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Metabolic workout finishers

I’m not one to complain much, but geez… I’m REALLY sore. I still have another day of filming to go and may even dip into Monday morning, too.

I’m filming for Ab Finishers 2.0 coming out later this year and I’ll even tell you one of the finishers inside the program we filmed.  It was much harder than it looked on paper.

Thankfully, my good friend Daniel Woodrum is helping me out. I met this kid two years ago and he’s got a unique twist to workouts that I’ll share with you later this week. It has inspired some of the finishers I wrote for 2.0. Trust me, it’s a HUGE stress reliever.

Now before we check out the NEW Ab Finisher, I want to show you two photos. Here is photo # 1. It’s me back when I was bigger… scary thing is this wasn’t even me at my biggest!

I look tired. In fact, I know I was tired because I was tired all the time.

And then there’s this pic from this past weekend…

I’m tired here, too.

Where am I going with this? Ha, I don’t know.

Seriously… here’s the difference. In the first photo, I was tired because I was lazy and selfish.

I wanted to eat what I wanted and I couldn’t give my family and friends the attention they deserved because all I kept thinking was, “I’m so tired. I just want to watch TV.”

In the second photo, I’m tired because what I’m doing will inspire people just like you to get moving and have fun with your workouts.

I kept thinking, “This finisher is a challenging one… this will keep people coming back for more and stay consistent. I gotta’ keep pushing.”

Had I stayed in my comfort zone when I was 300 pounds, you wouldn’t be reading this message from me. And the truth is, you inspire me, too. 

Read this message from the Finishers Freak Inner Circle member Larry Aubrey…

“I REALLY didn’t feel like working out this morning. I have the day off and it was tempting to just sleep in and have a lazy day.

But there’s a trick I’ve used for years when I feel like this – I tell myself that I’ll just go warm up and if I still don’t feel up to it then I’ll stop there. Over the last ten years, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually stopped. Most of the time, just getting started creates enough momentum to keep going.”

Thanks to Larry, the very next day when my day was jam-packed with a massive to-do list, I was scheming to skip my own workout, which rarely happens. Then I remembered this message.
What if I stayed in my comfort zone and continued to eat junk, watch TV and never get into the Fitness Industry?
Let’s dig deeper… what if YOU stay in YOUR comfort zone and you kept doing what you’re doing?

Maybe you “don’t have time to work out”… or you don’t feel you have to eat right because <<insert random reason here>>

Here’s the harsh truth – people are watching you. They need you.  They are looking for inspiration and it’s up to us to provide it.

I promise you this… you make those little changes and you’ll get inspired, too.

So go ahead… get “tired”, but for the right reasons,

Mikey, CTT

PS – Yikes. I almost forgot to share with you a wicked Ab Finisher we filmed this weekend. This one smoked me….

“Give Me the Medicine” Ab Finisher
Do the following circuit resting only when needed. In the first circuit, you’ll perform 8 reps of the Medicine Ball exercises. In the next circuit, you’ll perform 7 reps of each.  Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep each of those exercises. For the Jump Rope, you’ll perform 15 seconds on every circuit.
*Medicine Ball Pushups (8…1)
Jump Rope (15 secs) <== Every circuit
Medicine Ball or DB Chops (8/side…1/side)
Jump Rope (15 secs) <== Every circuit 

* Medicine Ball Pushups are when your hands are on a Medicine Ball. If you don’t have access to a medicine ball, you can do close-grip pushups.

Later taters,

Mikey, CTT

PPS – Ha, I signed off twice. Awesome. <== Unnecessary

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