Easter Finisher?

Metabolic workout finishers

finishersWith Easter coming up, you’re probably digging into the Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs aren’t you?

<<Head shaking>>

No problem – you’ll keep off that Easter bulge by using this NEW “Drive’n and Five’n” finisher from the Workout Finishers 2.0 Manual.

Do the following circuit 5 times, resting for 15 seconds between circuits:

Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo (5)
Alternating Goblet Lunge (5/side)
Mountain Climbers (5/side)


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Because once the clock hits midnight, these new finishers are cursed with what’s called, “The Easter Curse”.

I called it that because I couldn’t think of anything else. But don’t underestimate its power. You see, right now, you can get all 51 ADDICTING finishers for just $20 PLUS Metabolic Chaos.

But tonight… it MORE than doubles in price.

The NEW Metabolic Chaos is a fun, but effective 4-week program that uses the powerful combination of metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning, metabolic density training and even more metabolic finishers.

You’ll actually use a 4-day/week plan on this one. This is the feedback I’ve been getting on these NEW finishers…

“I’ve done two of your finishers over the past 2 days and LOVE them! Whew!” 

– Jocelyn

“That was brutal, but fun. You need to write more like these”

– King

“What’s up, Mike?! I met you at FBS! I just wanted to let you know I did the new gauntlet finisher at boot camp today, and campers lovvvved the challenge. It slammed them!”

– Nisan

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P.S. Yes, the manual explains how to choose the ultimate finisher based on your goals.

P.P.S. Yes, it also explains how to manipulate 3 things to make any finisher YOUR finisher based on your fitness level.

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  1. Dan
    9 years ago

    Looks good dude! I love that picture on the front. I hope this shows up in lots of Easter baskets tomorrow.

    • Mikey
      9 years ago

      That picture shows my alter ego. Are you shocked that the theme is blue? I’m not. I’m putting this in my own Easter Basket because that’s how I roll.