Simplify Your Nutrition

If I could change one thing about the fitness industry, it would be to offer more diet and nutrition programs. After all, it seems like there are only 3-4 nutrition programs to choose from. We truly need more.

Ha, I AM hilarious.

Look, there are hundreds of nutrition programs. But much like how I approach a lifting program, I approach nutrition the same way… SIMPLIFY.

But Mikey, what’s your approach with lifting programs?

Oh cool, you live under a rock. I use metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers, of course.

I’ve used dozens of approaches with my clients and campers over the years and the one thing that my most successful clients had in common was simplicity. Here’s the deal – if you simplify your approach,  you will succeed.

If you have to invest more time into wondering what and when you will eat than you do planning a blueprint of a really tall building, you’re going to fail. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Don’t get me wrong – you need to have somewhat of a plan in place so you know your own guidelines and boundaries, and of course how you will fight through the obstacles, but to plan each and every carbohydrate and fat gram can be tedious and it could easily burn you out.

Let’s take a quick break and admire that the above paragraph is one sentence. Well played Mikey, well played.

Alright, moving on… one of the questions I get each and every week is this – “What should I eat right after a workout if I’m trying to lose fat?”.

The truth is – keep it simple. There is no “perfect post workout meal”. And if you’re trying to lose fat, guess what – consuming Gatorade or some other man-made sugar after a workout is definitely not necessary. The simple way – have a shake and enjoy it.

Here is one of my favorite blender drinks from the “31 Amazing Blender Drinks“:

Recipe # ?? (I have no idea – it’s one of the 43 recipes found in the manual)
1 banana
Handful of baby spinach (trust me, you won’t taste it)
2 cups almond milk
1 tbspn peanut butter
1 scoop protein powder

Now, call me a baby because I am a weirdo and I actually don’t like blueberries or raspberries. So, honestly, I don’t add those in, which is a shame because my wife says they make it sweeter. Oh well.

There is no fancy supplement or “secret powder” I had to put in it in order to lose fat. And by the way, sorry, there is no “magic pill” that will take off your fat, either.

That’s how I roll – there are two things that we are not allowed to run out of in my house, and that is Almond Milk and eggs.

By the way, when you simplify your nutrition approach, you will find yourself saving a lot of money, too. So there you go; remember, just keep it simple.

By the way smarty pants, yes I see that the cover shows “31 blender recipes”. But I own the manual and it’s actually 43 recipes.

Simplify your nutrition once and for all for less than a trip to Starbucks this week

==> Simple Nutrition Plan and 43 Blender Drink Recipes



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