How to Break a Plateau with Q and A

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bodyweight exercisesI had one more round to go through my conditioning circuit and I saw my client getting ready to go to war. Just before she got started, she came over to me and we discussed… Deadlift scars. That’s how awesome she is.

Anyway, we compared workouts and she loves Meathead style workouts, and she was starting a new one that week. For me, I’m still experimenting with what I call the “Metabolic 4 X 4”, which is 2 MRT supersets followed by a 4-exercise conditioning circuit. I really, really dig it. Details coming soon….

But for now, let’s do this week’s Q and A. By the way, I’m doing Workout Q and A’s on my facebook page. Join the chaos here:

Workout Finishers on Facebook

Q: How do I break a plateau?

A: There are several ways, but it depends on what you’re doing now.  Here are few tricks I’ve used with my clients (and myself)

– Intermittent fasting (one to two 24-hour fasts/week or a daily 16 hour fast)

– Calorie and carb cycling (not all carbs are evil)

Read more about carb cycling here

Also – are you on a total body program? If not, hop on it… that can make a difference, too.

Q: Any 15 minute density workouts I can do for conditioning with my football players? – Pat

A: I would do a circuit of a jump, a push and a pull – as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

Q: I want to start using kettlebells? Where do I start?

ARead this interview with Chris Lopez

Q: How do I fix my tennis elbow? Had it for over 4 yrs now.Kettlebell circuit

A: Alas, I’m no injury expert, but my buddy Rick Kaselj is. He provided a test you can do on yourself right here

Q: Is it possible to do metabolic resistance training workouts using just your bodyweight?

A: Yes – use the 90% method, 1-1/2 rep styles and more. These are the methods I used in my Bodyweight Torch program. You can get that here:

Bodyweight MRT with 3-Minute Bodyweight Finishers

Q: How many finishers should i perform in order to stay shredded while gaining weight?

A: I would stick with 4 workouts per week on an upper/lower split. Follow each workout with an anabolic finisher with the same muscle group.  That’s how I designed Metabolic Meatheads and Anabolic Finishers.

Metabolic Meatheads and Anabolic Finishers

Q: Can I do a finisher after my metabolic conditioning workout?

A: I break down the “Do’s and Don’ts” with finishers here

Metabolic Finishers Do’s and Don’ts

Q: Mike, I googled “Who is awesome today?”, and you took up the entire first page. How did you do that?

A: I didn’t. I totally made up that question in hopes for one to two chuckles.



Boom! I did it.

Q: Hey Mike, love your stuff but most of my clients are not advanced enough to do a lot of your finishers. what are your favorite beginner finishers (non plyo)?

A: Thanks Michael! I appreciate the feedback. My favorite beginner finisher is the Total Body Extension because it even gets the advanced people. Also, this post will help you

The Ultimate Finishers Exercise Substitution List

Alright, great stuff. Have a great weekend, and of course…

May you never, EVER get bored with your workouts,

Mikey, CTT

P.S. Did you miss the most epic interview I’ve done so far?

(Full workout, too)

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