Friday Q and A

Before last night, I haven’t shaved in 4 days.  Long story short,
I’ve been playing Dr. Mom as my wife recovers from surgery.

So, I commend all the moms out there.  It’s a full time job.
Luckily, my 14-month old son, Champ, is a laid-back kid.  I tested
out some moves with him last night but it was no bueno.

“Finishers for Babies – Finish off Baby Fat for Good” was my idea,
but the schmuck wouldn’t even attempt the burpee.  I even held him and
walked him through it.  Oh well.  I’ll give him a couple more
months… or until he can at least walk.

Onto this week’s Q and A…


Question:  Where do you get your finisher ideas?


Answer: I keep my ideas on my “Evernote” app (if you don’t have this
app, get it – it’s awesome and FREE).  Then I experiment it myself,

than if it passes that test, I try it with a couple of clients and
get their feedback.

Many of my finisher ideas came from this:


Question: This was a question for my friend Craig Ballantyne – he

was asked about his favorite finisher.

Answer: His formula is Swings, Narrow Stance Goblet Squat and some

kind of pushup.  I like to use some kind of jump, but if knees are
a problem or you’re a beginner, you can use Total Body Extensions
(same heart pump without the impact)

Question: If you only had 15 minutes to work out, what would you do?


Answer: I would do big moves with little rest.  I would do a

superset of Deadlifts and Chest Presses with a finisher of Swings or
the burpee/chin-up combo

And if you need a cool and fast kettlebell workout, I like this one
from Chris Lopez:

1. Spiderman Push-Ups x 12
2. KB Swings x 24
3. Rest 30s
4. Mountain Climbers x 24
5. KB Snatch x 12/side
6. Rest 60s
Do this 3 times, and add a round every 2-3 times you do this workout.

That is workout #28 from this manual:
=> Minimal Equipment Fast Workouts

Question: Your head is as smooth as a baby’s butt.  Do tell… how

is it ever so smooth?

Answer:  Thanks imaginary friend that asked me that.  I use the

Schick Hydro.  I look just like Mr. Clean, except not nearly as
jacked… and I’m much uglier.

Til next week,
Have an amazing weekend,
Mikey, CTT

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