How to Do More Pullups

I did a fun “photo-shoot” yesterday using the TRX.  It was some good times.  I certainly forgot how pasty I am.  I need to get out in the sun more often.

One thing is for sure – as I was doing Inverted Rows with the TRX, I realized that I was able to knock out a few more reps than when I did this video.  I thank my friend Shawna for that. She has been giving me some cool tricks to increase my pullup numbers, which of course have impacted my TRX Row numbers.

I also was on the phone with her a few weeks ago for the TT Trainers and she unleashed some awesome techniques to boost your numbers.  Here’s the truth – the more pullups and pushups you can do, the more fat you can burn.

So, here’s a video with some tips that Shawna shares to help you do more pullups (but more importantly, the freeze frame is showing my thumb at my nose – awesome!).

And for the best program I’ve found on the market to improve your numbers, check out Shawna’s program by clicking here.  Follow the blueprint to increase your pullups and pushups and you’ll be burning fat in your sleep (even during power naps).

And you’ll burn your friends on the pullup and pushup contests.

Her workouts are tough, but they work (so if you’re a whiner, don’t click on the photo below).

Finish this week strong,

Mikey, CTT

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  1. Frank A
    12 years ago

    Shawna – Thanks for the tip about the negatives and hand placement for the push ups.

    Mikey – Thanks for making this video with Shawna.

    PS I happen to be a whiner with pull ups, so I didn’t click on the photo! lol

    PPS What is with this: “Please check to prove YOU ARE human. Thank you.”? ‘What’ else would comment on your blogs? haha

    • Mikey
      12 years ago

      Thanks Frank! I appreciate the feedback. That PPS was installed because I was getting over 30 comments a day, and I can definitely tell it was spam software. Anything between Viagra and how to win the lottery. So, that has come to a halt since I’ve put that in.


  2. Frank A
    12 years ago

    Thanks Mikey. Seems that there is little respect out there in the internet world.

    And I did the pull ups like you and Shawna suggested and was able to do 4 sets of 10 within 4 circuits. The negatives even got tough the last set!

    Make it a wonderful weekend!

  3. Scott Jones
    12 years ago

    Excellent pull-up tip: jump to the top position any way you can, and work the negative. Good for beginners and old folks like me!

    • Mikey
      12 years ago

      Great to hear Scott – appreciate the feedback. Shawna is awesome!