The Russians Had it Right All Along

The Russians Had It Right All Along

Jared Dicarmine, Author of The Dark Muscle Mass Effect

If you want the truth about building impressive muscles in a short time, then you need to understand THREE critical principles that have served as the foundation for building thick, dense slabs of muscle for over 50 years.

Let me explain.

You have to combine science-based training principles with a little “bro science” and “mess” with your body so that it blows past your normal genetic limitations and rapidly recovers from each workout to the next…

…enabling you to build muscle at a rate that you never thought possible before.

So What Do The Russians Have To Do With All Of This?

Well, I have to make a confession.

The rapid and “dark” mass-gaining principles below are not my invention. I did not magically sit up in bed one night with these cutting-edge ideas. The techniques below are not the brainchild of just one man. In fact, they are the result of over 50 years of muscle-building and performance research.

And they came from the Soviet Communist era around WWII. In fact, what you’re about to read had to be translated from old Russian and Bulgarian text books hidden in secret bunkers.

These mass-gaining principles are one of the big reasons why the Russians and other Eastern Bloc countries kicked butt in the Olympics for nearly 30 years, especially in the sport of weight-lifting. They made the rest of the world look like little children…

Editors note: (Ha-ha… little children. Hilarious. Well played. Oh yeah, and sorry for interrupting. You were saying?…)

And if you’re thinking it was because of drugs or performance enhancements, well, think again. If there’s one thing about professional sports, especially in the Olympics, everyone is usually “ON” something and they all have access to the same drugs.

So no, it wasn’t drugs…

It Was Their Secret Training Methods…

…that helped them catapult past the world and dominate sports.

But the cool thing is that these old and almost-forgotten Soviet-based performance techniques, when slightly modified, can be used (specifically for average dudes like us) to build muscle at rates we never thought possible. Especially when combined with a little “bro science” that just hasn’t been proven by modern day studies… yet!

Principle # 1: For Maximum Earth-Shattering Hypertrophy You Must Focus On Multiple Strength And Muscle-Building Qualities At Once

There’s a reason why you can only sprint for 100 meters at full exertion and run a marathon for 26.2 miles. This is because your body is made up of numerous energy systems, different forms of motor units, and muscle fibers. And each one is assigned a specific duty inside of your body.

The problem with most muscle-building programs is what’s called “Linear Periodization.” These programs only focus on one of these qualities at a time. So what happens to everything else? They become atrophied, not used, basically weak. Now some people may cry and say that for maximum muscle mass you can only train in the 8-12 rep range. Well that’s B.S.

You can absolutely train heavy, moderate, and explosive and still build muscle… because each system works off of the other. And when you have a beautiful system, like a factory line working together, you get maximum results.

However you do need to plan out your training program with due diligence or you run the risk of slowing your progress. Heck, if you don’t follow a progressive program there’s a good chance you’ll eventually get injured.

Principle #2: You Need To Take Your Body To The Brink Of Over-Training To Allow The Super-Compensation Effect To Take Place

A lot of guys will say that over-training is bad for you and that you need to do whatever it takes to stay away from it. Well, I’m starting to believe that over-training is awesome and I want to stare in it’s glowing red eyes and not be afraid. This is the basis of how Olympic-level athletes, strongmen, and power lifters prepare for competitions. They take themselves to edge of over-training and then back off. But what’s so cool is that when it’s time to compete, they’re a lot stronger than they were the previous week. And that’s an example of the super-compensation effect in action.

Now I’m sure you’re not looking to compete in any power lifting competitions anytime soon, but the same technique can be applied to building muscle.

You take your body, your mind, and your wits to the breaking point to where you literally HATE the gym and HATE training… and that’s when you back off completely.

Now what I’m about to say is gonna sound really weird and against all popular muscle-building logic: It’s only when you take a break, after a cycle of tough training, that you’ll see muscles pop up all over your body without you stepping foot in the gym.

How’s that possible? Well, hard training in the gym is the stimulus for muscle growth. The actual muscle cells get bigger when you are in the deepest stages of sleep.

Principle #3: To Create New Room For Massive Growth You Must Allow More Room For That Muscle To Grow

What the heck am I talking about?

Well, it’s called fascia and fascia is the strong connective tissue that encompasses your body’s muscular system from head to toes. I want you to imagine this strong connective tissue as a pillow that is suffocating your muscle from growing and expanding at the rate that it wants.

Now what do you think would happen if you increased the amount of room allowed for muscle growth each and every workout?

Yep, you’ll get faster and easier gains. It’s that simple.

Now the surefire way to achieve this principle is by stretching, but I’m not talking about those baby stretches you used to do in gym class to warm up before you played dodge ball.

Editors Note: Jared, I didn’t do baby stretches before playing dodge ball, and to be honest, I totally rocked at dodge ball. Please ignore and continue sir…

No way.

I’m talking about deep, hardcore, WEIGHTED stretches performed immediately after your last set when your targeted muscle is pumped full of blood and nutrients.

This is when fascia expansion occurs.

But I have to warn you, this will not feel good.

You will not like this..

The pain may become unbearable.

But it’s up to you to dig down deep and push past the pain barrier in order to reap the reward. Plus, the longer you stretch a muscle and prevent blood flow, (hypoxia) the larger your pump would be AFTER finishing the stretch. And with the pump comes plenty of muscle-building nutrients to help aid in recovery.

So what do you get when you combine all THREE of these hypertrophy-inducing Soviet-based mass principles into one unit?

You create a genetics-shattering, 5-fold muscle-building growth effect that allows you to blow past any limitations you THOUGHT you had and finally build muscle at a rapid pace.

But don’t take my word for it. These principles are backed by real in-the-trenches research. It’s proven science.

For example, according to Rhea et al. (2002), they compared the effects of a non-linear program (what we just talked about) and a linear-based program where one strength quality is trained per microcycle. The study revealed a strength improvement of about 28.78% in the non-linear group versus 14.37% in linear group. The researchers concluded that the improvements were due to training multiple strength qualities each week.

Now the super-compensation effect is hard to study and there isn’t much literature out there specifically for building muscle. However, it’s been around for decades in athletic circles and competitions throughout the world.

Here’s a diagram that illustrates the term super-compensation, otherwise know as “peaking” for a competition.

The “main competition” part can just be switched out as your de-load week to allow the super-compensation effect to take place and allow your body to rapidly recover and build muscle from the previous microcycle workouts. By the way, microcycle is a fancy term for a training program that lasts between 1 and 4 weeks.

With regards to expanding your fascia to allow room for more muscle growth, one of the greatest bodybuilding trainers in the past 20 years, John Parillo, has perfected this technique to increase strength and muscle gains.

The BEST way to expand your connective tissue to allow more muscle growth is to

1) Stretch a warm muscle

2) Stretch the muscle immediately after it is “pumped,” then

3) Flex the muscle as hard as possible until you feel it is about to cramp. It’s a very simple procedure, but pivotal if you want to get everything you can out of your workouts.

So what I’ve done is utilize these THREE genetics-shattering, mass-gaining principles and combined each one to create possibly the hardest, darkest, and massive-growth-producing workout programs I’ve ever put together.

Fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart.

Whoa. Thanks Jared. Now, I suggest you play some erotic jungle music to get your mind right and click below to put these 3 principles in a blender and put on slabs of muscle. Bongos. Definitely have the bongos playing in the background.

Mikey, CTT

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