Admitting I Am a Hypocrite

First, did I even spell that right? (hypocrite) I don’t see the red squiggly lines, so I’m guessing it’s good to go. I’m surprised. Awesome… I’m like… THE MAN.

Anyway, let me warn you. This has NOTHING to do with exercise or diet.

With that being said, here’s the thing…

I’ve been a hypocrite.

You see, I’ve been “secretly” writing a book for a few months now and it’s way more than just fitness.

It’s based on growing personally and spiritually, too. After all…

You can’t change your body until you change your mind. 

In my book, I talk about balance and taking the time to create BIG ideas, whether it’s in starting a business, improving a business or even in your personal life.

I also talk about how “work” shouldn’t be in 1st place above your family and God.

Yet… I’ve been guilty of that way too many times in 2014.

I’ve come a long way (starting with putting my phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode while I’m with my family and avoiding checking email on Sundays.

Yet, this year? I’ve worked 7 days a week… A LOT.

And I’m my own boss, so it’s not like I “HAVE” to do this. It was my choice. I love what I do and I get my strong work ethic from my Dad.

But I have gotten so “obsessed” with my work that my family was not getting the best of me.

Now the harsh question is…

Are YOUR family/friends getting the best of you?… or are they getting whatever is left over from a stressful day?

Ouch. That probably stung a little. But if you’re anything like me, you probably needed to hear it.

So, I’ve been working on this the last few months. I’m still not there, but I have great momentum heading into 2015.

Now is it possible to give your family and friends your best while not sacrificing your dreams?

Yes, with a little planning.

Here’s what I do – feel free to use it as is or tweak it based on your lifestyle…

1) I get up at 4AM every day. This allows me to get so much done before the world wakes up. Call me cheesy, but I get up early because it’s worth it for my dreams.

2) On Sunday nights, after the kids go to bed, I set up my week of attack. I get out 5 sheets of paper (each showing Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu or Fri).
For example, Tuesday will be my Workout of the Month program design for the Inner Circle (first draft). I must get it done this day and I don’t allow myself to work on it any other day.
Do NOT stray from your schedule. 

3) No EMAILS on the weekends (with the exception of checking them SOMETIMES early Saturday morning). Yep… I work, but I don’t check my inbox. My assistant has my phone # if there is anything urgent I need to check out.
Saturdays – I MUST be done by 8AM (if I’m on a project, I refuse to check my inbox so I can hit this deadline).
Sundays – No work (except for the scheduling after the kids go to bed)

4) Block out a time each week for a “Brain Dump” and your big ideas.
I just got this idea from a book I’m reading called “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown as well as my friend and coach Craig Ballantyne.
I’ve only started to do this last week and I loved it.
I spend about 30 minutes writing down some big ideas to get people to move into action.
Don’t hold back – and it could be business or even personal stuff like a bucket list, etc.

For example, here are few ideas that hit me…
– T-shirts with “finisher” themes and other physical products
– Starting a podcast
– How I can add more value to the Inner Circle (add interviews, integrate a phone app, etc.)
– How can I make this Christmas even more special for my boys? (start new traditions, etc.)

Anyway, by spending these 30 minutes doing a brain dump, I can find it easier to “shut down” when I’m with my family. Look…

Mike & champ





There’s a difference between being  present and just being there.

So, there’s that.

Maybe it’s the Christmas season and I’m feeling all sensitive-like.
Who knows…

But what I do know is that I want to encourage you to give  yourself a little “gut check” this season.

Can you give your family and friends a better version of yourself? I know I can.

Hope you join me as we head into 2015…
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT


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