How to Start Your Workouts

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You Know How To Finish Your Workout, Here’s How To Start It…
By Tyler Bramlett And Sylvia Favela Co-Creators Of The Bodyweight Flow System

Workout finishers are obviously the best way to fly if you want to accelerate your fat loss results post workout…

But what if I were to tell you that there’s a simple system that has been proven to increase your fat burning potential by 21.4%… Would that peak your interest?

And what if I went a step further and said to you that this would only take you 2-3 minutes to do… Does that sweeten the pot at all?

What I am talking about is a system designed to rev your metabolism into overdrive before you even have a chance to start your workout. In this short article I wanna share with you the 3 keys that you can use to get better results from your workouts and your finishers…

KEY #1 – Contraction Control

One of the biggest key’s missing from most exercise programs is an emphasis on what I call contraction control.

Sounds complex but here’s a simple way to think about it…

I’m sure you agree that the harder you can contract your muscles the more energy you use, right? I am also sure you can agree that the more energy you use during a workout, the better fat loss results you can get.

So… Doesn’t it make sense that your ability to contract your muscles harder will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts?

The truth is… Regardless of your current body size, the harder you can contract your muscles, the more metabolic you become and the better results you will get.

Research now shows that world class athletes use roughly 30-50% of their available muscular contractile ability while “average” people only have access to roughly 15%.

That’s a huge difference!!! That means on average a high level athlete can contract their muscles twice as hard as you and will burn twice as much energy (i.e. fat) in the process.

How do you fix this?

One of the best ways to fix this problem is to focus at least a small part of your workout on developing contraction control. By doing this you will develop a stronger signal between your brain and your body which will unlock your physical potential!

To develop contraction control, you have to shift your focus away from sets and reps and instead work on feeling each muscle work on each movement you perform.

Sound’s kinda hippy dippy but the reality is that if you don’t have control over your muscles and you can’t maximally fire each and every muscle in your body, you are shortchanging the results you should be getting from your workouts!

If you want to feel what I am talking about, take a sec and try this…

Instead of doing a mindless warm up routine, try just doing a set of slow squats or pushups. While you do this, take a moment to feel what muscles are working and try to connect your mind to those muscles.

Try to really feel what’s happening in the squat or the pushup. Is everything contracting together? Are you really working on maximally firing your muscles? Is there something that could be contracting harder?

When you do this short exercise, you will instantly know that you have a lot of work to do. But when you unlock your true potential by spending a few minutes each day working on your contraction control, you will have better workouts and better fat loss results!

Not sure where to start?

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KEY #2 – Strategic Range Of Motion

Have you ever witnessed a person with seemingly unlimited range of motion go through a workout?

It’s truly a thing of beauty to see someone who has no tight muscles, can move freely in their body and has control through every range of motion the body will allow.

Now take a moment and think about where you currently are… Is your body tight? Can you move freely? Or, are you like the rest of us with tight muscles and knots feeling slight aches and pains in your body throughout the day?

I didn’t bring this up to remind you about your current lack of flexibility. Instead I wanted you to understand one of the key reasons you aren’t getting the most from your workouts.

Here’s a little tip most people don’t know… The more strategic ROM (Range Of Motion) you have, the better results you will get from your workouts.

No, I’m not just talking about flexibility… Flexibility is worthless unless you have the ability to generate tension (i.e. contract your muscles) throughout the full range of motion.

In fact, flexibility training alone, as in the case of most people static stretching can even have a negative side effect of decreasing the effectiveness of your workouts! What I want to teach you is a more strategic approach to developing your range of motion that will help you get even better results!

How can strategically developing your range of motion do this? Here’s how…

Take a sec and Imagine 2 people… One can squat below parallel with perfect form, while the other maybe only 1/2 way down. Who do you think will get better results from their workout if their set’s and reps are the same?

The first person will have traveled twice the distance as the second if everything else remains the same. This means, more muscle used, more energy burned and ultimately way better results from your workouts!

So how do you go about building strategic range of motion?

You do this by practicing exercise sequences and routines that teach you how to go through full ranges of motion while your muscles are still active. When you practice this for just a few minutes per day, you can build strategic ROM which will accelerate your results and maximize the time you spend working out.

These exercises and sequences are hard to describe so take a look at an example here…

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KEY #3 – Coordination Is King

You probably have a friend or perhaps a family member who seems to always be getting better results in their workouts with half the effort you put in? The secret these “genetic lottery winners” are using whether they know it or not is…


Now stay with me here for a sec because this is the key factor that ties everything all together… They were able to get better results then you because they subconsciously knew how to move better. Let me explain…

Subconscious coordination, sometimes referred to as unconscious competence is your ability to coordinate your body to move perfectly WITHOUT you having to think about it.

The people you watch consistently get better results then you were likely born with the ability to learn any movement with little to no effort, meanwhile you might be watching and think, “I’ll never be able to do that”.

Well… You’re Wrong!!!!

YOU can be just like them… YOU can unlock your physical potential and YOU can do it by learning how to improve your contraction control, your strategic ROM and your subconscious coordination.

How can you do this?

To build subconscious coordination you must learn to move your body effortlessly through several common positions. Think of this training more as learning to flow with your body rather then just mindlessly moving.

When you get it right, you will feel loose, powerful, energetic, pain free and ready to hit your workouts with 100% of your efforts!

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If you use these 3 keys before you start your workouts, you can burn fat 21% faster and that means a serious acceleration of your result!


Great stuff from these two cool cats. Enjoy!
Mikey, CTT

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  1. Esther
    10 years ago

    …..i read it and i am analyzing it……….dam, the push up are going to hurt.

    p.s When is better: at the beginning of the workout?, At the end or off day?

    I Can feel the pain in the squat T-T

  2. Mikey
    10 years ago

    Plug this in before your workout and your workouts will be BETTER.


  3. Esther
    10 years ago


    Did the contraction on the push up; squat and plank………..awesome, felt every muscle. Will give this warm up a try.

  4. Esther
    10 years ago

    what flow do you suggest: full body flow or a slip flow?

  5. Mikey
    10 years ago

    Since I usually do full body workouts, I like the full body flow.