Solution for Wrist Pain

Today, I’ve got my good friend, the Croation Sensation Rick Kaselj to help you with dealing with wrist pain, especially during pushups. You already know that I use a big variety of pushups in my programs and finishers because they are so effective. That’s where the arm and shoulder definition comes in. But you may have found yourself backing off pushups because you’re dealing with wrist pain.

In this video, Rick will explain what to do about wrist pain during pushups, one of the greatest upper body exercises of all time. Then, you’ll discover how to get better at pushups (even the crazy ones like the Spiderman Pushup).

The next thing you know, you’ll blast through a plateau on your pushup numbers, meet the woman of your dreams at AppleBee’s and win the lottery and hang out with Hulk Hogan.

Weird…. but AWESOME.

Watch the video below (Rick is so smartzzzzzz!!)

Rick, you’re THE MAN when it comes to dealing with annoying injuries and pain.

Discover how to DOMINATE your workouts and end wrist pain forever here


dealing with wrist pain

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