Top 10 Hardcore Finisher Moves for Chiseled Results

It’s all over YouTube and Facebook… all these cheesy posters in black and white with some cheesy saying like, “I Was Going to Eat a Cheeseburger, But I Decided to Run Instead”.

100% Certified Cheese.

The ones with the saying of “I’m going to rock 20 sets of deadlifts” really crack me up.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be hardcore; after all, that’s how metabolic finishers work. You finish off your workout hardcore, right?

But to stand there and say you’ll do it for 90 minutes? No way. Sorry, but your body just isn’t built for that. Your nervous system can’t handle it.

The good news is…

… you can finish off any workout with a hardcore finisher that lasts just a fraction of that time and you still get the same results.

But there is a catch. You DO have to have the right intensity. After all, these types of finishers make you dig deeper than any other program and you must leave it all on the table.

So what makes a hardcore finisher? Well, there’s this classic finisher…

Do the following circuit one time AFTER your lifting session. Record the time it takes you to complete it and then the next time you perform this finisher, try to beat your previous time.

99 Problems but the Twitch Ain’t One
Finisher # 1 from the Hardcore Finishers Manual

33 Prisoner Jump Squats
33 Decline Close-Grip Pushups
33 KB or DB Swings

Here’s how to approach it – When you think you’re tired, you’re actually not. Sorry, but that’s the best way to approach this kind of finisher. Dig a little deeper MENTALLY.

The result – you’ll chisel lean, athletic muscle and if you’re on a muscle-building program, you’ll keep the ugly belly fat at bay. After all, what’s the point of gaining mass if your belly grows as well?

When it comes to my favorite Hardcore Finisher moves, these are definitely in my top ten (not in any order)…

1. KB or DB Swings
2. Burpee/Chin-up Combo
3. Burpee/Pull-up Combo
4. Renegade Crawl
5. *Sandbag Squats
6. Battling Ropes
7. Explosive Pushups
8. Burpee Box Jump
9. *Sandbag Carrys
10.*Prowler or Sled Sprints

* Travis wrote manuals on how to create your own sandbag and sled here

Now THOSE are some hardcore finisher moves. There’s a lot more hardcore exercises inside the manual, but I’m sure you get the idea.

It’s really simple. Use these hardcore finishers after YOUR favorite workout for an epic grand finale that will get you chiseled (just remember what I said about the intensity).

Get ripped and chiseled using Hardcore Finishers here

You got this…

May you never, EVER get bored with your workouts,
Mikey, CTT

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