In Case You’re Struggling

Look, I usually don’t do the whole “pep talk” thing unless I’m with
a 1-on-1 client (yes, I’m old school and I do the 1-on-1 thing).

I’ve tried numerous approaches to keep off the 105 lbs off before I
used this method that I can finally stick to and still enjoy myself

=> The Easy Method <=

There will be times when you struggle – whether that is getting
ready for a 5K or marathon, losing fat, getting ripped for the
beach, getting stronger, whatever it is.

I struggle to this day – if there are Thin Mints in the house, I’ll
eat the entire box.  That’s why they have to be hidden.


Just like business, losing fat can be a war, not a battle.  There
are some battles you will win (like saying no to hanging out with
co-workers that want to just sit there, get drunk and talk about
how pitiful their job is).

But there will be battles in which you make mistakes – like indulging
in 6 slices of pizza and some ice cream followed by guilt.

Hey, I’ve been there and done that.  I still mess up.  You want to
see something special?  Watch me at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.
You’ll soon see why I was 300 lbs.

I had a client in December that gained 10 lbs in a month.  Sure, I
was disappointed and he was, too.  But you know what?  He sucked it
up and used metabolic resistance training, got back on his nutrition
plan and dropped those 10 lbs by mid February.

We all fall off.  We all make poor decisions.  That’s how we learn.
That’s how we grow.  The important thing is we see what doesn’t work
and we learn how to fix it.

Dismiss the excuses – there are about 7 weeks left before the next
big holiday – Memorial Day.  If you trained consistently 3-4 days
a week, stayed active on your off days and stuck to a no fluff
nutrition plan
, what could you accomplish?

C’mon, you can do this.  The secret is out.  Here’s your plan:

1) Use Metabolic Resistance Training
2) Use metabolic workout finishers with your program
3) Use a nutrition plan that you can stick to (not one you can do 50% of the time)

4) Stay active on your off days (light walking or jogging, playing
with the kids, etc., etc.I know it’s Friday and you’re thinking, “dude, you should have sent
this Monday”.  But I was compelled to tell you this today.  Maybe
you’re struggling or even wondering, “Can I do this?”Rah-rah, yes you can.  I’m going to swallow my pride and tell you
this: I asked myself the same thing when I first started.  I was
almost 300 lbs, and I had taken one lousy lap around my old high
school track.

I was exhausted.  I almost felt defeated.  I thought to myself, “Can
I really do this?”

As Alwyn Cosgrove once said, “What if you kept going?  What if you
just kept going and dismissed all the excuses and just simply kept

What if YOU keep going?  What if you make some small adjustments and
you start seeing your goal in sight again?

Holy crap, this email is really long… and now I ruined the moment.

Have a great Easter weekend (I know you’re going after that huge
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Egg), and get after it hard on Monday.

Dismiss the excuses.Have a great weekend,
Mike Whitfield, CTT
P.S.  I suggest this plan because it’s easy to stick to

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