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Man, it was a fun week last week as I launched the Workout Finishers product. But the emotions hit me on Saturday as I took a 2-1/2 hour nap. It felt good to do a little catching up on some sleep. My wife and 8-month old were good sports about it, allowing me to work day and night as I put it together.

But since the release, I’ve been getting some great questions from people, so I thought I would share them with you. I think you will find this useful. So here we go…

Question: How do I replace intervals with workout finishers?

Answer: Check out this article here => Click Here

Question: I’m currently doing the TT TK3 workout and I don’t want to use intervals. I will be traveling and won’t have access to any equipment. Any suggestions for bodyweight only finishers?

Answer: TT TK3 is a classic – good times.

After Workout A – Do Finisher # 4 (The 20/30 Total Body Conditioning Circuit), but take out the inverted row. When you perform the Bulgarian Squat Jumps, do Prisoner Bulgarian Squat Jumps (that will work the upper back). And replace the Stability Ball Leg Curl with 1-Legged Deadlifts.

After Workout B – Finisher # 27 (Spider Crazy) is a great choice – no equipment required

Question: Since I’m a beginner, should I only do one workout finisher a week?

Answer: You can actually do finishers 2-3 times a week as a beginner, but use the easier version of each one and take extra rest periods when needed.

Question: Why don’t you set up a facebook page so people can ask their questions there?

Answer: I’m on it like ugly on a Baldwin brother.

I just created a facebook page dedicated to Workout Finishers and you can go there here =>

I hope this helps. Stop by and ask your questions there because someone else may have the same question, and you could be helping them, too.

Finish Strong,

Mikey, CFNC, CTT

Workout Finisher Artist

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