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home workoutsFinally, you asked me a new question. I’m used to the “What’s your favorite finisher?”. But recently, a reader asked, “What’s the hardest superset you’ve ever done?”. But there was a twist.

That was only the first half of the question. Immediately, I jumped to the classic superset that has gotten me every time, which was the Deadlift supersetted with the 1-Arm DB Shoulder Press (it defeats me).

But I made a mistake; I didn’t finish reading her question…

…”using just your bodyweight?” is how she ended it.

My eyes lit up. You already know I’m a big fan of bodyweight workouts. That’s why I was crazy enough to fly out to Lapeer, Michigan a couple of times to film one metabolic-boosting bodyweight workout after another.

But the hardest supersets? Hmmm, without a doubt it’s my strength/finisher supersets. Yes, you read that right. It’s when you combine a strength exercise and a finisher or conditioning exercise together in a superset.

You won’t increase your bodyweight strength using this approach, but I guarantee you’ll bust a plateau and jump start your fat-loss if you need to lose fat fast.

But believe me – these are NOT easy.

For example, the Eccentric Power Lock Pushup is when you take 4-5 seconds to come down, while also keeping your shoulder blades squeezed together during the whole exercise. (You can expect your back to be sore using these by the way).

And of course, the Bench Vault is a finisher/conditioning move.  This is when you set your hands on the end of a bench while standing behind it and you “vault” over from side to side. (Try it – it’s fun and your heart rate goes through the roof).

So, this is one way these two exercises would be set up in a crazy strength/finisher superset:

1A) Eccentric Powerlock Pushups (8-12)
1B) Bench Vault or Lateral Hops if you don’t have a bench (20/side)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times

That’s how my 4-week ZERO equipment “Bodyweight Switch” was written. There’s no actual “finisher” per se, but you’ll be doing 4 progressive supersets just like that with every single workout. By the end of each workout, you’ll be spent (trust me).

NOTE – I have NO clue what “per se” means. I personally hate that phrase but it just felt right.

Anyway, you can get this addicting program along with the brand new Home Workout Revolution System here:

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Also, let me know how it goes. The TT Mean 15 still haunts me to this day. You’ll see me almost break in that video.

Then again, there’s the Eight Minute “8 is Enough” that had me on my knees in about 4 minutes.

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