Perfect Pre-Workout Booster

This is my preworkout face… and you?

The Perfect Pre-Workout Booster
by Dan Go

Hey there hope you are doing awesome.  Today I want to share with you an awesome way to START your workouts that will increase your results in the gym and make you impervious to injuries.

Mikey here does a great job of educating us on how to end our workouts effectively and in this blog post I take the task of helping you START your workouts effectively.

Right now, the harsh truth is you’re probably not operating at your fullest physical potential.  You are probably being held back in one way or another by pains in your body or just experiencing an overall plateau of strength and endurance.

The other truth is that it’s NOT your fault.

The problem is that mainstream media as well as fitness experts put great emphasis on the workouts that will help you get to the body of your dreams but do a very poor job of teaching you how actually move in that body or even prime it for physical activity.

This lack of education paired with a 9 to 5 lifestyle result in nagging pains in certain areas of the body (back, shoulder and knees), weaker performance in physical activities, and a body that increasingly accelerates in age.

And I’m sure we can all agree that there is no point to looking good if you are not feeling good.

So that is why we are here today.

Today I want to share with you one of the fitness industries Ultimate Pre-Workout Secrets.

It is an unknown sequence that is scientifically proven to INSTANTLY boost every aspect of your human performance (strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, endurance and energy) while healing your old injuries and bulletproofing your body from new ones.

It’s a sequence that I’ve used with fast success on clients from all genders, all ages, and all types of athletic backgrounds.

It’s called the Peak Performance Formula.

It’s an exact, science proven formula that will ultimately allow your body to work at it’s fullest potential every single day regardless if it is picking up a box or doing one of Mikey’s intense finishers at the gym.

It is the key to unlocking that potential reservoir of athleticism that you so richly deserve and the best part about it is:  It only takes 6 minutes to complete.

So take out your notebook and a pen of paper because no matter where you are starting from, we are about show you how to reach your bodies ultimate physical potential in the time it takes to get a coffee at Starbucks.

The Peak Performance Formula – The Ultimate Pre Workout Program

Peak Performance Principle #1 Utilize the POWER Of Self Myofascial Release (SMR) & Massage Your Body Yo!

Self Myofascial Release is the process of massaging yourself using either a foam roller or lacrosse ball and it is by far the best way to heal your poorly functioning fascial tissue.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a massage therapist $60 a session and up to do it.

In fact many of my clients do not feel the need to pay for massage therapists after applying the SMR techniques in the Peak Performance Formula.

The beauty of it is that can do SMR in the comfort in your own home or in the gym and it will help heal your old injuries, prevent any new ones and increase your body’s ability to lift, move, run, throw and jump.

SMR smoothes out the dysfunction in your fascial tissue so your muscles are always working at it’s best peak efficiency all day long.

When you apply SMR to your body right before any physical activity you are essentially fixing your current fascial issues, healing old adhesions and dysfunctions in the muscle and creating an environment were your body operates at its BEST.

When this happens you actually have MORE strength, speed, flexibility and power because your muscles will fire off in the way it was meant to.

You’ll also experience MORE energy than ever before because your body will be moving more efficiently FREE of any dysfunction in your muscle tissue.

At my transformation center we utilize Self Myofascial Release using a Lacrosse Ball.

Through testing we’ve found that it is an incredible tool to get deep into where the true dysfunction of your body is located (hips, glutes, posterior delts, lats and adductors)

For an idea of how to massage your body with a Lacrosse Ball see the video below:

Peak Performance Principle #2 Get Your Neuromuscular Activator (NMA’s) ON

A Neuromuscular Activator (NMA’s) is a type of warm up raises your core body temperature, wakes up your nervous system and gets your entire body prepared for any type of stress you place upon it.

Think of this type of warm up program like a “shot of espresso” but for your body.

Obviously you are aware that your body has a nervous system and after a long period of rest your nervous system needs to do certain exercises to “wake it up”.

NMA type exercises do a great job of turning on the switch for your body energizing it for the task you place in front of it.

NMA’s do another job for your body: Lubrication of your joints.

NMA’s release something into your body called synovial fluids that lubricate your joints and make them more pliable for your workouts.

You’ll notice that the warmer you hit a workout you (and your joints) will be more “ready” for the task.

NMA type of warm ups consist of full body movements that warm up, lubricate and wake up your body so that it is ready to operate at peak efficiency and the BEST part about them is that they only take 40 seconds to complete.

This is the second principle of the Peak Performance Formula and a key aspect in getting your body to perform at its best before any physical situation.

Peak Performance Principle #3 Do Dynamic Mobility Exercises to Reverse Your Age & Activate Your Dormant Muscles

This is the third and FINAL principle of the Peak Performance Formula.

Dynamic Mobility exercises are short stretches and muscle activation techniques where the main function is to give your body full range of motion as well as activate the muscles that have become dormant due to the “sitting” nature of today’s workplace.

Dynamic Mobility exercises are, and should be, an ESSENTIAL part of your workout program and, simply put, they allow your joints move freely.

Their function is to repair and regenerate parts of your body including the cartilage.

They do this by increasing your mobility through repair of your joints so you can have the range of motion you were meant to have.

MOST importantly Dynamic Mobility exercises help slow, and in most cases, REVERSE the aging of your joints through the transport of detoxifying synovial fluids into your the key areas of your body

Want proof?

Here’s one of a multitude of research studies showing the power of doing a Dynamic Mobility program on their bodies before an actual workout.

In the study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: (Volume 22 – Issue 4 – pp 1286-1297) had 24 NCAA Division 1 wrestlers randomly assigned either a four week Dynamic Mobility program or a static stretching program prior to preseason practices.

The study was done to determine whether a Dynamic Mobility program performed over 4 weeks positively influenced power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility and strength compared to static stretching or no warm up at all

Group 1 did a Dynamic Mobility  program before their workout.

Group 2 did static stretching before their workout.

Group 3 did nothing.

The performance measures were done through a time period of 4 weeks.

Before starting the study they were tested on peak torque of quads, hamstrings, med ball underhand throw, 300 yard shuttle, pull ups, pushups, sit-ups, broad jump, 600m run, sit and reach test, and a trunk extension test.

After the 4 weeks the researchers found no differences in performance for the no warm up group but the findings were MORE interesting for the static stretching group.

They found that their performance actually got WORSE throughout the 4 week study.

As for the Dynamic Mobility group…

Wrestlers doing the 4 week Dynamic Mobility program saw improvements across the board in all aspects of performance including:

– Increase in quad peak torque (+11%)

– Increase Broad jump (+4%)

– Increase in sit-ups (+11%)

– Increase in pushups (+3%),

…and FASTER sprint times for the 300m shuttle and the 600m run.

They conclusively found that the Dynamic Mobility type workouts significantly ENHANCED muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and anaerobic capacity.

In other words, this short program before their workouts made them BETTER athletes all around.

Dynamic mobility essentially improves the way you move throughout life. I cannot stress enough how much better mobility equates to strength and success in any physical activity you do.

For a demonstration on how to do an Neuromuscular Activator and a Dynamic Mobility Circuit then just click below:

As you can see, it’s ALL strategy and every single piece of the puzzle makes a huge difference and it takes ONLY 6 minutes to complete or just about the time you take to brush your teeth in the morning.

In a couple days we’ll be releasing a COMPLETE program designed to hack your body and turn it into a high performance machine in ONLY 6 minutes regardless of your age or experience level.

The program is called 6 Minute Superhuman and it is scientifically proven to unlock your bodies ultimate potential in strength, speed, flexibility, vertical jump power, endurance and energy while bulletproofing your body from injuries forever.

Are you ready to experience just how fast your body can be enhanced when you unlock the power of the peak performance formula right before your workouts?

On Tuesday, May 28th 2013, We’re going to be offering the entire 6 Minute Superhuman system to all of Mikey’s subscribers at a HUGE discount because we appreciate you being a part of his workout finisher community and we’ll make sure you are taken care of May 28th.

Keep an eye out for your email on Tuesday May 28th and see you then!
Dan Go

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  1. Grant wood
    11 years ago

    Great to finally c some quality body dynamic flow warm up come stretching style workouts. I’ve been doing these style of pre workout dynamics for a few yrs. Most of what I saw I do along with a number of others. Thanks from Grant in Nerang Queensland Australia.
    A passionate massage injury therapist Body dynamics PT Wellness Coach
    This style of quality training has enabled me to maintain a high quality of all round fitness body tone core strength inspite of many serious previous sporting injuries & my youthful yrs of 61 in July.

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      That’s awesome to hear Grant! Thanks for the feedback!


  2. JIMBO
    11 years ago

    I have been using a foam roller for over one year with so-so results. I knew that using a ball can be more intense but did not know the proper technique- until now. Thanks a bunch from all of my body parts. -JIMBO

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Jimbo, I’m glad you found this useful. It’s great stuff that I’m getting into as well!


  3. mike
    11 years ago

    Hi Dan and Mickey,
    All above make sense!
    Even in the middle of the previous century, in better secondary schools in Europe, the Gymnastics started with very similar warm up as yours. Exept of course the massage part, which was made that time by professionals for the priviledged only.
    Seemingly, the whole thing has been forgotten, since.
    Big bravo to you to bring back to live in a higher level that has long been proven in the past.

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Hey Mike – appreciate that man. I’ll be sure Dan sees this as he is the expert with these warm-ups. I’m inspired to “upgrade” my approach since I’m getting older. Ha!


  4. Esther
    11 years ago

    Nice infor. Looking forward for more, and this will look cool with the chaos program.

    Question: this type of workout (warm ups) are to be made at the beginning of your regular workout replacing the warm up?

  5. Mikey
    11 years ago

    Yes Esther, you go it! Plug this in before your workout and replace the warm-up you’re currently doing. This one is thorough!


  6. Dan Go
    11 years ago

    Awesome comments guys thanks a ton for the feedback and thanks to Mike for letting me share!