Resistance training “cardio” for faster fatloss

Yesterday morning, around 9:30, I went for a nice 45-minute walk. I almost melted. Here in GA, it was around 88 degrees already with a humidity of 1.4 billion…. gagillion percent.

I thought I beat the heat, but my late start paid the price.

You see, I like to stay active on my “off” days, but without wrecking my body. So a walk was the perfect way to clear my head and stay active.

That’s part of my “secret” to keeping off the 115lbs I’ve lost. 😉

Now the bad news is that you might run into 1 of 2 problems when it comes to “staying active”:

Problem #1 – You despise walking or generally “staying active” and you’d rather do some kind of actual exercise on your “off” day.

Problem #2 – You already do something to stay active, but your muscles are constantly fatigued or sore, and perhaps you feel burned out.

Enter… Resistance Training “Cardio” (also known as “RTC” because I just made that up).

When you combine serious lifting (6-12 reps) with just enough “Metabolic Conditioning” (aka RTC), you can carve out new muscle and lose fat at the same time.

It’s also a great way to exercise 6 days a week without getting burned out or causing muscle soreness…

… if you do it right.

Here’s what it would look like as an example:

Monday: Serious lifting using straight sets or supersets perhaps with a finisher
Tuesday: Metabolic Conditioning
Wednesday: Serious lifting using a circuit
Thursday: Metabolic Conditioning
Friday: Serious lifting using straight sets or supersets along with a finisher
Saturday: Metabolic Conditioning
Sunday:Go to IHOP. Eat 5 pancakes with sizzzurp, go home and enjoy a sugar coma nap. 

Sunday was bolded on purpose. That’s how important it is.

Key things to remember:

1) If you “spread” your workouts to 6 days a week, they need to be short.

2) You should follow a structured program, trying to hit a personal best for one exercise at each workout. I like the 4-week protocol.

3)Your Metabolic Conditioning workouts shouldn’t be grueling. They should be enough to stimulate your metabolism but allow you to recover enough for your main strength workouts. Think Jumping Jacks, KB or DB Swings using moderate weight, etc., etc.

When in doubt, cut back your first week.  😉

Some of the benefits of doing shorter sessions but more frequently are:

A) Natural way to decrease your hunger and cravings

B) Experience more energy without relying on caffeine

C) Faster fat loss by staying active.

Now for some good news…

“MELT-abolic 6” <== Clever, yes?

This is my new 6-day/week exercise program you can follow for 4 weeks.

But the cool thing is you have the option of “pairing” for just 3 sessions per week (it’s all explained in the manual).

It has the perfect blend of serious strength training and just enough metabolic conditioning.

You can get it here

Stay active my friend 😉

Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

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