New and Improved President Obama 4-Minute Cardio Workout

There’s a video that has been flooding social media (and no, it’s not that silly CrossFit fail video).

Some random guy secretly taped President Obama working out. Here’s the video:

#LungingLikeABoss <= No… no he’s not.

At first, I was impressed. I thought to myself, “Hey, there’s a man that’s pretty busy and showing the world that he can even take time to take care of his health.”

But then I continued to watch… with horror.

It was like one of those “fail” videos that go viral when you’re thinking to yourself, “This is terrible”, yet there you are… you continue to watch it.

So, instead of just shaking my head, I decided to help out the President, starting with his lunge form.

In fact, I acted so fast, I recorded this inside my hotel room in San Diego instead of waiting until I got home.

So watch this Mr. Obama. I’m like… awesome or something.

You’ll discover some simple fixes to get a better workout PLUS you’ll get a new and improved 4-Minute Cardi0 Workout so you can spend more time with your family…. or doing Presidential stuff.

New & Improved President Obama Cardio Workout

Here’s the new and improved cardio workout if you want to print this:

Total Body Extensions (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times
Mountain Climbers (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times

That’s it!

Want an advanced version? Do this:

Jump Squat (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times
Squat Thrusts (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times

Get 51 more ways to replace your cardio here

Carry on sir,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

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  1. Derek Wahler
    9 years ago

    Great tips Mike! Keeping the elbows back is TOUGH! And yes…the elliptical is garbage.

  2. Rick Kaselj
    9 years ago

    Great video, Mike.

    Thanks for the tips and making things better.

    Rick Kaselj


  3. James Dang
    9 years ago

    Nice tips for the President Mikey!! Hopefully he’ll watch this and learn something!!

  4. Vic Magary
    9 years ago

    Like you said, I was impressed that the POTUS was in a hotel gym getting some exercise despite a busy schedule. If he can do it, we all can do it.

    As far as technique… you recommend some great adjustments to Mr. President’s form that I hope the Secret Service encourages him to implement. Thanks, Mike!

  5. Lori
    9 years ago

    If only everyone could learn to lunge properly! Great tips… I hope the President sees your video!
    Lunge on!

  6. Catherine Gordon
    9 years ago

    Best part of Presidential Finishers? No pesky video cameras!

  7. Sharon Kuo
    9 years ago

    awesome tips Mike! Maybe we will see a new video soon with proper form 😛

  8. James Gaida
    9 years ago

    Kudo’s Mr. President for gettin it done on the road and awesome stuff Mikey!
    Hopefully the White House see’s this and get’s POTUS on the right track.

  9. James Gaida
    9 years ago

    Kudo’s Mr. President on gettin it done on the road and awesome stuff Mikey!
    Hopefully the White House see’s this and gets POTUS on the right track.

  10. Molly Piercy
    9 years ago

    Loved both videos, funny! But awesome tips-I’ll add that finisher to my workout tomorrow!

  11. Sayan Sarkar
    9 years ago

    Awesome tips Mike.

    This is a MUST-see video…for President Obama, and for 95% of gym-goers too!

  12. Shawna K
    9 years ago

    Mikey, I hope Sabrina and the boys get to visit you at the White House when President Obama gives you the call 😉 Bodyweight workouts give you a lotta bang for your buck. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Andrew Raposo
    9 years ago

    Haha! “Getting jiggy with it”
    He definitely needs some work. Great stuff man.

    Andrew Raposo

  14. Maureen
    9 years ago

    Excellent tips, Mikey. Hope Mr. President takes your advice on his next workout.

  15. diane
    9 years ago

    Nothing like keeping it real Mike! This was awesome!!

  16. Summer
    9 years ago

    Great re-vamp of the presidential workout!
    The Prez is working hard, just needs more efficiency.

  17. Callie Durbrow
    9 years ago

    Mikey you rock! I totally agree with you about the lunges. They are awesome but they have to be done 100% correctly. Hopefully Mr President will take your great advice!

  18. Richard Goodpasture
    9 years ago

    Nice! Mikey, way to take the initiative. So often we don’t speak to what we know, from experience. Thanks for sharing the great tips and demos.

  19. Sean
    9 years ago

    Glad someone set the prez straight Mike! Hopefully next video is Obama doing finishers 😉

  20. Jason Klein
    9 years ago


  21. Chuck S
    9 years ago

    Could those wimpy little girl dumbbells the President was using really hurt his back or neck?

    • Mikey
      9 years ago

      They sure can Chuck. Anyone can hurt themselves with or without equipment, but especially in the neck. That’s why I don’t like sit-ups, V-Ups, etc. It’s just too easy to hurt your neck.

  22. Harry Van Dyk
    9 years ago

    Atta boy Mikey..I am a new believer of the 4 minute workouts.I am 52,and live in Cambridge Ontario, Canada, and recently purchased the 4 minute miracles from Craig Ballantyne. I have to tell you that those things have revolutionized my life. I am a guy with limited time to do workouts, but yet I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy my later years. And this along with your sprint workout system is going to help me make the difference. I weighed 250 pounds about one year ago,with well into mid thirty percent body fat( if my home scale is accurate), and now I weigh in at 205, and 20% body fat. I did most of this with change of eating habits(now paleo) and exercise. I had been struggling with the exercise portion because of time constraints, but with your sprint workouts and the 4 minute miracles I am certain to make great progress.

    • Mikey
      9 years ago

      Way to go Harry! You are proof this can be done. I bet you’re inspiring a lot of people. Keep up the great work 🙂