Man Up

It’s bittersweet.

Another TT Summit comes to an end. Look, I’ll be honest with you. I almost get a little sad when this event is over.

It’s pretty much like your senior year in high school condensed into just a couple of days.

Just like in high school, you make you new friends, amazing new memories and of course, tons of insider jokes including how many selfies you can take without the principal (Craig Ballantyne) knowing.



Then Saturday night rolls around… the graduation. We all got on a bus to an amazing restaurant for a delicious dinner and conversations you’ll remember forever.

It was so special, I even wore jeans (I hate wearing anything but gym shorts and t-shirts).

Now let me interrupt this “good times” vibe for a second and tell you the harsh truth.

Back in 2002, I came to a fork in the road in my life. I was either going to continue on the track I was on and ruin my life, and probably DIE way too early…

… or do something about it.

I know “Die too early” is abrasive. But I was writing my own death sentence. I was over 300 pounds, tired, grumpy and miserable.

So in 2003, I did something about it.

It’s been hard. I struggled.

Hey look, I even cried.

There, I admitted it. I thought my genes had the best of me, too.

But I kept going…

… I kept scratching and clawing.

Had I not fought for a healthier life, I wouldn’t have made it to San Diego this weekend and live my dream.

If I stayed where I was, I wouldn’t have seen my buddy Chris Lopez or thank Brad Pilon for his simple, yet powerful advice that I can share with you.

So if you’re a little confused as to what to do… or you’re at the end of your rope, hang on and hang on tight.

It gets better… way better.

Take it from a guy that has lost 115 pounds and even didn’t quite know where his life would lead him at one point.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something about it.

I “manned up”.

So today, that’s what I’m challenging you to do.

Man up.

Quit being a sissy and do something about your problem.

Hit a plateau? Tighten up your diet a little more. Stay active on your off days. Cheat a little less.

In a bad relationship? Do something about it. Have that tough conversation. Get it out in the open. Clear the air.

Hate your job? Work on your dreams. Get to work. Roll up your sleeves and start grinding it out.

I had 5 jobs at one point as I was trying to make it as a personal trainer…

… Son of biscuit… I lost over 100 pounds and I knew I could help people, that’s why!

And if I continued to be happy as a big guy playing my playstation, I wouldn’t have met YOU…

… or the wonderful people here at the TT Summit.

Man up.

Do the work.

There are people counting on you….

… people that are looking up to you that you didn’t even know they are watching you.

I found out this #truth over the weekend.

People are watching your every move.

They are asking themselves, “if they can do it, then MAYBE… just maybe I can do it, too”.

MAN UP and show them how it’s done.

Mikey, Master CTT

PS – Thank YOU for letting me be a part of your life. I know there are hundreds of experts out there and yet, here you are, reading this chaos. Thank you!

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