Research Proven Dynamic Pancake Warm Up

Research Proven Dynamic Pancake Warm-up 
Jason Klein, CTT
Performance Enhancement Specialist 

And there we were….

The IHOP Express in downtown San Diego.

It was finally my chance to join the infamous Mikey Whitfield (the pancake king) to a delicious post workout carbo-feed!

Finally! 🙂

Now that entire weekend, a conglomerate of fellow fitness trainers at the annual Turbulence Training Summit had been listing reasons why Mikey HAD to create the now famous

Pancake Finishers, Metabolic Series Workouts

After I had finished my pancake/ omelet combo (which I swear had lasted for a mere 20 seconds), I thanked Mike for proposing this brilliant IHOP idea.

I also thanked him for the support he has given me as a trainer. He is a wealth of information when it comes to literally incinerating fat, and now, getting ripped even.

We also got to talking about how the world is finally starting to see the light of what really works for fat loss.

Although this may be true, there is still a LOT of confusion about how to warm-up for a workout. Injury rates continue to rise in America, and all over the world for that matter.

People don’t realize that skipping a warm-up is very similar to driving in New York City without a seat belt, only for your muscles and ligaments.

In my Master’s program of Performance Enhancement at CALU, there’s a LOT of research required of students.

Recently, I found a study that proved that individuals that participated in a dynamic warm-up (even 2-3 minutes in length) greatly decreased the rate of injury.

On the other hand, individuals that did NOT warm-up had over 50% greater incidence of injury, pulled muscles, and overall soreness.

My answer to this, of course, is a Mikey Whitfield inspired Dynamic Pancake Warm-up.

It is a follow along video warm-up that you can use for your next workout.

You will see why it is called a “Pancake Warm-up” as you go through the routine.


Dedicated to your Lean,  Athletic Muscle Success,
Jason Klein, NASM-CPT, CES, PES
The Lean Body Movement 

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  1. Don W
    10 years ago

    Good stuff. Thank you!
    You mentioned in the video that you would list the workout, but I can’t find it. Help?

  2. Mikey
    10 years ago

    Here you go Don… Jason sent it over to me…

    1) Prisoner Split Squat, 15 Both Sides
    2) Duck Under Squat, 20
    3) Plank, 30-40 Seconds
    4) Half Push up, 30-40s + 5 Push ups
    5) Plank, 30-40 seconds
    6) Lunge hold, 40 seconds
    7) Spiderman Lunge, 15 Reps
    8) Repeat Lunge hold and Spiderman Lunge on other side