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Train with Finishers

The other day, I was asked on Facebook about using intervals or finishers because they liked using both of them.

Why not do both? I’ll tell you how with a sample “Interval Finisher”. It’s a killer combo.

But first, if you’re wanting to target lower belly fat, here’s a 12-minute step-by-step plan:

Great Article => 12-Minute Template to Burn Lower Belly Fat 

And after you read that, give this weird “Interval Finisher” a shot…

“Runnin’ to the 7-Up” Interval Finisher

Intensity Scale (1-10)
1 = standing still
5 = “steady state” cardio pace
9 = 90% of your max intensity 
10 = running from hyenas carrying machine guns

 5-minute warm-up (5/10)

Treadmill or Running preferred – 40 seconds (9/10), followed by 20 seconds of recovery (3/10) – Do this until you complete one mile.  Then rest one minute. Then…

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 7 minutes, resting ONLY when needed:

Stability Ball or Medicine Ball Pushup (7)
Box or Bench Jumps (7)
Renegade Crawl (7/side)
Skater Hops (7/side)

interval finishers

interval finishers

interval finishers

interval finishers

Alright, now I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I’m going to give you my NEW manual packed with 4 weeks of Interval Finisher workouts when you get Shaun’s 4-Cycle Fat Loss Solution. It’s my big sequel to the original Interval Finishers (in fact, the above interval finisher workout was from the original… 2.0 is BETTER).

You can use these Interval Finishers as a conditioning circuit after your main workout or use them as your full workout program for 4 weeks.

Shaun is going to send me a list on Saturday morning of everyone who gets his system through this link here:

4 Cycle Fat Loss + Interval Finishers 2.0 Bonus Link

interval finishers

And then we’ll email everyone their bonus.

I’m doing this because dang it… I love carbs (and you do, too).  Shaun is a good friend of mine (not an internet friend… a REAL friend) with a legitimate solution for us folks who like carbs (like pancakes).

Here is how his system works…

CYCLE 1 – The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet: “Shut off” your body’s addiction to burning sugars and make belly fat your “go to” energy source to visually SEE your belly get flatter in just 7 short days – all while you heal any metabolic “damage” you’ve done from previous dieting or unhealthy eating.

CYCLE 2 – The Macro-Patterning(TM) Cycle: Use LOTS of carbs to accelerate fat-loss and maintain a fat burning environment round the clock 24/7. No more plateaus. No more metabolic slowdown. No more suffering through a restrictive low carb trendy diet.

CYCLE 3 – The Accelerated Fat-Loss Cycle: Because your body is super smart it can adapt very quickly. This is the first fat-loss cycle ever designed to overcome EVERY type of plateau of sticking point the body uses to stop you from losing weight so you STAY on the fat-loss fast track.

CYCLE 4 – The “Diet Break”: By this point you’ll have overcame every type of adaptive response related to burning stubborn body fat. Now it’s time to put your fat-loss on cruise control by enjoying happy hour every Friday and even using all your favorite Cheat Foods through the weekend – WITHOUT suffering any rebound weight gain.

This means PANCAKES.

Shaun, you are truly a great American sir.

fat loss nutrition

=> 62% off 4 Cycle Solution + Interval Finishers 2.0 Bonus

Now what most people don’t realize is that this simple plan lets you lose fat WITHOUT the rebound weight gain.

To losing fat and keeping it off while enjoying pancakes and using wicked combinations of finishers AND intervals, PLUS having one of the longest sign-offs ever,

Mikey, CTT

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