Laugh At My Defeated Face

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I was literally asking myself, “Am I going to make it?”. I still remember actually praying in the middle of what I felt was one the toughest workouts I’ve ever done.

I only had 36 seconds left in the circuit, but you can see me look defeated in the picture below:

It was the TT Mean 15 Conditioning Circuit

That’s a screen shot of the follow-along video of just one of the 51 workouts from the Home Workout Revolution.

The conditioning circuit started with Low Box Jumps (I landed like a Ninja after Craig taught me how to land softer).

There’s also a bodyweight version of this exercise in the video.

Then it went into the evil Switch Lunge. This simple, yet powerful leg exercise not only works your legs, but puts your heart rate through the roof. You’ll develop a love/hate relationship with these, but don’t worry, I’m right there suffering with you every rep of the way.

Then there was what’s called “active recovery” with the Split Shuffle. You’ll enjoy this “easier” exercise as you recover, but still have your heart rate pounding.

You’ll probably hear your heart thumping in your ears, but that’s ok. That means you’re working hard… mine is thumping, too.

Then it’s time to smoke our abs and work our upper body with the T Pushup. You might get delirious like I did… there’s a blooper where I literally do jazz hands in the middle of a rep.

Next, we’ll hit the Narrow Stance Bodyweight Squat. Sometimes, it’s easy to let your chest fall on this as you get fatigued, so be sure to watch me and listen to Brian Kalakay coach us through it.

But this is where we’ll really need Brian… after the NS Squat, we have to knock out some Burpees. There’s 2-3 variations of these and I’ll show you all of them in the video.

Then we end the circuit with Jumping Jacks. But unfortunately, this is a density circuit, so we only rest just enough to catch our breath and then we have to keep it going. Give it all you got for just 15 minutes… you can do this.

That’s the magic behind these follow-along workouts <== No Equipment Neededhome workouts

You’ll get BETTER results with these short, intense metabolic workouts that are SHORTER than your commute to the gym.

You can use these 51 bodyweight workouts…

  • As stand-alone workouts
  • As a more effective way to replace cardio (even intervals)… there’s scientific research proving that 4-minute workouts are more effective than 30 minutes of cardio (if they are structured in a certain way as found in the Home Workout Revolution)
  • As an “add-on” to your favorite workouts (all of this is explained inside the manual)

But the best part? Craig Ballantyne, Brian Kalakay and myself are right there with you every step in follow-along videos. Yep, you can download these videos to your Ipod or Ipad, computer, etc.

Hit play and burn fat here <== Brand NEW 51 workouts for YOU

You’ll see me suffer in other workouts, too… like the 8-Minute “8 is Enough” workout. Plus, you’ll get:bodyweight exercises

Ladder Workouts
20-10 Revolution Workouts 
Challenge Workouts
Metabolic Finishers
Metabolic Conditioning
Bootcamp Style Workouts <== Try the NEW Bootcamp Addiction

And because you love a challenge, I’m throwing in some strength and finisher supersets with “Bodyweight Switch”.

This 4-week program is packed with strength and finisher supersets…

… and you guessed it – ZERO equipment required.

Just like these 51 follow-along workouts

But I do have some bad news… the bonus plus the VIP sale expires TODAY.

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Then forward your receipt to Cole at, and she’ll send you the Bodyweight Switch program.

Also, let me know your favorite workout!

Mikey, CTT

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