for a swim
Dress up like a ninja and get into a fight with a tree

If none of these sound appealing to you, here’s an off day routine I occasionally do to help recover between workouts and stay active…

Do the following circuit ONE time:

Bodyweight Squat (10 reps)
Arm Crosses (15 reps)
Stick-up (12 reps)
Neck Rolls (5 reps per side)
Bird Dog (5 reps per side)
1-Leg Lying Hip Extensions (5 reps per side)
SCREACH (5 reps per side)
Bodyweight 1-Leg Romanian Deadlift (10 reps per side)
Pushups (6 reps – take 2 seconds to go down and 2 seconds to come up)
Step-Overs (5 reps per side)
Leg Swings (20 reps per side)
Stretches (optional if you’re feeling tight):
Psoas Stretch (30 seconds per side)
Chest Stretch (30 seconds per side)
Lying Quad Stretch (30 seconds per side)
Lying Hamstring Stretch (30 seconds per side)
Lying Glute Stretch (30 seconds per side)

Do the above twice a week.

No more “I’m going to do 300 burpees and 70 hideous pull-ups today” on your off days. Train smart 😉

Coming up later this week, how to train your trouble spots (including my favorite “love handles” exercises.

Later tater,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT


Spiderman Climb with a Reach (SCREACH)

  • Brace your abs. Start in the top of the pushup position.
  • Keep your abs braced, pick one foot up off the floor, and slowly bring your knee up outside of your shoulder and touch your foot to the ground.
  • As you reach the top of the motion, rotate your upper body to point your arm toward the ceiling.
  • Keep your abs braced and slowly return to the start position.
  • Alternate sides until you complete all of the required repetitions.


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  1. Brandon D.
    9 years ago

    I have gone through the exercise guides in your Bodyweight finishers and tabata finishers, but I can’t find Arm Crosses, Neck Rolls, or Step-Overs in the manuals. Am I missing them? I’d really like to try this workout. Thanks!! Brandon

    • Mikey
      9 years ago

      Hey Brandon, I’ll see if I can get a video done on this in the future. I know some of these are new.