Ladder Finisher and Pancakes?

Metabolic workout finishers

I wasn’t lying. Below is a recipe for pancakes that you can eat post workout or for breakfast (if you eat breakfast). I’ve eaten these Oatmeal Apple Pancakes numerous times.

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Here’s a finisher that “almost” deserves IHop Cinnastack pancakes.

One of my favorite methods for a finisher is using the ladder approach. I would time myself and record it and then next week, I would try to beat the previous time.

Let’s get crazy and even use the “Static” approach. That means you’ll perform a finisher using the ladder method, but for two of the exercises, you’ll do the same reps every time with every circuit.

I would save this for after a total body or upper body workout.  Doing this after a lower body workout is a tall order.

Do the following circuit, resting only when needed. In the first circuit, you’ll perform 8 reps of 1A and 1C. In the next circuit, you’ll perform 7 reps of those. Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of those exercises. For 1B and 1D, you’ll perform 10 reps with EVERY circuit.

1A) Narrow-Stance Goblet Squat (8…1)
1B) KB or DB Swings (10)
1C) Bodyweight Sumo Squat (8…1)
1D) KB or DB Swings (10)
bodyweight exercises

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Viva la pancakes,

Mikey, CTT

P.S. Pancakes. No reason really. I just enjoy typing that word. Thanks.

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