How to Make up for a Bad Weekend

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advanced workoutsIt’s been a long time coming and we finally had the opportunity. But unfortunately, I took “too much” advantage with my eating. More on that in a bit but first…

My wife and I hit went on a fantastic date. We haven’t done that in months. Our first stop was some coffee and chit-chat.

Then we saw “Taken 2”, which is highly recommended by the way. It was packed with action and I love action flicks.

Then we went to Pappadeaux, which is a New Orleans seafood restaurant. They have amazing food and I had the grilled Redfish and dirty rice…. as in lots of dirty rice. And the fish had an amazing sauce with crab meat on it.

But that didn’t stop us Whitfields from our Sunday tradition. We usually stop for Mexican at our favorite Mexican spot called “Las Palmas”, which has been there for about 20 years now.

So, this weekend was definitely a bust for my nutrition. I’m not sweating it though, as I’m going to make up for it this week and I’ll  tell you how you can make up for it as well. I’ll need to step up my workouts, too.

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OK, FINE. I’m hiding something. I had some Chinese food Friday night. Yes, I really goofed this weekend up big time.

Now, I usually don’t recommend something like this on an ongoing basis, but being a former fat boy, I know what it’s like to goof up an entire weekend and figuring out what to do to “make up” for it.

Strategy # 1

Start a big caloric deficit the very next day. My plan for today…I’m fasting (with the exception of a cup of coffee and a 5-calorie energy drink) until dinner.

Dinner will be meat and veggies – as in chicken and a salad with olive oil and mushrooms

Why the energy drink… cause Mikey likey caffeine.

Strategy # 2

I’m going to fast every day through at least Thursday until dinner. This creates a big deficit throughout the week to make up for the ridiculous weekend.

For some people, this is VERY tough, but for me, I find myself being a productive beast. That’s a good thing as I prepare to go out of town later this week.

Bonus tip for strategy # 2 – if you tend to binge after a fast, then create a ritual. Maybe that’s a glass of tea, or a handful of almonds. Mine is a glass of milk. It quickly fills me up until dinner and it’s my “break fast” ritual.

Strategy #3

Use advanced and intense workouts. Don’t hold back, either.  Use big, compound movements, metabolic circuits and more.

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Bonus tip for strategy #3 – Stay active on your off days…even step up your off day activity. On these rare “make up”  weeks, I like to go on longer walks, play with my son a little more, etc.

These little things will make a difference… every little bit helps.

Strategy #4

Plan my next weekend’s cheat meals so I don’t do it again.

This is what I did with one of my clients that had a bad weekend and he kept trucking along. In fact, he won the TT Transformation Contest using these strategies.

I tweaked TT Transformation for him and his wife and they ended up having their best month with that program.  In fact, his wife got second place.

So, if you goofed up this past weekend, don’t sweat it…at least mentally. Sure, you’ll have to sweat it physically.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.

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TT Transformation was the exact workout my client used to get first place and helped him lose 34 pounds in 12 weeks.

Today is a new day,

Mikey, CTT

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