Chaos Workout That’s Better Than Crossfit

Chaos Exposure Workout
Guest post by Travis Stoetzel

travisBoy have I got a treat for you today.

First off I’ve got to thank my man Mikey for letting me post up here on his blog.

Second, I can’t wait to share this special workout with you that I like to call a “Chaos Exposure Session”.

Don’t let the name scare you away. I explain more about it below and how it will benefit you and your training results.

This set up is taken from “The Controlled Chaos” (C2) method of programming that’s inside of my NEW training system, The Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0.

Inside of this crazy C2 mix of strength and conditioning madness, we have your “Controlled” strength work which is more structured and progressive in nature. If you’re looking to get strong and build more lean muscle, this “Controlled” stuff is very important to have.

On the other end, we then have what I’m sharing with you today which the “Chaos” side of the C2 method. This is where most of the fun happens 😉

The Chaos is where we fit in our different parts of conditioning and like I just mentioned, is where we have most of the fun by adding in a bunch of different types of training set ups via rep schemes, movement combinations, and time intervals.

Now, while the programming on the Chaos side of things is a bit more random, it’s actually not that random.

While there are LOT of different set ups you’ll use with these “chaos exposure session”, in order for you to maximize your results, there’s always got to be some sort of rhyme or reason as to why you do what you do. It just can’t be pure craziness all the time.

If all you do are random workouts of the day that have no actual design or any sort of method behind the madness, your results are going to either plateau out or worse, decrease overtime. Worse case scenario, you end up messing yourself up with an injury and I can tell you right now, NO one likes being injured.

In any case, this chaos type of training serves as the conditioning part of your session that you add in after you do your main strength work. You can also use these as stand alone workouts if you find yourself out of time.

So, the set up we’ll be using today is what I like to call a classic “Strength Metcon” and it’s one of my favorite ways to condition.

Strength/Metcons are designed to be relatively short, but super intense as these set up usually only have just 2-3 different movements and always have a set rep scheme, usually in descending order.

The focus with these is to finish them as fast as possible. This of course we want to make sure and do while also focusing in on good form and technique. We don’t ever want to turn these sessions this into a complete horror show by disregarding form and technique in exchange for getting a faster time 😉 That’s when you get injured.

Instead, make sure to stay around your limits 😉

As Mikey would agree with me, it’s always easier to enjoy a big stack of pancakes while NOT having been injured from your training session 😉

Editor’s note => #TRUTH

Now with that, here’s the set up:

20-15-10 reps Of:
DB Hang Squat Clean @ 50
***SCORE – Time Completed + Weight Used

Here’s a video demo for more details:

Now, for this set up I recommended a couple of 50 lbs DB’s , but that doesn’t mean you have to use that much weight. Feel free to drop the load down a bit if need be.

Also, for the “Toes To Bar”, if that movement is too tough for you, you can always regress down to doing “Knees to Bows” or even going down to the ground to do “V-Seat Reach” as another regressions.

If these movements sound like a foreign language to you, just check out the demo video I’ve got above for more clarification 😉

In any case, with ALL of my programs, there’s always a way to regress things down to your specific level of fitness which is important to have.

It’s all about matching the movements to YOUR fitness levels because overtime as you get better and more efficient at the movements, you’ll then be able to progress up in difficulty.

So, there you go!

Give this nasty little “chaos exposure session” a try and let Mikey and I know how you do.

If you give it a 110% H.A.M. effort, make sure to have yourself some pancakes afterwards!

Just make sure they’re gluten-free 😉 Mikey would be proud of you!


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