Stop Doing This


You’re probably not going to like this. But it’s something that needs to be said.

Even if you’re cranking out rep after rep and have made great dietary changes, you won’t make any progress if you’re doing this.

Program hopping <= Silliness. Pure Silliness.

Let me ask you a tough question… if you’re jumping from one program to another, how do you know if…

– you’re getting stronger?

– you’re getting faster?

– you’re becoming better conditioned?

These 3 things may not sound like a big deal, but if you’re improving just ONE of these, you could easily burn fat faster and easier.

Improve on all 3? Dude… you’ll really release the fat-burning hounds…

Yet, most people are just about how much you sweat and are looking for the next butt-kicker guaranteed to make your shirt wet.

Listen – I can walk out to my mailbox in Georgia and come back and my shirt is wet. That doesn’t mean I had an amazing workout. It means it’s 95 with 100% humidity.

And… you can do something about this “program-hopping” addiction you have. No more of this…

“Today, I’ll do this and combine that and that and then do some KB Swings later because KB Swings are cool”. 

Pick a program and stick to it – 4 weeks.

It’s how I roll and it’s how my most successful private clients rolled.

No randomness.

No guessing what they will lift.

No TRX workout one day and then a KB workout the next day and then racing a cheetah the next day.

This week, go in with a specific plan and next week, aim to get better. Increase your resistance to 1-2 exercises. Try to do more rounds. Try to do more reps… SOMETHING.

Because when you get better, you get leaner… that’s why.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at my workout from Friday…

KB Swings (6)

KB Clean (6/side)

KB Push Press (6/side)

KB Snatch (6/side)

Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

The previous Friday, I did this using 5 reps. This week I’ll be in Vegas, so I don’t know if there’s a gym with KBs. If there is, I’m aiming for 7 reps and doing just as many rounds.

If caffeinated… maybe even more 😉

Quit hopping, start burning,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT


PS – Later this week, I’ll share with you how to set up a 10-minute workout if you’re really busy (yes, you CAN get results with 10-min workouts… I’ll reveal how).


In the meantime, join me here for today’s Q & A. Drop a “like” so you see when I start it.

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