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2013-11-09 19.15.54There are two times when I get pretty angry…

1) Sitting in traffic (I truly feel sitting in a car without moving is unproductive – I’ll work on that).

2) When IHop removed the CinnaStack pancakes from their menu

However… now there’s a third thing. I’ll cover that shortly.  But first – this week’s Q & A…


Q: I’ve been told that being a mother of four I shouldn’t expect to be able to obtain toned abs because it’s impossible.  I refuse to believe that, so what are the best ab exercises for someone like me. (I’m in very good health) – Andrea

A: Andrea – good for you for not believing that. The best ab exercises are ones that work the entire abdominal wall without straining your neck or back. I could probably do a whole YouTube series on this (thanks for the idea).

    • Spiderman Climb
    • X-Body Mountain Climber
    • Rollouts
    • Variety of Planks
    • Stability Ball Jackknife

Here are 3 ab exercises you may not know about:

Q: Does coffee count as a meal (cream, and just a few grains of sugar) with intermittent fasting? – Lucky

A: You want to keep your calories as close to zero as possible. So, try subbing sugar for Stevia. But don’t obsess about it, either.

Note – if you think intermittent fasting might be a good fit for you, then read this article.


Q: What do you do for your post-workout nutrition? – Tim

A: Pancakes. It’s a protein shake with Almond Milk. I don’t worry about carbs since I’m not looking to build mass and my recovery is fine. In fact, I don’t even obsess getting my shake within a “certain window”, either. The simpler you can keep it, the better.


Q: Mikey, like you, I’ve lost a lot of weight. But I have loose skin on my arms and belly. What did you do to get rid of that? – June

A: I’d love to tell you there’s a supplement or regimen you can do, but alas, there isn’t … yet. I’ll be blunt. I STILL have loose skin and quite frankly, I’ll probably have it forever unless I have surgery.

But over time (and a lot of it), it has slowly tightened up little by little. So be patient and drink a lot of water (it’s the only variable I can think of that I do consistently on a daily basis).

Also, NEVER forget where you came from. I would take loose skin and better health than feeling miserable ANY day. 😉


Fun stuff – and great questions! You can join in with the Fitness Q & A on our facebook page here.


Now about that third thing that got me a little fumed…

I hopped on facebook to check the Finisher Freak Forum and I stumbled upon a cheesy ad from Dr. Oz. So, I stopped what I was doing and posted this on my Facebook page, and I hope you find truth in it…


Dr. Oz, you are sadly mistaken. The next big “breakthrough” drug, pill or miracle liquid will never, EVER transform the health, inside and out, of ANYONE. 

I would love to say I took some magic potion or miracle pill to lose over 100 pounds. 

But for anyone that happens to read this, I’ll tell you the truth. My hands got dirty. I sweated. I made sacrifices. I had to drastically reduce my favorite foods. I had to make tough choices.

It was extremely painful at first. I remember to this day the feeling of doubt and fear I had after being exhausted just a few minutes into my first workout.

Heck, I’ll admit it. I cried. That’s right. I cried. There were times when I cried out of frustration and sometimes, the tears were all about a milestone.

Thousands of reps, thousands of “no thank yous” and thousands of minutes of commitment and never giving up is what got me here, 105 pounds lighter and keeping it off.

The only breakthrough “fat loss supplement” that helped was one that most people aren’t willing to take… and it’s a combination of ingredients like attitude, working with tenacity, being uncomfortable, discipline, faith and hard work. 

It’s simple. You blend all that up and drink it daily. And you know what? It’s FREE. 

I know, I know. “But that doesn’t sell”. 

But don’t worry, many people aren’t willing to accept this freebie, so they spend their hard-earned money on the next new “breakthrough” fat loss supplement (AKA CRAP).


I don’t sell fairy tales and you shouldn’t either.

Mike Whitfield,

Loser of 105 pounds


Boom goes the truth dynamite.

Have a great weekend,

Mikey, Master CTT

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