My Challenge to You

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I truly believe sometimes we all train for the wrong reasons (including me!).

Think about it… what’s the #1 reason people train?…

… to lose fat.

That’s fine, but what happens after that? I’ve seen this happen in my gym over and over.

You’ll lose 10 pounds, 15 pounds even 50 pounds or more. Then the goal was reached.

But then what is there to go for? Lose more fat? Then after that even more fat?

You certainly don’t want to work out day after day just to lose fat… for the rest of your life, do you?

Not only is this mentally draining, but it’s not healthy either.  One quote I recently shared on my facebook page

“When you train for health and not for vanity, you have more fun and you won’t obsess about the way you look. The fat loss then becomes a by-product.”

This opened the eyes of many of my readers and quite honestly, I needed to hear it myself.

Look, maybe you know this or maybe you don’t… but I’m far from perfect. I don’t have 8-pack abs. My skin from being over 300 pounds won’t allow that.

But I don’t let that get to me. There are more important things in life than some loose skin.

I train to be healthy and live a more vibrant life. I also want to be there for my kids as they age and get involved in sports.

I want to throw the ball back and forth without getting winded. I want to chase them all over the house and let the laughs fill the house.

But I also want to get stronger… and you should, too.

So, my challenge to you is this. For just ONE week, I challenge you to do your workout plan to simply become a better version of yourself.

At EVERY workout, choose one to two exercises that you’ll progress on. Whether it’s increasing the weight or increasing the reps on a bodyweight exercise… progress on SOMETHING.

Then celebrate. Don’t worry about what the scale says or how your clothes fit. Just focus on simply getting better.

When you change your mindset and really focus on doing this ONE thing, you’ll quickly discover that perhaps a plateau you’ve been facing has been broken…

… and you’re having fun with your workouts instead of being frustrated about your body image progress.

That’s it. The challenge sounds quite simple, but don’t underestimate the power of this approach.

Accept the challenge with this weekends’ workouts, or at least at the start of next week…

Mikey, CTT

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