How to Use Metabolic Finishers for Six Pack Abs

One of the fastest ways to get six pack abs is to use a combination of a metabolic finisher and the latest cutting-edge ab-sculpting exercises in a strategic combination. But what you have to understand is that in order to get six pack abs, you have to have a solid nutrition plan in place. And to be honest, using ab finishers will certainly torch calories and burn belly fat, but in order for the six pack to appear, you will still need to consume less calories than you burn. Trust me, I’ve tried it before myself. Yes, it’s true. I really did attempt to out-train a bad diet. I failed. I failed miserably. I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could create a miracle. Alas, the bad nutrition habits win again. I tried it during Christmas time one year in case you’re wondering.

So, now that you understand you must use intermittent fasting or some other way to burn more calories than you consume, we can move on.

When to Use Ab Finishers

There really is no condition to not use ab finishers. Any time is good to use them, even if you have some belly fat to get rid of. You will end up getting your core stronger and improving your core endurance, which will affect your everyday activities. And why not sculpt and get your abs harder, too?

What is an Ab Finisher?

An ab finisher utilizes the best ab exercises (so no crunches or sit-ups, which can wreak havoc on your back), along with keeping your heart rate up and using calorie-expensive moves like burpees. So in other words, a circuit of planks and rollouts are a great circuit of ab exercises, but not an ab finisher. Essentially, in most cases, the ab exercises within the metabolic finisher are actually part of the recovery strategy, allowing you to continue on with the finisher. But during the recovery, you use these effective ab exercises to carve out your six pack abs. So, in other words, you work your abs and use incomplete recovery simultaneously. And you know what they say about incomplete recovery and amazing ab exercises… well, nothing really. Not that I heard at least. So, I’ll make something up.

This strategy is amazing and effective for sculpting a six pack and burning substantial amounts of calories simultaneously. Yeah, something like that.

For example, the plank is very effective for developing core endurance and strength, however, let’s be honest here. It doesn’t burn a lot of calories. However, a burpee does. So when you combine the burpee along with a variety of planks, you get the benefits of a metabolic finisher and ab exercises to develop six pack abs.

Would you like to do one? Of course you would. That’s why you’re here. Let’s rock an amazing ab finisher.

The “Abs Four Sure” Ab Finisher

Do the following circuit 6 times, resting for 20 seconds between circuits.

  1. Burpees (4)

  2. X-Body Mountain Climbers (4/side)

  3. Vertical Jump and Stick (4)

  4. Spiderman Climb (4/side)

Awesomeness has been accomplished. Well done.

“Dude, you suck. What did we accomplish other than chaos and me cursing your name?” is what you’re thinking. That hurts my feelings, but I’ll answer you anyway. The Burpees and Vertical Jump and Sticks are very metabolically demanding, which forces your body to torch boo-coos of calories (it’s a word – look it up on a slang dictionary). However, the X-Body Mountain Climbers and Spiderman Climbs are two highly effective core exercises that will not only get your core stronger, but will also help sculpt your six pack abs with the right diet of course. If you mess with the order of this ab finisher, than you won’t get the same effect.

So don’t jack with it – play with this one as is ?.

Ab Exercises That are Best for Sculpting Six Pack Abs

The reason you don’t use crunches or sit-ups for core exercises and performance is because they give you jack squat for a return on investment. In one Men’s Health article, it was shown by studies that it would take approximately 20,000 crunches to burn just one pound of fat. That’s not time well invested. Also, sit-ups and crunches as well as other “flexion” exercises can easily do more harm than good, especially to your lower back and neck. If you hurt your back, than that means you won’t be able to exercise for a while, and usually that means for belly flab. That’s like… not cool or something.

Instead, you want to use exercises that safely, but effectively, strengthen your core and sculpt your six pack abs without damaging your back. Just a few of these exercises include a variety of Planks, including Side Planks with a DB Lateral Raise (work on your love handles while sculpting your shoulders? Yep. And you’re welcome), Stability Ball and Ab Wheel Rollouts, Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, Stability Ball Jackknives, Spiderman Climbs and others. There’s also the “hidden gems” of high rep DB Rows and KB/DB Swings.

By strategically combining these awesome ab exercises into a metabolic finisher, you now have the ultimate “Ab Finisher”.

Putting it All Together

The ideal formula to get six pack abs is to use a structured and aggressive metabolic resistance training program followed by an Ab Finisher. But remember, your # 1 weapon to get a defined midsection is your nutrition. For best performance AND results, use whole, natural foods as your foundation, and keep a diary so that you know what’s working and what’s not. You can even do it online by using a resource like and others. There a number of strategies for your nutrition plan, including intermittent fasting and carb cycling. But at the end of the day, your formula looks just like this:

  • A nutrition plan that you can stick to that will allow you to consume less calories than you burn
  • A professionally designed, aggressive metabolic resistance training program
  • Ab Finishers that will allow you sculpt six pack abs and burn tons of calories simultaneously

That’s how you get six pack abs.

Finish Strong,

Mikey, CFNC, CTT

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