Create Your Own Workout?

Hey there ! I hope you’re enjoying this series on Workout Finishers.

Remember, a good workout program + Workout Finishers + Tightening up your diet = Fat Loss Success.

It’s also a way to bust through a plateau or get faster results.

I want you to try something. It means you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone. I want you to come up with your own workout finisher and let me know how it goes. I already did all the leg work for you – all you have to do is choose the exercises from the list and get it done. In other words, you choose one exercise to perform from each line (1A, 1B, 1C and 1D). This is basically going to be awesome. I also want you to name your own finisher! Best clever name gets a virtual high-five:

Create and Name Your Own Finisher


Do the following circuit 3 times, resting for 30 secs between circuits. To see a video demo, simply click on the exercise name.

1A) Star Jumps (10), Lunge Jumps (5 ea), or Total Body Extensions (10)

1B) Superman Push-ups (5 ea side), Normal Push-ups (10), or Incline Push-ups (10)

1C) Burpee (8), Modified Burpee (AKA Squat Thrusts) (8), or Body Squats (15)

1D) Spiderman Climb (15 ea) or Cross Body Mountain Climbers (8 ea)


I almost have my hand on the curtain to reveal something that will help you bust through a fat loss plateau or even explode your results. I’ll give you 1 guess what it is. If you guess it’s a program about Unicorns, you’re wrong. How about a little teaser photo:

And this is just a bonus ;)

Blast fat and finish strong,


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