How to Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time

metabolic finishers

Build Muscle and Lose FatIt’s a new week for me and I’m experimenting with a new
program and approach. I personally had one of the best
workouts yesterday in a long time.

My experiment is working out 4 days a week, but the approach
is unique. The first 4 exercises is Metabolic Resistance
Training, while the last 4 exercises is metabolic conditioning.

So, the first 4 exercises are set up as supersets, while the
last 4 exercises are set up as a circuit.

This conditioning circuit rocked the casbah for me and I left
the gym invigorated…

Jump Squat
Close-Grip Pushups
High Rep DB Rows
DB Swings

This is the somewhat the approach I’ve used with my clients
that want to build muscle, but want to improve their
athleticism at the same time. I call the approach, “Metabolic

The one change is that there are more Meathead style exercises
and the metabolic conditioning is reduced down to a finisher.

In my experience with clients, that’s all the conditioning
you need to keep the fat at bay while building lean muscle.

What I do is have them use a metabolic finisher that is
“resistance based”. For example, after an upper body workout,
I would have them finish off with a superset of Inverted
Rows and the Triple Pushup as a density superset or short
rest periods.

I call these finishers, “Anabolic Finishers”. They are perfect
to adding onto a meathead style workout to deplete muscle
glycogen and improve conditioning (while keeping the fat
at bay, too).

So, if you’re wanting build muscle and improve your conditioning
(and even burn fat)at the same time, this how you could set
up your workouts:

Monday – Upper Body with an Anabolic Upper Body Finisher
Tuesday – Lower Body with an Anabolic Lower Body Finisher
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Upper Body with an Anabolic Upper Body Finisher
Friday – Lower Body with an Anabolic Total Body Finisher

(because it’s awesome… that’s why)

That’s how I wrote the program Metabolic Meatheads, but to
make it more fun, I also wrote a 16 Anabolic Finishers training
manual broken up into 3 categories:

Upper Body
Lower Body
Total Body

That means you can pick your own grand finale after everyMetabolic Finishers
workout. Good times. Of course, you can stick with the finisher
that’s written with each Metabolic Meathead workout as well.

But some people love choosing their own anabolic grand finale,
so that’s why I wrote it.

Choose your own anabolic grand finale

Let me know how it goes. I wrote a meathead workout program for
one of my web coaching clients last month and she loved it. She’s
smoking her deadlifts.

Grab Metabolic Meatheads and Anabolic Finishers here

And may you never, EVER get bored with your workouts,
Mikey, CTT

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