Hardcore Finishers

I’ve gotten to know Travis for several months now.  He and I putting together something special for the people who are willing to accept the challenge.  Here’s why I like Travis.  He’s got a good outlook on why we don’t succeed.  Enjoy…

Guest post from Travis Stoetzel…

Hardcore Workout Finishers – Not Just For The Physical Benefits…

If you’re not yet using Finishers as apart of your training routines, you’re missing the boat BIG TIME as here’s why…

Not only are you missing out on all of the shear physical benefits that workout finishers will supply, but you’re also missing out on the tough mental advantages of adding in some killer finishers your training routines as well.

Mentally, finishers are rewarding in a few different ways.

#1 – A well planned and thought out workout finisher will test your mind and take you to the limit. This is good because you need to test the limits of your mind every now and then.

These days there’s way too many people walking around that are “soft’ mentally. We’ve grown weak and the only way to get ourselves out of this rut is to train ourselves to push past of mental limits.

When things get tough in a training session, what do you do? Do you let up or do you push through your comfort zone and get everything out of your workout as you can?

Pushing yourself past your pain barriers at the end of your workouts will help you build up some serious mental strength and overall toughness that will cross over into other areas of your life.

You’ll build up more confidence, vigor, and swagger as nothing feels better then when you really know you had to dig deep and really get after it to finish a workout. When times get tough and stressful in life, you’ll be a little bit more prepared to take these situations on more easily.

This is a major reason why you should be doing finishers to end out ALL of your sessions, but not the only one…

#2 – Workout finishers will help add a little bit of fun via a challenge at the end of your training session that will help give you something to look forward to as you train.

Everyone likes a little bit of a challenge. Timing your workout finishers or setting records via reps completed are a few different ways you can add in a bit of a challenge to your workout finishers. This will help add a bit of fun to your workouts as well.

Each time you do a finisher you should be recording how you do in regards to time, reps completed, rounds done, or weight used. Make sure to record how you do in some way, shape, or form so in the future, you can re-test yourself.

It’s always a lot more fun and challenging when you put yourself to the test.

Do it by adding in workout finishers.

For a sample workout finisher you can try, do this one…

I took this from one of my Thursday Throwdowns. It can be used as a KILLER hardcore workout finisher no problem!

Here’s the breakdown:

1A Squat Clean + RAT Burpee Challenge Finisher

How many total burpees can YOU get?

Do this challenge and post your score in the comments below!

The current record is 77 total burpees while using a 70 lbs kettlebell.

I CHALLENGE you to finish off your workout with that!

Go H.A.M. and get after it!

Live and Train Aggressive!

Travis Stoetzel

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