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Last night, my wife and I went out with my buddy from high school and his wife to a Braves game.

When they started the “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” song, I felt like a kid. It was great to unplug and have some “game food” without guilt. It was a big DOUBLE burger from the legendary “Holeman & Finch” inside the stadium.

Fortunately, the burger got me full and I didn’t crave any fries or sides with it either. It was because of this little trick I do when I plan on having a reward meal at night…

About 90 minutes to two hours beforehand, I have myself a 2-scoop protein shake with almond milk, along with a handful of cashews.

Between the fats and the protein, I almost feel stuffed and it lasts for a while. There’s nothing “magical” about the cashews or the protein, either. You can do a variety of nut butters, avocado, etc. for the fats. 

So, if you’re planning on having pizza tonight, you can eat 2 slices and be done without craving more using this trick. If you’re anything like me and there’s an endless supply of pizza and you’re ravenous, you’ll eat 10 slices.  But hey, that’s just me.

This trick reminded me of Jeff Anderson, who used to be a Master Fitness Trainer for the U.S. Army.

I’ve told you about him before here   fat loss

Now, you’d naturally think that soldiers all stay lean and strong by training hard and eating nutritious foods, right?

Unfortunately, they’re challenged just like you when it comes to staying on track with a sensible meal plan.

In fact, “chow halls” are NOT easy to navigate if you want to stay in top shape.

Yes, there are healthy options for food choices in the cafeteria style serving lines, including salad bar, fresh fruit, fat free milk, lean meats and vegetables.

But there’s also the evil temptations of greasy breakfasts complete with fried eggs, pancakes loaded up with syrup, sausage and bacon.

Then for lunch and dinner, you can get cheeseburgers, chili dogs, french fries, onion rings and other not so healthy options… these were of course optional at the game at the stand “conveniently” next to the burgers. I held out though.

This guy is THE MAN ==> Mikey

Anyway, yes, soldiers are faced with the same exact choices you are when it comes to what they stuff in their mouth.

For you, maybe it’s the quick drive-thru lunch from the fast food joint (hey, it’s the weekend)…

… the doughnuts that are always available at your office 

…or maybe it’s mindlessly snacking at night while you’re watching television.

I’ve been guilty of that in the past.

Well Jeff had a little trick he taught his soldiers that allowed them to still eat the “guilty foods” they loved (including pizza) and NOT sabotage their fitness level.

It’s similar to my trick above and it will work for you, too…

Before you indulge in any “poor choice” options for your diet plan, eat either a salad loaded with fresh vegetables or a piece of fruit such as an apple or a pear.

But the key here is to eat it by itself… NOT having it next to the pizza.

Then, when done, prepare your next plate but eat only HALF of the “guilt food” you desired.

That may be one small burger and half an order of french fries… or one piece of pizza instead of 3… etc.

Here’s why this works…

When you’re eating your fruit or salad, your body is already registering that you’re starting to feel full.

This happens both physically and in your brain as well.

Normally by the time this happens in your normal eating habits, you’ve already downed one cheeseburger, half your fries and you’re going to town on the second cheeseburger.

But because you started this process 10 to 15 minutes earlier, you’ll find that you don’t feel as hungy.

By eating the fruit or salad first, you’ll substantially reduce the amount of calories you consume… and this obviously leads to continuing with your fat loss. 

Now this is NOT an “eat anything you want” free pass.

But it can be used strategically to help you keep burning body fat while not “feeling” like you’re on a diet plan.

It helps you not feel hungry and can help destroy those cravings for piles of junk food when you’re ravenous.

But you have to know how to use it strategically.

In fact, Jeff actually recommends you have dessert every day… and use “cheat meals” like a weapon that work FOR you instead of against you.

You can see his entire arsenal of “military tricks” for fat loss right here. 

You’ll see the best training and nutrition methods he developed and used while a Master Fitness Trainer in the US Military to not only help them smoke fat, but become more athletic.

Just look at these success stories

Oh and this reminds me… if you have ever served or are serving for the military… THANK YOU.

Alright, off to the gym for a workout that starts with Split Squats and…

… Military Presses <== Irony defined.

Have a great weekend,

Mikey, CTT

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  1. Esther
    10 years ago

    That is great. I’m gong to do the same thing; during the week i behave, and then comes my happy day………….well plan of course 🙂

    p.s Love your newsletter.

  2. Mikey
    10 years ago

    Thank you Esther – glad it helps you!