Prevent Back Pain on 2 Awesome Lower Body Exercises

The Romanian Deadlift is one of the BEST lower body exercises that should be a staple in your programs.

But I get an email consistently from people who want to do this exercise, but experience back pain. Fortunately, my friend and the “Croation Sensation”, Rick Kaselj will help you with that. I asked him for coaching cues on how to tweak the RDL. The video is below:


Good stuff from my buddy Rick.

And you know what? He will fix your Goblet Squat, too. The Goblet Squat, which will smoke your legs while improving core strength at the same time, is  a staple in my upcoming Ab Finishers 2.0.

Here are some coaching cues from Rick on the Goblet Squat:

Goblet Squat Tutorial

Boom goes the “The Croation Sensation Just Helped Me Dominate Two Lower Body Exercises Without That Annoying Back Pain… Dude, You Rock” Dynamite,

Mikey, CTT

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  1. Jimmy
    10 years ago

    @1:11 on the RDL exercise, she is bent down but her head is raised to keep looking at the horizon. I heard once that the neck and spine should stay in alignment, does it matter?

  2. Mikey
    10 years ago

    I prefer to look ahead to the horizon, but that’s a good question. I’ll talk with Rick and get feedback. Thanks Jimmy!

  3. Rick Kaselj
    10 years ago


    Thank you for the question.

    There are two schools of thought.

    Keeping the head in line with the rest of the spine will keep the neck packed which puts less stress on the neck and keep the spine in alignment where it is stronger.

    With some people this does not work. They need to naturally look at the horizon in order to do the exercise correctly but this puts greater stress on their neck and makes it easier for curves of the spine to change.

    Orsy, the lady in the video, is a very experience lifter and eyes to the horizon is what she has been taught.

    In Summary:
    – If you have neck pain, pack your neck
    – If you lose the natural curves of your back when doing the Romanian Deadlift, try packing your neck
    – If you lose balance or have a difficult time doing the exercise due to balance or not having a frame of reference, look at the horizon.

    Rick Kaselj of


  4. Mikey
    10 years ago

    Awesome stuff Rick – thank you!

  5. Michael Puett
    10 years ago

    Would you recommend sending your thigh’s below parallel for the goblet squat?

    You can see that as soon as she goes below parallel her lower back curls over (and she looses balance).

    I fail squat exercises when I go very low and cant push back out of that stance which puts even more ‘time under tension’ on the lower back.



  6. Jerry
    10 years ago

    I understand keeping the knees soft, I have always trained and taught the deadlift that way, but it seemed to me your model was doing a LOT of knee bending. doesn’t that change the exercise more to a squat than a deadlift?