From Obese to Trainer of the Year

From Obese Middle Aged Mom to Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year
By Catherine Gordon CTT

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Two people I respectzz… Catherine Gordon and Craig Ballantyne

When Mike invited me to do a guest post for his blog, I was delighted.  You see, Mike’s own story and journey to becoming CTT of the Year in 2012 has been a genuine inspiration to me, and learning from Mike has been instrumental in my success.

Back when I was starting my fat loss quest to lose over 60 pounds from my 5’1” inch frame, I was looking everywhere for stories about real people who were able to lose a lot of weight, and keep it off for good.  I was amazed  to learn how Mike lost over 100 pounds and completely transformed his life and career.

Little did I know back in 2008, when my physical transformation started to take off, that becoming a trainer myself would be one of the keys to staying lean for 5 years and counting. 

Mike and I have more than fat loss and the CTT of the Year Award in common.  We’ve also had the pleasure of coaching several training clients to success in Craig Ballantyne’s TT Transformation contests.  The truth is that Mikey’s finishers have been a big hit at my fitness facility, Gordon Studio, in Sonora CA.  It makes me smile that I’ve gotten such a big benefit from Mike’s work.

Then again it makes sense that Craig Ballantyne would want all the Turbulence Trainers to succeed since we’re all on the same mission to transform the lives and bodies of 10 million clients.

Yes, my students and I love finishers.  I admit it can be a love hate relationship because they are seriously challenging, but they work, and we never get bored with them.  Plus, one of the great secrets of keeping fat off is that you have to keep training and progressing, even after you’ve reached your goal weight.

I know you’re aware too that, when it comes to fat loss, nutrition is key.  I believe that what you eat accounts for as much as 80% of your success when you set out to transform your body.

So what works when it comes to diet and nutrition? 

Honestly, I found my answer back in 2008 by eliminating sugar, and the foods that rapidly break down to sugar in the bloodstream, from my eating plan.  That means I cut out all added sugars, all grains, and I placed sensible limits on fruit and starchy vegetables.  The results were amazing.  By leaving out sugary, starchy foods my appetite normalized for the first time in decades, and I was able to get satisfied and energized on the proper amount of food: an amount of food that allowed me to reach my ideal goal weight for the first time in my life.

Back in 2008, eliminating sugar, grains, and processed fat was becoming a popular fat loss strategy in fitness circles, but it didn’t have much mainstream media support.  Luckily, scientific research and the experience of medical and fitness professionals in the field are starting to turn media nay-sayers around.

Yes, books like, “Wheat Belly,” by Dr William Davis, “Grain Brain,” by Dr. David Perlmutter, and “Fat Chance,” by Dr. Robert Lustig are bringing new evidence to the best seller lists about how sugar and grains are harming our health.

However, one thing has been missing from the sugar/grain conversation though.  I couldn’t find any books that described exactly how someone like me, an obese overweight mom, could change her eating habits in order to give up sugar and grains and reach goal weight.  Once I started working with clients and helping them achieve their transformations, I realized that I absolutely had to tell the whole truth about what I did to lose all the fat I wanted for good.

The result of that decision is Sugar Freedom.  The Sugar Freedom Plan is a complete three step blueprint to getting off of sugar, and getting all the way to goal.  I can say with total honesty that Sugar Freedom took me not only to a healthy weight, but to the exact weight and body fat percentage I desired.  It really is that powerful.

Is it easy to eliminate sugar, grains, and processed fats from your diet in our junk food filled environment?  I must admit that at first it isn’t easy, but I promise that with Sugar Freedom it is simple. 

I clearly lay out what is a “Freedom Food,” and what isn’t.  In addition, after the first two phases of the diet: The Three Day Sugar Strike and week one of the Sugar Freedom Diet, you will begin to personalize the diet with my guidance.  You will discover which foods you can add at “Bonus” meals to increase variety and eating enjoyment, without getting triggered and piling 3 or 4 pounds back on every time you have a “Cheat Meal.”

As I continue to teach my classes, and see my students get fitter, happier, and if I may say so: better looking, I realize that we all need more and better options for eating so that we can reach our fat loss and figure goals.  I encourage all of my students to record and share what works for them, so that we can overcome our weight dilemmas together.  That way we’ll gain the knowledge to get to 10 million transformation one success story at a time.

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Catherine Gordon A.C.E., was named the  Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year for her work with her students at Gordon Studio in Sonora, CA.  She is a member of the National Weight Control Registry and the author of The Sugar Freedom Diet.

Her website is

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