Elite Coaching VIP Instructions:

This is the REAL DEAL. The link to join is below, but PLEASE read this first:

Here’s what you need to know and what you need to do:

1) The program officially starts Monday, September 22nd and lasts for 90 days. 

2) Take a before photo before Monday wearing tight clothing (and if you’re brave, reveal your belly so you can see how much of a difference you’re making in your incredible journey!)

3) Download your first 4-week program, which is inside the private Facebook group under “Files” and get familiar with it (link below). Any questions? Let me know inside the Facebook group. I’m PERSONALLY watching this group and I want you to succeed. 

4) Download the done-for-you nutrition calculator (it’s a spreadsheet under “Files” as well). I worked with top nutrition experts around the world for these calculations and it’s why it’s so individualized. You’ll know exactly:

– How many calories you need on a daily basis

– How many grams of fats, carbs and protein to eat on a daily basis

This is all based on your SPECIFIC current condition and your ideal weight…. pretty cool stuff as no one will be on the exact same eating plan 😉

Shop, plan and prepare for your first week. This takes a commitment on your part and it’s why we’re waiting to start on Monday!  And by the way, it doesn’t matter if you spread your meals across 2 or 8 or anything in between. It’s very personalized, yet very flexible.

5) At some point every day, you MUST submit your nutrition and workout progress. Details on how to do this are inside the private Facebook group.

6) Please allow up to 24 hours to get approved to join the private group inside Facebook. I’ve got a great support staff keeping an eye on it, but they must confirm payment went through, etc. 

That’s about it. I’ll see you on the inside!
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

Click here to get access to the private facebook group