Fat Loss Nightmare

Fat Loss Nightmare

What happens when you go to war and you’re in 100% beast mode? Are you brave enough to attempt TWO metabolic finishers back-to-back?

Yeah you are, and that’s this week’s challenge. I’ve never asked you to do this before, and I think it’s the ultimate Friday challenge…a Friday the 13th challenge.

But first, to celebrate this horrific day, I’ve asked Jason from Friday the 13th for a special interview with me, Mr. Finishers.

Mike: Jason, first of all, I really dig your mask. Well played. Do you use metabolic finishers with your workouts and perhaps that’s why you never die?

 Jason: … … … …

 Mike: Crap. I forgot you don’t talk. Well, this is awkward.

 Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street: Ha-ha! What an idiot!

 Mike: OK, this is really weird. Who the ____ invited Freddy?

 Hhmmm, that was pretty NOT interesting. Let’s move onto this week’s challenge.

I’ve picked two finishers to complete back-to-back after your workout today. These are from my Workout Finishers program and bonuses, which DIE tonight at midnight.

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Here is the first finisher you will do. It’s from the main manual. Do the following circuit as shown one time:

 1A) Burpee Chin-up Combo (8), rest 40 secs

1B) Burpee Chin-up Combo (7), rest 40 secs

1C) Burpee Chin-up Combo (6), rest 30 secs

1D) Burpee Chin-up Combo (5), rest 30 secs

1E) Burpee Chin-up Combo (4), rest 20 secs

1F) Burpee Chin-up Combo (3), rest 20 secs

1G) Burpee Chin-up Combo (2), rest 10 secs

1H) Burpee Chin-up Combo (1)

That’s round 1. Take a one minute break before moving onto round 2. You have never combined two finishers back-to-back before, and this will take EVERYTHING you have. Dig deep and let’s do this…

Round 2

This nightmare of a finish is from the Bodyweight Chaos Finishers manual.

The “Thinking Laterally, Literally” Finisher

Insert evil laugh at the name here

Do the following superset 4 times, resting for 20 seconds between supersets:

1A) Lateral Jumps (5/side)

1B) *Triple Stop Pushups (5)

 * This is when you go halfway down, pause for one second, then all the way down, pause for one second, and then come all the way up. That’s one rep.

That’s this week’s challenge to you. Do those two finishers back to back and let me know how it goes on the blog.

Now that’s a nightmare for fat loss. It’s time to scare off your belly fat once and for all with the scariest weapon on the planet – metabolic finishers.

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This is the perfect day to start using metabolic finishers. Friday the 13th… the day you gave your belly fat a nightmare.

 Mikey, CTT

P.S. When the clock strikes midnight, the discount goes to the grave and then the price DOUBLES.

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  1. Frank A
    11 years ago

    Now that I have a power rack I may attempt the Burpee Chin-up Combo… I said MAY BE! No guarantee… lol

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Go for it! It’s a short, but brutal one.