I’m Nervous About This (20-10 Finisher)

metabolic workout finishers

bodyweight exercisesI’m really nervous about this (just being honest).  You see, I’m in frosty Michigan to film some finishers with Craig Ballantyne and Brian Kalakay…

… like a bunch of them… for 3 days straight. I’m expecting to be sore and you bet I’m eating pancakes the second I get home. I’ll have earned them.

In fact, one of the finishers we’re going to film is this one. It uses ZERO equipment and the NEW 20-10 method.

Do the following circuit ONE time, resting as shown:

1A) Prisoner Lunge Jumps (10/side), rest 10 seconds
1B) Elevated Pushup (10/side), rest 10 seconds
1C) Alternating Switch Lunge (10/side), rest 10 seconds
1D) Powerlock Pushups (20), rest 10 seconds
1E) Vulgarian Split Squat (it’s like the Bulgarian
Split Squat, but awesomer) (10/side), rest 10 seconds
1F) Close-Grip 3/4th Rep Pushups (20), rest 10 seconds
1G) Bodyweight Narrow-Stance Squat (20), rest 10 seconds
1H) Squat Thrusts (20)

You can all 39 ZERO Equipment Finishers here <== Expires Today

Just grab Adam’s Bodyweight Burn from the link above and forward your receipt to us at cranktraininghelp@gmail.com.

I’ve been hooking you up with powerful fatburning workout and diet tips from my buddy Adam Steer all week. And now I’m going to tell you why his new Bodyweight Burn plan is the PERFECT solution for getting LEAN over the holidays.

Yeah, you read that right…

You don’t have to gain weight over the holidays. You can actually keep losing fat — even while enjoying your favorite foods!

Don’t wait until January 1st. And don’t let yourself get fatter over the next few weeks. Start tackling the your fatloss now.

Don’t be like me about 3 years ago, when I gained about 16 pounds over the holidays (I gain weight easily).

Here’s why Bodyweight Burn is your best choice to get started today:

1. These workouts are short but they pack a serious fat burning punch. Let’s face it, the holidays have a way of getting out of control. And unless you’ve got a plan, you’re going to skip your workouts. Well, you would on any other program. But every session in the Bodyweight Burn BW3 Workout System is exactly 21 minutes long. And the workouts are all equipment-free. That means you WILL stay on track over the holidays.

2. The $50 Off Sale ends at midnight. After that the price MORE than doubles.

3. As an extra bonus, Adam is giving you his proprietary 10-in-12 Diet. It’s designed to strip at least 10 lbs from your body in LESS than two weeks. But this rapid fatloss bonus also disappears tonight — and you can’t buy it anywhere else!

4. The Bodyweight Burn Carb-Synch(TM) Diet system gives you the flexibility to enjoy the holidays. Adam doesn’t believe in diet
deprivation. Follow his strategic plan and you won’t have to give up ANY of your favorite holiday foods.

5. You’ll actually ENJOY working out again. There’s no drudgery or boredom with the BW3 Workout System. The exercises are fun.  I’ve done them … I’ve been following Adam for a couple of years now.

6. Strategically synching your diet and workouts will turn you into a 24 / 7 fatburning machine. That means you can afford a little more leeway during the holidays and STILL start 2013 with your best body ever!

7. You’re going to lose a LOT of fat without turning your life upside down. Short 21-minute workouts and easy to stick to diet guidelines mean you’ll finally get EXCITED about your fatloss plan.

BONUS – You’ll also get my ENTIRE Bodyweight Finishers System for FREE as a bonus, which includes:

13 Bodyweight Gauntlet Finishers
13 Bodyweight Density Finishers
13 Bodyweight Gauntlet Finishers
Bodyweight Switch – Strength and Finisher supersets
Bodyweight Dirty 30 – 30-minute Metabolic Workouts using ZERO equipment (and of course they have finishers, too).

The way I see it, that leaves you with two choices…

A. Wait until after the holidays, get a bit fatter, feel terrible, and face a tough climb out of a deep hole at the start of 2013.  Yeah, the “New Year’s Resolution” model.


B. Start Bodyweight Burn today and take advantage of the PERFECT plan for holiday fatloss.

That looks like a pretty easy choice to me. Get your copy here at $50 OFF and thank me later:

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And by the way, my offer of the Bodyweight Finishers bonus expires today as well. Sorry, no exceptions.

Remember, start today. Carpe diem. <=== I really don’t know what that means. It just looked cool to put there.

Mikey, CTT

P.S. To get your bonuses, get Adam’s program here

Bodyweight Burn + Bodyweight Finishers <== Last Chance

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