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Alright, this is a wrap-up for the leg workout series. If you missed part or part 2, you can check them out here:

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Clicky, clicky and you’ll know what leg exercises to picky. Clicking is fun.

Anywho, now I’m going to put it all together for you. But first, I must talk about the mother of all leg exercises (well, it’s right up there with the variety of squats), and that’s the deadlift. It’s more of a total body exercise (as a matter of fact, if you challenge yourself and do them right, your back will be sore the next day).

Get the details on the deadlift here => Deadlift

The Best Leg Exercises

I don’t know, so don’t ask

So let’s do the leg workout. But first, I haven’t posted any pictures yet. So let’s go with this one posted on the left.


Here is the deal. You’re going to use this leg workout the next time you’re on a upper/lower split. Good times will be had, but you will work your legs more efficiently, without a single leg press. And we’re going to rock the core too. Have a good time or something…

Do the following superset as shown:

1A) DB Bulgarian Squat (8 ea leg)

1B) Ab Wheel Rollout (12)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times

Do the following superset as shown:

2A) DB Romanian Deadlift (10)

2B) Side Plank (30 secs ea side)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times

Do the following superset as shown:

3A) Bodyweight Swing Lunge (10 ea)

3B) Stability Ball Plank (30 secs)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

Finisher (Oh baby… you know how I feel about finishers)

Do the following circuit as shown:

4A) Bodyweight Jump Squats (10)

4B) Close-Grip Pushups (15)

4C) Mountain Climbers (20 ea side for 40 total)

4D) Total Body Extensions (30)

Rest 30 seconds and repeat one more time (by the way, you’re welcome)

Now THAT’S a leg workout that will shape your legs and blast fat.

Finish Strong,


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