The Power of Habits

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habitI remember training a friend about two summers ago. He was a beginner and I can tell we had some work to do.

Just like learning new habits of exercise, we had to figure out new habits on his eating.

One of his habits was that every night on his way home from work, he would stop by a fast food place for dinner. So instead of trying to revamp his entire lifestyle, we made one change.

He would take something with him to work and eat it just before leaving so that he wouldn’t get fast food…

… but that was it. Nothing else. That was the only change we made for one week. In fact, I encouraged him to keep everything else the same.

And that’s what we did week after week. 12 weeks later, he had  replaced 12 bad habits with 12 good habits.

And 6 months later, he was 70 pounds lighter. As you’ll read in the article below, the power of habits is much bigger than you think…

Havard PhD Psychologist Reveals SHOCKING Truth About YOUR Bad Habits

By Tyler Bramlett

Donald Hebb was a controversial and world renowned expert and researcher in the fields of psychology, behavior and habit change. In his groundbreaking book The Organization Of Behavior, Hebb says, “nerves that fire together, wire together.” 

This statement and the supporting scientific evidence to back this up over the years has changed the way people approached behavioral change.

What this statement means, is that the more you do something, the easier it is to do. Every time you break your diet, or decide to avoid the gym you are making it easier for you to do this. Eventually you bad decisions become a subconscious habit.

These subconscious habits, whether you realize it or not are what made you into who you are today and will shape who you will become in the days, weeks and months to come.

This is the very reason why people get fatter and fatter throughout their lives. You make one bad choice, then another and eventually… These bad decisions make it nearly impossible for you to change.

But… There’s good news!

Since we now know for a fact that you become what you repeatedly do, doesn’t that mean if you make enough of the right decisions then your old BAD habits will die and your NEW GOOD habits will become the new normal?

Imagine, developing new and powerful good subconscious habits that support a healthier, happier and better looking version of you.  Wouldn’t that be great? To always make good decisions without even having to think about it.  These GOOD subconscious habits, are usually the difference between people who have the body they desire and live the lives they want and people, who like my client, couldn’t seem to change.

You see, what I did was identify the most critical habits EVERYONE NEEDS if they want to look, feel and perform their best. Then, instead of just telling my clients what they needed to do, I made sure that they rebuilt their habits through a system of consistent subconscious conditioning.

Basically, for 30 days, they carried around a checklist of the habits they needed to develop. If after 30 days they were succeeding with these habits, I added more, if they weren’t succeeding, I took some away.

But… I made sure that the focus was to CONSISTENTLY work on these small habit changes so I could “rewire” my clients brains to permanently eliminate their BAD habits and replace them with good ones.bad to good habits

You can do this too! Simply identify a few habits that you want to make a permanent part of your life. Things like sleeping more, exercising 3 days a week, eating more veggies, etc. And then create a checklist to make sure you do them.

Once you have CONSISTENTLY performed these habits for 30 days, add in another one and keep on going!

At the link below, I shares my whole experience and everything I’ve learned along the way to make a permanent transformation in peoples bodies and lives. Check it out…

=> My experience on how I teach people to transform their BAD habits to Good ones

I’ve used these principals on over 500 people in my local community and had some pretty FAST and AWESOME transformations. Plus, unlike other diet and exercise guru’s, my main focus is permanent transformation.

Say goodbye to the days of slipping off your diet or avoiding the gym. Say hello to a new version of you who makes great decisions every single day without having to think about it!

=> Learn More About My Permanent Habit Transformation Secrets HERE

Tyler Bramlett


Good info from Tyler. In fact, it reminds me…

Good habits start today, NOT tomorrow,
Mikey, CTT

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