The Secret to Becoming Lean and Strong

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There’s a girl on the interwebz that can kick my butt. I’ve been following her for a while now and her programs go against the mainstream.

She lifts things…. like… really heavy things.

Yet, she’s lean and athletic looking (not like the way-too-skinny look that Hollywood for some reason adores).

She has muscle, yet she’s not bulky. Her training has given her well-deserved notice in the fitness world… because it works.

Her programs give women all over the world more than a chiseled, yet feminine athletic appeal.  They also get a changing of the mind, which is the one thing missing from most programs.

Her name is Nia Shanks, and she is going to make you a Badass… a beautiful badass.

And since I’m about to get ready to film a bunch of workouts with Brian Kalakay and Craig Ballantyne, I asked her for a full-blown Beautiful Badass Workout.

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What is a Beautiful Badass?

Nia Shanks

What is a Beautiful Badass? More importantly, why should YOU be a Beautiful Badass?

Both are excellent questions.

A Beautiful Badass is a woman who demands results from her workouts. Maximum results in minimum workout time, as I call it.

She doesn’t believe in gimmicks, fads, and doesn’t fall for the “latest and greatest” pills and potions.

A Beautiful Badass uses fun, motivating workouts that allow her to get in and out of the gym in minimum time while reaping the best results possible.

That means building a physique she’s proud of, boosting her self-confidence, and improving her overall health.

Beautiful Badass workouts consist primarily of compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, inverted rows, presses, and pulls (or variations of each exercise depending on the equipment available, any previous injuries, etc).

She’s not afraid to challenge herself with heavy weights she can only lift for 5-10 reps, either.  That’s because Beautiful Badass is up to a challenge and knows it will help her reach her goals and build an awesome body.

Furthermore, Beautiful Badasses know they should focus on their performance, and nothing else. She isn’t concerned with burning calories or performing marathon workouts. The Beautiful Badass focuses on doing a little better each workout and makes it a point to get stronger.

Finally, a Beautiful Badass knows endless hours of long, slow, boring cardio is not the best way to build an incredible body.

While some women may still choose to spend an hour on a fancy cardio machine, the Beautiful Badass will complete a more productive workout that will have a positive impact on her physique in only 30-40 minutes.

And if a Beautiful Badass does conditioning work, you can bet it’s badass conditioning work. Some of my favorites are hill sprints or bodyweight finishers.

It’s all about maximum results in minimum time.

Beautiful Badass Sample Workout

1) *Deadlift – 4×6 (4 sets, 6 reps)
2a) Standing barbell shoulder press – 3×6-8, 1×10
2b) **Ring/suspension trainer chin-ups – 3×6-8, 1×10-12
3) Farmer walks – 5 sets x 30-50 yards

*Use a deadlift variation that works for you such as rack pulls, conventional, or trap bar.

**If you can’t perform bodyweight chin-ups, use resistance bands for assistance.

Sure, that workout looks super simple on paper, but if you use a challenging weight for every set of each exercise, you’ll work every muscle in your body.

And one of the best things about Beautiful Badass workouts – they’re motivating so you continually look forward to go to the gym. You’ll be excited to challenge yourself and beat your previous workout by either performing an extra rep or adding more weight to the bar. Also, Beautiful Badass workouts will leave you feeling energized, not completely fatigued and left lying in a heap on the floor.

One last important thing – a Beautiful Badass possesses an indomitable attitude. She focuses solely on being the best her possible and she doesn’t waste time comparing herself to anyone else. She has abilities and characteristics that are unique to her, and she highlights those natural abilities and doesn’t dwell over insignificant details she has no control over like her height, limb length, or anything else.

Nia Shanks

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The perfect finisher to use with Nia’s program is one of my superset finishers from my “Finisher Supersets in the City” manual.Bodyweight workouts

Finisher # 10
“Til Depth Do Us Part”

Do the following superset as many times as possible in 5 minutes. Rest only when needed.

1A) Depth Jump (4)
1B) Mountain Climbers (20/side)

Now THAT’S how you become a beautiful badass… no silly cardio or that “billion reps with light weight so I’ll tone and not get bulky” crap.

So, when you get Nia’s PROVEN Beautiful Badass program, before tomorrow at midnight,I’ll give you the Supersets in the City Manual FREE.

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Get lean AND strong,
Mikey, CTT

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