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A few people asked if they could get a look into Assessment & Exercise, here are 6 clips from A&E, enjoy.

Before I get to the clips from Assessment & Exercise, John Izzo shares with you what he goes through in his presentation:


Component #1 – Assessment & Exercise for Performance with Nick Rosencutter / Length – 1:27:03

Component #2 – Assessment & Exercise for Athleticism with Anthony Mychal / Length – 1:35:01

Component #3 – Assessment and Exercise for Personal Training with John Izzo / Length – 1:10:14

Component #4 – Assessment and Exercise for Knee Injury Recovery with Rick Kaselj / Length – 40:29

Plus there is:

  • The VIP coaching call which we will be setting up
  • You can earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs or CEUs)
  • Additional presentation that I am going to do on Assessment & Exercise for Back Injury Recovery

If you would like more details on Assessment & Exercise, you can get them over here.

If you do have any questions about Assessment & Exercise, you can ask them by emailing them at support (at)

To getting better at what you do,
Mikey, CTT




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