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Turbulence TrainingWords that have always resonated with me are from a song called, “Win” from Brian McKnight…

Dark is the night
I can weather the storm
Never say die
I’ve been down this road before
I’ll never quit
I’ll never lay down
See, I’ve promised myself
That I’d never let me down…

You may not have heard the song, but it came on while on my walk home from the gym.  I then started to realize how far the “Finishers Message” has spread, including you.

Before I joined the 1 Million Mission, I felt almost robotic, just going through the motions. If you’re a trainer, you probably feel the same way.

When I joined Craig’s One Million Mission through the TT Certification, I honestly didn’t know that one of the biggest transformations was going to be my own.  I had no online business, which ironically enough was my passion.  I knew I had a great story of losing over 100 lbs that could inspire thousands of people, I just didn’t know how I could “tell it”.  I had no platform.  I had no outlet.

Then I clicked on the mouse to come on board with the One Million Mission.  I was ready to transform other lives, but didn’t realize that while changing other people’s lives, I was going to change my own. Trust me when I say that I was nervous about that click.

How do you define a transformation?  For me, I believe it starts with the mind.  My mindset has completely changed and it has not only impacted my business, but more importantly, it has impacted my life.  At the first TT Summit, Craig talked to us about having a vision and a mission.

Your mission directs you.  It guides you as if you are on auto-pilot.  Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish drives you, but drives you on the right path.  You will find yourself not wasting time.  You will find yourself saying “yes” or “no” easily because you instantly know if it falls in line with your mission at hand.

This mission drives me to get up early every day.  I used to wake up and just “go through the motions”.

Perhaps you can relate? However, the mission I have now has given me a purpose.  Being a part of the TT family, I have seen first hand at what truly is possible. I found out that there is something special inside of me that I can share with the world and help people, all while creating the lifestyle I desire, which was to allow my wife to be a stay-at-home Mom.

I couldn’t see this dream as a possibility if I hadn’t created a mission of my own, inspired by what I have learned through the TT Certification.  Now, it’s a reality.  I’ve never been so excited about life. I’m fortunate enough to NOT have the “Monday blues”. 

I would have never seen this opportunity if I didn’t click on that mouse.  But to be honest, I didn’t know it was going to happen THIS fast.  Thousands of people, including yourself, have embraced the Finishers message already… in less than a year!

Craig loves seeing people succeed, whether that is losing some fat, or transforming your business.

This is more than just a certification.  It’s a blueprint to change and improve all areas of your life.

Join me in the 1 Million Mission and become one of the first 50 TT Trainers.

The song continues to say…

There’s no stopping now
There’s still a ways to go
Oh, someway, somehow
Whatever it takes I know
I’ll never quit
I’ll never go down
I’ll make sure they remember my name
A hundred years from now
I’ll never give up, never give in
Never let a ray of doubt slip in
And if I fall, I’ll never fail
I’ll just get up and try again

 I am a part of the mission of transforming one million lives, and one of those transformations has been my own.

If you’re a trainer or coach, this is the mission you need to be a part of.

I hope you join me,

Mikey, CTT

Certified Turbulence Trainer

P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you Craig Ballantyne’s favorite finisher that I’ve written so far. I personally hate/love it at the same time. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

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  1. Gregg
    11 years ago

    Certification would be great I understand that you need to be insured before you can get in course. I just got my trainers certification and don’t have insurance yet. Any thoughts?

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Hey Gregg, I suggest this one:

      I’ve been with them for years now and they are very affordable and have great coverage. Hope that helps!